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Travel cutlery


  • Wooden cutlery set for travel
  • Ideal cutlery set for zero waste
  • Easily washable and reusable
  • Made of bamboo wood, free from any harmful substances
  • Plastic free from packaging to cutlery set
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This plastic free Wooden cutlery set is the ideal travel cutlery for on the road - especially to Avoid plastic waste. Plastic cutlery is often used, especially when lunch has to be served quickly. The problem is that it is only used once for a few minutes and then simply thrown away - often into the environment. The alternative, for example, is to simply eat at home in peace with washable cutlery. But it's not always so easy - for example, when you're traveling. But even on the plane or on the road in the mountains, you can easily avoid unnecessary waste with this wooden cutlery set for travel.

The advantages of the mobile cutlery set made of wood

Besides avoiding disposable waste, there are many other advantages of travel cutlery. First of all it is Light and compact and therefore convenient to carry in a backpack or handbag. Even around plastic free on the plane to stay, you can take it with you into the cabin. Depending on the airline, this is where a lot of disposable waste is produced. Spoon, fork, knife, straw and cleaning brush - not much more is needed, at most a few chopsticks. The wooden cutlery set is also quite simple washable and reusable. With the associated and also washable Fabric bag you also keep all the utensils of the travel cutlery always together.

I can really recommend you to always have such a waste-avoiding travel cutlery set without plastic with you when you are on the road.


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