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Plastic free barbecue tips

14 tips for grilling without plastic

You want Barbecue without plastic, in order to sizzle Avoid plastic waste? Then you are exactly right here. Because in this article I'll show you how you can barbecue plastic-free and avoid all the waste that comes from packaging, foil, aluminum trays and liquids. From buying the food, to the grilling itself, to the food. Let's go!

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Food for barbecue without plastic

Plastic free barbecue without plastic without plastic waste

Before we get started with the food, I'd like to clarify this one question: Why is grilling without plastic important at all? Quite simply: because an incredible amount of waste is produced, especially during the barbecue season, and barbecues are usually held outdoors in nature. All the garbage from disposable grills, meat packaging, leftover food, aluminum trays, plates, cling film and cutlery is often left behind and ends up as Plastic waste in the environment. Now let's not waste any more time and start right away with the tips for your barbecue without plastic - because we are all hungry! 😉

Buy food in bulk and same day

No matter if vegan, vegetarian or not - you can get all the food for the barbecue loose and plastic free shopping. Fruit & vegetables anyway, in many supermarkets and of course at the weekly market. Meat & cheese you can get plastic-free at many supermarket counters by filling them into lunch boxes you brought with you. Mushrooms & tomatoes you can get plastic-free by putting them in a Fruit and vegetable net and weigh them normally at the checkout. Don't buy all the food a few days in advance, but on the day you want to grill. This way you can save almost expired food and use it up the same day. If you need tips for vegan grilling, I also recommend our article Vegan barbecue - How it works.

Save food with foodsharing

As just indicated, you can use Food Sharing Save still edible food from restaurants, bakeries and supermarkets that would otherwise be thrown away. Ideal if you know you're going to use them up the same day you grill. This way you get free food for your plastic-free grilling and save it from having been produced unused. If you want to go plastic-free grilling, you can also save plastic-wrapped food from being thrown away 🙂

Transport in jute bag, stainless steel can & cardboard box

Eliminate any plastic bags and unnecessary plastic packaging for transporting food and grilling accessories. All you need is a Jute bag, Stainless steel cans and possibly a sturdy cardboard box. If jute bags and stainless steel cans are not enough for transporting food, plates, cutlery, grill and barbecue accessories, simply pack everything in a large cardboard box. This way you avoid plastic already during transport to the barbecue site. TIP: As a substitute for plastic cling film you can use such reusable beeswax wipes use

Plastic free barbecue with these things

Plastic free barbecue without plastic without plastic waste

Now we come to all things related to barbecuing itself. You can also avoid a lot of plastic waste when it comes to charcoal, grill lighters and accessories.

Use a Dutch oven as a plastic-free grill replacement

For plastic-free grilling, you can of course use an ordinary stainless steel grill - but I would like to introduce you to another alternative. Do you already know the Dutch Oven? It is heated from below and from above with coal and was already used over a century ago by the cowboys for grilling. You see - there was no plastic packaging, cling film, aluminum foil and other things that produce waste. With the Dutchoven you can grill all kinds of things. From bread, potatoes or steak and many other delicious things. Here you get a really good Dutchoven*.

Buy barbecue coal in paper bag

Somehow the grill still has to run, right? That's why we need charcoal. It's best to buy charcoal in a large paper bag that can be recycled afterwards. You can get it in basically every major supermarket and you can also buy it order online here*.

Use a grill lighter without plastic

Avoid toxic alcohol from the plastic bottle and get fireballs as a substitute for the traditional one. Barbecue lighter. These balls burn for about 10 minutes, come without harmful substances and are an important tip for grilling without plastic. Here you can get the fireballs as grill lighter*.

Clean with a plastic free grill brush

If you use a conventional grill with stainless steel grill grate for plastic-free grilling, you will also need a plastic-free Grill brush with stainless steel bristles for cleaning the grill. A really good grill brush you get here*.

Turn with wooden spatula & barbecue tongs

So that nothing burns, you should of course also turn your food a few times! For this you can plastic free wooden kitchen gadgets use or simply a Stainless steel barbecue tongs. Especially the objects that are in close proximity to the fire should not be made of plastic, so that the toxic substances remain in solid form. So make sure that especially the barbecue tongs are completely plastic-free. I recommend such a stainless steel barbecue tongs*.

Fry in a stainless steel grill tray

The ideal barbecue base is a Stainless steel grill tray. So you avoid resulting waste from aluminum foil, for example. It is easy to clean and ideal in the fight against small barbecue food, which so often falls through the grate onto the coals. Here you can get the grill tray*.

Use a reusable grill mat

If you want to save yourself the subsequent cleaning of the grill grate and also aluminum foil, you can use a grill mat, which is often reusable. Grill mats are usually made of silicone coated with Teflon, are easy to clean and a safe support for the grill grate. Here you get barbecue mats for reuse*.

Cricket on vegetable leaves

If you're looking for a more natural base for your grilled food that doesn't burn right through, nature has provided us with a good alternative: Rhubarb, kohlrabi and also banana leaves are perfect for grilling without Plastic and avoid the waste normally generated by aluminum foil. Try it, it works perfectly.

Use fish grill

To grill a fish you can simply choose so-called Fish grill get. These are stainless steel grids in the shape of fish, through which the fish does not touch the grill grate and you can easily turn with a handle. Here you get a really good fish grill with wooden handle*.

Eat and enjoy barbecue without plastic

Plastic free barbecue without plastic without plastic waste

Now we come to the part of plastic-free grilling that's really fun - eating! With the following tips you can also master this part without plastic waste.

Use stainless steel cutlery

For a plastic-free barbecue, keep your hands off disposable plastic cutlery and opt instead for stainless steel cutlery. This is guaranteed not to end up in the environment after the barbecue, is washable and you can use it as often as you like. reuse. Plastic-free grilling isn't that complicated, is it? We've just gotten used to all the disposable stuff.

Drink from glasses and water bottles

By now, so many people have their own reusable water bottle that they take with them everywhere. This is also the case at plastic-free barbecues. You can fill up your bottle anywhere, usually even for free with the app Refill (see also the article Zero Waste Apps) for example, and of course at home or on the road at the tap. I use these Stainless steel drinking bottle. When grilling, you can also use ordinary glasses or also Stainless steel mug provide.

Eating from porcelain plates

In addition to disposable cutlery and disposable cups, you can also forgo disposable plates and opt for porcelain or reusable stainless steel plates instead. If it has to be disposable for whatever reason, then please use paper plates. But it's best to just pack some porcelain plates before you go 😉

Use cloth napkins

By simply using washable, reusable cloth napkins you will avoid the use of the Zero Waste Lifestyle Garbage of any kind. Because there is no waste due to the plastic packaging of the napkins and you can also use a lot of Avoid paper waste. So simple can be the barbecue without plastic!

Barbecue without plastic? Is Easy!

When you tell your friends that you'd like to go plastic-free grilling, the first reaction might be something like, "Yeah nah, it's clear"!

But don't be put off, because as you learned today, grilling without plastic is pretty easy after all. We had merely gotten used to leaving a pile of trash behind every time after sizzling. But in the spirit of Zero Waste Lifestyle, we can avoid this waste.

I hope that the tips & tricks will help you and that you will barbecue without plastic in the future. What do you think about it? Do you have any questions, suggestions or experiences with plastic-free grilling? Then I look forward to your comment under this post.

Stay clean,

Living plastic-free - Less plastic waste in the environment

PS.: Also for the plastic free party and the vegan barbecue we have the appropriate articles ready - Have fun!

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

I'm Christoph, an environmental scientist and author - and here at CareElite I'm campaigning against plastic waste in the environment, climate change and all the other major environmental problems of our time. Together with other environmentally conscious bloggers, I want to give you tips & tricks for a naturally healthy, sustainable life as well as your personal development.

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  1. Would be cool if you could add a point about corn lockers.
    This is what is left of the corn on the cob and is often thrown away.
    In the meantime, there are startups that make coal substitutes from it.
    Thus, actual waste is reused and no trees need to be felled for charcoal production

    1. Hello Jonathan!
      Really cool, do you know anything about that? If you want, you can write a paragraph and I'll put it in. If not, no problem. I'll make a note of it and dig in a bit 🙂
      Stay clean,

  2. We are so excited about your attitude, Christoph and find your page a great statement! We also try to avoid all the garbage for the most part and your tips continue to encourage us to do so. Keep it up! We think it's good.

    1. Moin Schwenker!
      Thanks for the great feedback and your attitude!
      Good luck furthermore and best regards,

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