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Healthy weight loss tips

Lose weight healthily - 10 tips for natural weight loss

How can you actually lose weight in a healthy way? If you would like to shed a few pounds - in a healthy and long-term way - then you've come to the right place. We all have or know those phases when we eat too much sweet stuff and at the same time do far too little exercise. Our body is simply supplied with more energy than it actually needs - and it converts this into body fat. The result is unwanted weight gain. So how do you lose the excess kilos? A crash diet is certainly not the right solution, as it can have serious consequences for our body.

In this article, I would like to give you 10 valuable tips to help you lose weight much more easily and in a much healthier way! Without counting calories, without giving up - simply by eating a healthy amount!

Here is another short Overview for you:

  1. Choosing the right food
  2. Schedule everyday exercise
  3. Stick to the shopping list
  4. Discard habits
  5. Balancing the mineral salt balance
  6. Eat regularly and slowly
  7. A vegan diet
  8. Exercise
  9. Sufficient sleep
  10. Drink plenty of fluids

10 tips to lose weight healthy in the long term

An important principle of healthy weight loss is to be aware of the causes of your excess weight at all times. The wrong diet, uncontrolled "binge eating", lack of exercise, stress... it is usually a combination of all these things. An early childhood diet at home can also be the cause. The fact is: just as for a more sustainable life is also a change in your own everyday life is necessaryto lose weight in a healthy way.

Now I would like to give you some useful tips to help you lose weight successfully!


Healthy food plate with quinoa and vegetables

The basis for losing weight naturally is our diet. If you want to lose weight, it's a good idea to focus on Vegetables, Pulses, Rice, Pasta and Fruit - i.e. high-fiber, nutrient-rich and filling foods. Cook fresh, low-fat, high-protein, high-fiber food - and cook it yourself!

The usual fatty and sweet treats, such as potato chips, cakes, chocolate bars or cheese, sausage and chips, should be removed from the diet and should only be the absolute exception. Losing weight is always a battle against your own habits. But if you really want to achieve your goal (your desired weight), then you can do it.

Tip: Sugar is added to the majority of ready-made products in the supermarket. I have a Sugar Free Challenge and deliberately avoided such products for a month. Feel free to check out the linked post to see what happened!

2. consciously plan more everyday movement

Sufficient exercise is another key to losing a healthy amount of weight and converting fat into muscle. So make a conscious effort to plan daily exercise! 10,000 steps a day should always be. You can measure this with an app, for example. 30 minutes of exercise are the absolute minimum - you should drop everything else if you want to stay healthy in the long term. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, cycle to work - and simply do everyday things yourself instead of getting technical help.

And if you More time outdoors in nature your stress levels will also drop, so you'll crave fewer sweets or other calorie bombs.

3. strictly adhere to shopping list

A key tip for healthy weight loss is, never go shopping hungry! Really never! Because otherwise all those sweet things will suddenly end up in your shopping basket that your seemingly excessive weight has conjured up on your ribs. Stay strong and stick to your shopping list. It will be all the easier for you, you not to be seduced by your habits or advertising tricks.

4. discard problematic habits

When do you reach for sweets? And what "activities" keep you from moving? In the end, it's the answers to these questions that will help you identify culprits and create solutions. For example, do you grab the bag of chips when you're bored or stressed? Great! Then find a new activity (learn a new language, for example or operate Plogging) to balance!

Whatever you feel like doing, do it if it helps you reach your desired weight.

Tip: It is difficult for us humans extremely difficult to break out of habits. In the linked article you can find out more about how long-term change works with a high degree of certainty from a psychological perspective.

5. mineral salt balance balancing

Our body needs minerals, which are absorbed through food and ensure that we feel fit and healthy. However, sometimes the body can absorb the minerals, but not use them optimally. The result: the mineral balance becomes unbalanced. According to Dr. Schuessler* Mineral salt therapy with Schuessler salts is a particularly gentle method.

6. eat regularly and SLOWLY

You know that cravings are your worst enemy? Then simply eat regularly and never skip a meal! This routine will automatically ensure that such "binge eating" is pretty unlikely. And if you do need a snack in between meals, just cut yourself an apple!

But don't just eat regularly, also eat more slowly. What's the point? Your feeling of fullness often only sets in after 20 minutes₁ - time in which you often eat more than you need to. That's what makes it so difficult to stop when you're already full.

Tip: Perhaps also the Intermittent fasting something for you! Your day is divided into two phases: an eating phase and a fasting phase. 

7. vegan diet

The high proportion of Whole grain products, Legumes as well as Vegetables and Fruit is what makes a plant-based, vegan diet so helpful for losing weight! You will also find many sweets contain animal ingredientssuch as gelatine or whole milk powder, which you can use for health, ethical and ecological reasons (see why live vegan?) can handle.

Good to know: Veganism and a plant-based diet are not the same thing! While "plant-based" is a form of nutrition, veganism is a philosophy of life against cruelty to animals and the exploitation of animals for food, entertainment, experiments, clothing and other everyday human needs. You can find out more about it at "Difference between vegan and vegetable„.


Woman doing yoga at home

Losing weight without sport and exercise is no fun and not exactly healthy - let's be honest! Is it perhaps a Overcoming for you to put on your sports shoes and go outside? Especially in winter? Then just do sport at home! I train almost exclusively myself with my own body weight. Freeletics, yoga... these sports are ideal for shedding a few kilos and creating a good balance to stressful everyday life. All you need is a mat!

Tip: Look you with pleasure in the Sustainability Shop Sports Category around. There you will find environmentally friendly sports equipment for your training! For example, how about Wooden push-up handles?

9. get enough sleep

Do you want to lose weight naturally? Then you should make sure you get enough healthy sleep! Especially the Sleep duration and the Sleep intensity are important for successful weight loss. For example, healthy sleep inhibits the stress hormone cortisol and the "craving hormone" ghrelin. And it promotes the production of the satiety hormone leptin.₂

In the article "Tips for better sleep" to find out how you can implement this basis for healthy weight loss incredibly easily!

10. drink plenty of fluids

Drink plenty of wateris an important basis for successful training and rapid recovery of your muscles. Even without sport, the German Nutrition Society recommends drinking at least 1.5 liters of water a day. With sport, you can even end up drinking 2 to 2.5 liters.₃

However, avoid sugary drinks such as lemonade or energy drinks! Instead, add a sprig of mint or lemon to your water or make yourself a tea.

Not yet motivated enough to lose weight? At motivational quotes I've put together a whole list of sayings that will boost your motivation immeasurably!

Lose weight healthily? No problem!

Losing weight is possible without crash diets and daily visits to the gym. I hope that I have been able to show you this with these tips and help you to shed excess pounds in a natural, healthy way!

Finally, I would like to give you one piece of advice: don't constantly stand on the scales and count your calories. The success of your training often only becomes apparent a few days later, so you would only demotivate yourself unnecessarily. Instead, compare a before and after photo in similar lighting conditions after 2 to 3 months. It's fun!

Do you have questions or more tips for healthy weight loss? Then feel free to write me a comment!

Stay healthy,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: You now know how to lose weight healthily. Maybe you're also interested in how you Quit smoking quite simply can! Have a look at the linked article.

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