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Sustainable Online Shops: Here are the Best Stores For Eco-Friendly Internet Shopping in Germany

Sustainable Online Shops: Here are 15 Stores For Eco-Friendly Internet Shopping in Germany

Are you looking for sustainable online stores where you can shop on the Internet with a clear conscience? Then you've come to the right place! Ordering products online is so incredibly easy - but unfortunately it's generally not environmentally friendly.

Fortunately, there are more and more green online retailers - whether for fashion, household, food, natural cosmetics, children's products or sporting goods. They follow a green philosophy and exemplify sustainability in their business concept, packaging, shipping and, of course, their product range.

In this article, I would like to introduce you to the most sustainable online stores. First of all, I will briefly explain the most important advantages of environmentally conscious online shopping and the criteria I have placed particular emphasis on when compiling this overview. Let's go!

Good to know: Since I no longer make any products myself, you will find in the Sustainable store from CareElite only environmentally friendly items that you can then buy from other suppliers. These partners include the stores listed in this article.

Advantages: Why should you prefer sustainable online stores?

We should briefly talk about the reasons why sustainable online stores exist at all. In concrete terms: What are the problems of conventional online stores?

Here are a few features that you can use to recognize online stores that think little about the consequences of their actions and do not pursue a green philosophy:

Packaging waste

The packaging of the offered products, as well as the shipping material, creates especially Lots of paper and plastic waste.


Consumers expect their online orders to reach them as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, however, the total shipping time is too long. enormous CO2 emissions.


In Germany, 315 million parcels ordered online were returned in 2020.₁ This means that a high transport and packaging costs which is absolutely avoidable.


Due to the large number of orders, the parcel delivery service is available under massive time pressure. Parcel services and online mail order companies also operate Wage dumping and often exploit their fellow workers and temporary workers.

Criteria: How can you recognize a sustainable online store?

To create this list, I naturally used the criteria as a guide, that distinguish a truly environmentally friendly store on the Internet and to protect him from the often Greenwashing competition. Here I present them to you briefly:


The company behind the online store not only operates economically, but is also located on a sustainable and fair mission. For example, respect for human rights is monitored along the entire supply chain, the company supports social projects, uses green electricity and avoids waste.


Shipping should be from Germany and especially climate neutral take place. This means that the costs arising from the delivery are CO2 emissions offset be made. Possible returns are also prevented.


A green store offers sustainable alternatives for conventional products. For example, second-hand goods or fair, vegan, recycled, resource-conserving, organic and durable new goods.


The operators of the store attach great importance to Waste avoidance and pack and ship their products in paper or recycled plastic to conserve resources as far as possible.

Can you think of any other points of criticism or green criteria for online retail? Then feel free to write me a comment and I'll expand the lists.

15 online stores: Where can I shop sustainably online?

Environmentally friendly and sustainable online stores on the Internet

Now you know what really matters when it comes to environmentally friendly online stores and why they should be your first port of call. Here I introduce you to some of them in more detail. You will learn more about the company behind it and what exactly characterizes the individual online store.

With some providers:inside I was even able to get an exclusive coupon code for youwhich I have then listed with you in each case.

1. Avocadostore

The Avocadostore was founded in Hamburg in 2010 and now offers a sustainable alternative for almost all conventional everyday productse. Retailers who want to offer their goods in the store must meet clearly defined sustainability criteria, all of which you can see in the description of your favorite products.

  • Assortment: Everything for a green lifestyle
  • Payment options: Credit card, instant bank transfer, giropay and prepayment
  • Free return shipment: Is product-dependent
  • Coupon code: 5% discount for newsletter subscription
  • Browse the Avocadostore directly here*!

2. Goodbuy

GoodBuy is based in Berlin and only sells products that are good for you, the people and the environment are. They have all been rigorously tested for quality and sustainability by the GoodBuy team before they can be found in the sustainable online store.

The products also have a specific, additional impact. For example, the purchase of a toothbrush supports Viva con Agua drinking water projects - and anyone who chooses the "Bracenet" bracelet supports the collection of ghost nets from the sea.

  • Assortment: Household, personal care, food, fashion and much more
  • Payment options: Credit card, instant bank transfer and Paypal
  • Free return shipment: Yes, with timely revocation
  • Coupon code: 10% Discount for Newsletter Subscription
  • Browse right here at GoodBuy now!

3. raccoon

At Waschbär-Versand you get Environmentally friendly and socially responsible products for almost all areas of life - from clothing, kitchen utensils and cosmetic products to nesting aids for birds.

The company is based in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany ships CO2 neutral and is Member of the Fair Wear Foundationwhich campaigns for the improvement of working conditions in sewing factories. 

  • Assortment: Household, fashion, furniture, garden, body care and more
  • Payment options: PayPal, invoice, prepayment, direct debit and cash on delivery
  • Free return shipment: Yes
  • Coupon code: 10€ discount with newsletter subscription
  • Browse here directly at Waschbär now!

4. samebutgreen

At samebutgreen you will find plastic-free products that will help you in the spirit of the Zero Waste Lifestyle help on the way avoid waste and travel sustainably. Of course, they are also sent without plastic.

The Heidelberg-based company's product range extends from reusable Lunch boxes and Drinking bottles stainless steel, up to and including Wooden dishwashing brushes and Bamboo cutlery. In addition, in cooperation with the "Cleanhub" team in Berlin, the company collects 1 kilogram of plastic waste from the environment for every order.

  • Assortment: Plastic-free product for avoiding waste on the go
  • Payment options: including credit card, instant bank transfer, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Klarna
  • Free return shipment: Yes
  • Coupon code: Save 5€ with "CAREELITE5"
  • Browse directly here at samebutgreen now!

5. SirPlus

The SirPlus team follows the vision of a world in which everyone has enough to eat and all the food produced is eaten. That's why in their sustainable online store you will find Only rescued food and snacksthat producers and wholesalers can no longer sell for a variety of reasons, even though they are still good. You can get them individually or as a monthly subscription.

So you can sustainably save money, but also CO2 emissions and water and your ecological footprint, as well as the Reduce food waste.

  • Assortment: Saved food and snacks
  • Payment options: PayPal, credit card, Apple Pay and Shop Pay 
  • Free return shipment: No return shipment possible
  • Coupon code: 10% Discount for Newsletter Subscription
  • Browse directly here at SirPlus!

6. hello simple

The sustainable online store is based in Berlin and offers you all products for a home that is as plastic-free as possible - from lip balm, curd soap, deodorant cream, face masks and shower soaps to natural cleaning products.

hello simple follows clear guidelines for its own range: the products are packaged plastic-free in glass and paper, are vegan and cruelty-free and are almost exclusively produced in Germany. They are also certified natural cosmetics.

As an additional impact, hello simple leaves the following for every order Fishing 1 kilogram of plastic from rivers and lakes - and for every deodorant sold 50 cents to PETAto promote marine conservation projects.

  • Assortment: Plastic-free products for the kitchen, bathroom and household
  • Payment options: Credit card, Paypal and direct debit
  • Free return shipment: Yes
  • Coupon code: Save 5€ with the code "hs-ce-5" (minimum order value 15€)
  • Browse directly here at hellosimple now!

Tip: I regularly compile lists of the most recommended products in each category. For example, take a look at the best hair soaps for healthy hair an.

7. Laguna

In the family-run Laguna online store from Hainichen in Central Saxony, you will find Sustainable and plastic-free everyday products. From reusable glass drinking bottles and stainless steel lunch boxes to bamboo bowls and chopping boards.

The company naturally ships plastic-free and climate-neutral.

  • Assortment: Household and care
  • Payment options: Prepayment, invoice, credit card, Klarna and PayPal
  • Free return shipment: Yes
  • Coupon code: Save 5€ with "careelite" (25 Euro minimum order value)
  • Browse the Laguna store directly here*.

8. Medimops

The Berlin-based company medimops is also one of the sustainable online stores where you can with a clear conscience on the Internet Second hand shopping can. Here you can get almost every book, movie, music and console game you can imagine. Used and cheap, in line with the principle of the circular economy, which allows you to protect the natural environment. Conserve the earth's resources. The delivery is also climate neutral.

  • Assortment: Books and media
  • Payment options: Credit card, bank transfer, invoice, direct debit and Paypal
  • Free return shipment: No
  • Coupon code: 10% Discount for Newsletter Subscription
  • Browse here directly at Medimops!


In the sustainable online store of the Wuppertal-based company you can get Fair trade and almost exclusively organic products - from food and home accessories, through to sustainable fashion.

The company wants Sustainably supporting producers in the South and make a decisive contribution to changing unjust world trade structures. The shipping of the products is climate-neutral.

  • Assortment: Food, housing and clothing
  • Payment options: PayPal, credit card, Klarna and prepayment
  • Free return shipment: Yes
  • Coupon code: Save €5 with "fairundlecker#322" (valid until 31.08.2023)
  • Browse the GEPA store directly here*.

10. ecco verde

Ecco Verde is based in Paldau in Styria and offers certified natural cosmetics from hand creams, shampoos and solid exfoliating stones to plastic-free shaving soap. The company is climate-neutral from operation to shipping.

11. PlantBase

At the online store of PlantBase from Hannover you get sustainable, certified drugstore productswhich are cruelty-free, vegan, organic, waste-avoiding and made in Germany. The range extends from handmade natural cosmetics, baby oils and household utensils to natural products for dog care.

The delivery to your home is not only fast, but also plastic-free and climate-neutral.

  • Assortment: Natural cosmetics, household and dog care
  • Payment options: PayPal, credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay 
  • Free return shipment: Yes
  • Coupon code: 10% Discount for Newsletter Subscription
  • Browse directly at PlantBase now!

12. EdelKRAFT

In the sustainable online store of the Berlin-based company EdelKRAFT you will find environmentally friendly sports equipment made of wood for your sustainable training at home. From the versatile wall bars, dip bars, push-up bars and gymnastic rings to dumbbells.

The wood is processed in small family businesses in Germany in a climate-neutral way and is exclusively FSC or PEFC certified. The corresponding plastic parts are made from recycled PET bottles. Shipping is plastic-free.

  • Assortment: Sports equipment from sustainable forestry
  • Payment options: Paypal, Klarna, prepayment and credit card
  • Free return shipment: Yes
  • Browse directly at EdelKRAFT now!

13. Ultra Green

In the sustainable store of the Berlin company ultra green you get Plastic-free, organic and fairly produced natural cosmetics and household products for the kitchen, bathroom and on the go.

Shipping is CO2 neutral and plastic-free with recyclable packaging and sustainable filling material.

  • Assortment: e.g. plastic-free household products and natural cosmetics
  • Payment options: Klarna, Paypal, credit card and prepayment
  • Free return shipment: Yes
  • Coupon code: 10% Discount for Newsletter Subscription
  • Browse ultra green directly here*!

14. Loveco

In the sustainable online store of the Berlin brand LOVECO you will find Ecological, fair and vegan fashion, shoes and accessories, which the Fast Fashion to counteract this. The range comprises 80 brands and includes garments made exclusively from easy-care, durable, natural materials.

Shipping is climate-neutral and plastic-free with a personal touch.

  • Assortment: Sustainable fashion, shoes and accessories
  • Payment options: Paypal, invoice, instant bank transfer, credit card and Apple Pay
  • Free return shipment: Yes
  • Discounts: 10% discount for students, trainees and pupils and 3% for regular customers
  • Coupon code: 10% Discount for Newsletter Subscription
  • Browse directly at LOVECO now!

15. Pure Nature

The company behind the sustainable online store of Pure Nature from Idar-Oberstein already exists since 1996. Here you get environmentally and allergy-friendly products for a natural, sustainable and healthy life.n - from natural cosmetics, organic food, natural fashion and household utensils to bed linen and furniture.

All of them are subject to a strict catalog of criteria. Shipping is climate-neutral.

  • Assortment: Food, natural cosmetics, fashion and home accessories
  • Payment options: PayPal and credit card
  • Free return shipment: Yes
  • Coupon code: 5€ discount with newsletter subscription
  • Browse directly here at Pure Nature now!

Tip: More Voucher codes for green stores by the way, I have provided you with the link. Please take another look there.

Bonus tips for sustainable online shopping!

Conscious shopping at sustainable stores on the Internet

Now you have plenty of places to go! Finally, I would like to give you a few basic advice for sustainable shopping on the Internet:

  • Only buy things that you really need!
  • Avoid returns already in the run-up!
  • Buy used items on the internet!
  • If new purchase, then durable products!

I explain these and other tips in more detail in the detailed blog post about sustainable online shopping.

Frequently asked questions about sustainable online stores

Which online stores are sustainable?

The list of sustainable online stores is constantly growing. Examples include the Avocadostore, GoodBuy, raccoon, samebutgreen or SirPlus. They all fulfill an environmentally friendly, socially just and solidary purpose.

Where can you store sustainably?

If you want to shop sustainably, you should do so not only at sustainable online stores, but also on the regional Weekly and flea market, in Second hand stores, for small Family businesses and about Classifieds do. It is also important that you only buy what you really need.

What do sustainable online stores do differently?

Sustainable online stores design their assortment according to strict sustainability criteria. For example, products must be produced fairly, organically and without animal testing. They are also shipped to customers in a climate-neutral and plastic-free manner.

Sustainable online stores are growing!

It is already relatively easy to make environmentally conscious purchases online. But it's getting easier every day! The important thing is that you Demand for sustainable products from "green-thinking" stores supportedif you need certain products.

"What we do today will determine what the world looks like tomorrow."

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (more at Environmental protection quotes)

In this article, I have introduced you to some recommended online shops. You have also learned why they are so important and what features you can generally use to recognize sustainable online stores.

Do you have any questions, tips or other stores that should definitely not be missing from this list? Then simply write me a comment with your suggestion.

Stay sustainable and consume consciously,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: In the linked blog post, you can now find out why you should choose your next Smartphone necessarily buy used should. Have fun!

₁ Statista GmbH: Estimated number of returns of parcels and items in Germany in the years 2018 to 2020, available at [02.03.2023].

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