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Plastic free advent calendar for women, men & children

Plastic free advent calendar with ideas for men women and children

You are looking for creative, plastic free advent calendar ideas for women, men or children? Christmas time is gift time - and the more creative, personal and sustainable, the better the gift will be received. A plastic free Advent calendar is such a creative-personal-sustainable and can even be DIY with relatively little effort. In this article, I would like to show you the best plastic-free Advent calendar ideas for men, women and children - both tangible and intangible. Have fun giving them away!

Here is another short Table of contents - just decide who you want to surprise with the advent calendar:

  1. Material
  2. For all
  3. Men
  4. Women
  5. Children
  6. Tips
  7. Closing words

Advent calendar material

Plastic free advent calendar for men women and children

As a basis for a successful Advent calendar in which you can put the appropriate Advent calendar ideas and keep them invisible for the later surprise, you must of course get a few things. The following material you need for the Advent calendar I made myself:

  • Jute bag for the homemade advent calendar (you get here*, ewig wiederverwendbar, aber in diesem Fall leider in Plastikfolie – hast du eine plastikfreie Alternative? Habe schon mit dem Hersteller gesprochen, die Plastikfolie wird zukünftig vermieden  – alternativ kannst du dir auch Paper bags get)
  • Jute ribbons for fastening jute bags, numbers and decoration (you get here*)
  • Cardboardto cut out the signs with the numbers (you can get them in any stationery store)
  • Clothespins Wooden for fastening (optional, you get here*)
  • Deco wie zum Beispiel Tannenzapfen, Laubblätter, Äste oder Tannenzweige (optional, bekommst du alles im Wald ;-))

Depending on how creative you are and who you want to surprise with the plastic-free Advent calendar, you can of course come up with your very own style. It is important that you have a basis for the safe and invisible storage of your Advent calendar ideas, so that the surprise effect is not lost.

Advent calendar ideas for everyone

Plastic free advent calendar idea for women, men and children
A personalized love letter is always a good Advent calendar idea for men, women and of course children. / Copyright

Here you will find cool Advent calendar ideas that are really suitable for everyone - pretty much no matter whether woman, man or child. Use your creativity and make the self-made Advent calendar something very personal.

1. hair soap in a bar

In a plastic-free Advent calendar belongs, of course, a beautiful, natural soap in a bar. This vegetable hair soap consists of rosemary and nettle, nourishes the hair without polluting additives such as microplastics or silicones. The beauty of the bar soap is of course that it comes without plastic packaging. A great sustainable Advent calendar idea for women, men and also children.

2. natural body soap

In addition to hair soap, a plant-based body soap is also wonderful for a homemade, plastic-free Advent calendar. In our Plastic free store you will find a natural olive oil soap without plastic, which is suitable for both body care and hair care. A great idea for the homemade Advent calendar.

3. soap bag

Complementing the soaps you can a day before or even after a suitable, plastic free soap bag from plant fibers in the Advent calendar, so that the soap is transportable and nothing smudges in the bathroom. If you have a suitable tin, of course, you can also put the to transport as an Advent calendar idea in the gift bags.

4. cookie cutters

Cookie and cookie cutters are small and plastic-free. You can simply place them in a bag of your homemade Advent calendar. And who knows: maybe the recipient will thank you a few days later with delicious cookies. You can get the stainless steel molds in many supermarkets or also online here at Etsy.

5. lottery tickets

A lottery ticket is a nice little gift that fits into any Advent calendar and can bring a lot of joy. You can usually get it at any kiosk around the corner.

6. nuts

Walnuts are the classic at Christmas time, but hazelnuts or peanuts are also wonderful for filling a homemade Advent calendar. You can get them unpacked in the unpacked store or at the farmer's market. Do you have any other nutty Advent calendar ideas for the general public? Then feel free to write a comment below this article.

7. cookies

Cookie molds are cool - it's even cooler when you can find the cookies you baked yourself right in your Advent calendar. Get creative and bake some cookies. Along with nuts, they're an always-functioning classic Advent calendar idea for men, women and kids.

8. chocolates

Chocolates are high-quality and always a surprise in a homemade Advent calendar. You can get them in a chocolate store, for example, and have them filled into the lunch box you bring along. Completely in the sense of the Zero Waste Lifestyle you avoid plastic waste and can later wrap the chocolates in paper and put them in a bag of your Advent calendar.

9. physalis

The Physalis (also called Golden Berry) is a wonderful, plastic-free Advent calendar idea for everyone. Of course, if you know in advance that the recipient doesn't like the fruit, you should use one of the other many ideas from this article.

10. tangerines

Every year, my grandma gives me tangerines for Christmas - a real Christmas classic. You can get them plastic-free at any weekly market or supermarket and can give them away in your self-made Advent calendar.

11. almonds

Dry almonds are also wonderful to give away in one of the bags of the self-made Advent calendar. You can get them, for example, at the weekly market and, of course, at the Christmas market. Even if the Christmas market in your area hasn't started yet, that's no reason to rush. Because no one says you have to have all the bags filled from the first day of Advent - the only important thing is that you then find something in your Advent calendar bag on the day in question.

12. loose tea

Unpackaged tea without plastic is a wonderful idea for the plastic-free Advent calendar. You can either order the tea online or you can simply fill it into a glass in an unpackaged store or in special tea stores. You can give it as a gift in the classic sandwich paper or in a small jar, for example. A warm tea at Christmas time is always a great Advent calendar idea for women, men and also children.

13. tea filter stainless steel

To go with the tea, you can also make a stainless steel plastic free tea filter in your self-made Advent calendar give away. In contrast to tea from the bag, which is usually also partly made from Plastic consists, you can super loose tea boil with the tea filter. So you avoid unnecessary waste and can still enjoy his tea.

14. dried fruits

I find that dried fruits are incredibly tasty and if they are also not sticky, can also be given away very well unpackaged in the Advent calendar. Dried mangoes, figs or dates, for example, are always a great surprise in the Advent season.

15. spices in glass

I am a real fan of spices - because they taste great and are available plastic-free in jars. In our plastic free store we have for example this Spice set in jar from Ankerkraut. The reusable Glass is a real eye-catcher in the kitchen.

16. candles

Scented candles are wonderful for crowning the Advent calendar on December 24. In addition to plastic-free scented candles in a jar, you can of course also simply buy the candles loose and give them away in the Advent calendar.

17. bee's wrap

Since cling film makes a lot of plastic waste, you can find with a Beeswax cloth a great alternative. They are easy to wash off and reuse. Either you can wrap small treats in them and give them away in the advent calendar, or just hide the beeswax wipes in one of the advent calendar bags. You can get them either online here* or also in any unpacked store.

18. card game

A card game is also a great plastic-free Advent calendar idea for men, women and children. Most people surely have a classic deck of cards at home. Simply place the card game in a bag of the self-made Advent calendar and surprise the recipient with a game night.

19. air freshener

Ebenfalls sehr gut in einen persönlich hergestellten, plastikfreien Adventskalender passen Lufterfrischer mit Aktivkohle. Die Säckchen parfümieren die Luft nicht einfach nur, wie das gewöhnliche Raumsprays tun. Vielmehr filtern sie die Luft und nehmen unangenehme Gerüche auf. Eine tolle Idee für den selbst gebastelten Adventskalender.

20. personal letter

You don't always have to buy something to make someone happy. A personal letter is always a great idea for a creative, plastic-free Advent calendar. Write down what connects you to the person you're giving the gift to and what he or she means to you. Even if you've known each other for a long time - love letters or tokens of friendship always go!

21. voucher for massage

On a paper or cardboard card is very easy to implement another plastic-free Advent calendar idea - the voucher for a massage. Ideally, you then just do the massage yourself. If you're not exactly the best masseur yourself, then of course you can also put a voucher for a spa day at the nearest spa in the Advent calendar. Of course, this is a bit more expensive 😉.

22. meal voucher

A meal voucher is also a wonderful, personal and plastic-free Advent calendar idea. Either you can give a voucher for a meal at one of your favorite restaurants or cook the meal yourself at home on the respective day of the Advent calendar.

23. breakfast to bed

Getting breakfast straight to bed is something very pleasant - and thus a cool idea for the self-made Advent calendar. Again, write a coupon on paper or cardboard and give it away in one of the bags of your Advent calendar.

24. cinema voucher

Even if a cinema voucher has a somewhat dusty image due to Netflix and Co., it is still a classic Advent calendar idea. Either make the voucher yourself on cardboard and paper or get one at your favorite movie theater. If you make the cinema voucher yourself, it's guaranteed to be plastic-free - otherwise it's up to the cinema.

25. voucher for movie night

Besides food and massage vouchers, you can also simply put a homemade voucher for a romantic movie night in the Advent calendar. Just combine it with homemade popcorn and a glass of wine - it's guaranteed to be a great Advent calendar idea for men and women.

26. bath balls

You can make bath balls yourself or buy them online - plastic-free and relaxing. Bubbly bath bombs from paper packaging are a great gift idea and their shape makes them perfect for a homemade Advent calendar.

27. wooden toothbrush

A wooden toothbrush is nothing for the Advent calendar? I don't think so. Compared to the classic plastic toothbrush is the Wooden toothbrush now more than just a trend again - it is the flagship of the plastic-free movement and is suitable as an Advent calendar idea for men and women as well as for children. Here you get the Wooden toothbrush for adults* and here the Wooden toothbrush for children*. Note: It may be that it protrudes slightly from the jute bag of the Advent calendar - then just turn the handle upwards, then you do not know for sure yet what is inside 😉.

28. pictures

Why not put a great picture of you or your pet in your advent calendar? Whether it's for your wallet or framed to hang on the wall, a personalized picture is always a great Advent calendar idea.

29. coupon for AppStore

You can get vouchers for the Apple and Android app stores, which may be a great gift idea for your Advent calendar. You can simply write the coupon code on a paper card and put it in the Advent calendar you made yourself. Also feel free to check out our article Zero Waste Apps after, there is certainly something cool!

Advent calendar ideas for men

Plastic free advent calendar for men with beer
A rather unknown beer is always a good idea in the Advent calendar for men. / Copyright

Please do not demonize me if an Advent calendar idea for men is not so suitable in your opinion. Whether for men, women or children - for whom you put the respective gift in the Advent calendar, is of course up to everyone.

30. exceptional beer

Let's face it - a beer is always good. Especially if it's not an ordinary beer that you can enjoy every weekend. A cool Advent calendar idea is therefore, for example, a delicious beer from Argentina or Canada. In this beer set* is certainly something tasty - and two, three bottles can be super put in the bags of the Advent calendar. Even if the bottles stand out a bit, the Advent calendar looks a little cooler.

31st cookbook

I got a really cool cookbook for men once and I think it's great. Whether steak or salad, in this cookbook* you can find really tasty recipes to try. You also don't have to buy it new, but can get it for example on eBay classifieds also cheap and safe without plastic wrap. A really cool Advent calendar idea for men.

32. whiskey cube

Another cool Advent calendar idea for men are whiskey rocks which are a wonderful, reusable substitute for the classic ice cube and do not water down the whiskey. Pure pleasure and a real man gift in the Advent calendar. A really good Set with whiskey rocks you get here* - with the stainless steel tongs, the set can also be well divided into several bags of the self-made Advent calendar.

33. shaving set

Rasierhobel gibt es bereits plastikfrei aus Edelstahl. Du bekommst sie zum Beispiel im Unverpackt Laden oder im Internet. Auch die wechselbaren Edelstahl-Klingen und ein Rasierpinsel mit Naturborsten lassen sich passend dazu im selbst gebastelten Adventskalender verstecken. Alles in Allem eine richtig gute Adventskalender Idee für Männer.

34. beard comb set

Ein plastikfreier Bartkamm aus Holz ist ebenfalls eine coole Idee für den Adventskalender, über das sich viele Männer freuen würden, die mit einem dichten Bartwuchs gesegnet wurden. In this beard comb set* you get a beautiful beard comb made of natural sandalwood or pear wood.

35. ball pen

How about a high-quality ballpoint pen? It usually fits perfectly into the Advent calendar bag. No matter what profession you do - a fancy ballpoint pen is always a good Advent calendar idea for men and also an eye-catcher on the desk at home.

36. leather bracelet

Maybe a leather bracelet is not everyone's cup of tea, but it suits many men. In many stores you can already get cheap leather bracelets. Should it be a little more expensive, it is suitable in the Advent calendar, for example, well for the bag, which is opened on Christmas Eve.

Tip: Actually, we men are pretty straightforward when it comes to gifts! But if you still need more inspiration, you will find here more inspiration for a men advent calendar.

Advent calendar ideas for women

Plastic free advent calendar for women with soap
In addition to a bar of soap, there are many other beautiful ideas for the Advent calendar for women. / Copyright

Just as you can make an Advent calendar for men, it also works for women. Should an Advent calendar idea have crept in the following, which in your opinion is not only interesting for women, write me a comment. I try to classify everything by feeling and do not want to step on anyone's toes 😉.

37. wine & sparkling wine

In many supermarkets you can find the small champagne or wine bottles that fit perfectly into your Advent calendar bag and still peek out a bit at the top. It's not easy to find a sparkling wine without plastic, but maybe you'll find one.

38. lipstick

Einen Lippenstift ganz ohne Plastik zu finden, ist kaum möglich. Auch wenn ich mich zugegebenermaßen mit Lippenstiften nicht auskenne, habe ich nach etwas Recherche einen Lippenstift bei Ecco-Verde gefunden. Sobald du den persönlichen Geschmack der Beschenkten herausgefunden hast, kannst du dir sicher sein, dass der Lippenstift eine tolle Idee für deinen selbst gebastelten Adventskalender ist.

39. cotton pads

Während Einmal-Wattepads aus Plastik bestehen und in Plastik verpackt sind, kannst du mit Watteaus aus Stoff im Adventskalender richtig punkten. Wattepads ohne Plastik bestehen zum Beispiel aus Baumwolle und sind abwaschbar und wiederverwendbar.

40. nail polish

Nail polish, for example, is available in plastic-free glass bottles. However, you should be sure before buying that the respective color meets the taste of the recipient. If this is the case, the nail polish from the small glass bottle is always a good Advent calendar idea for women.

41. perfume

Depending on how deep you want to dig into your pocket for them, a perfume can of course also be a great Advent calendar idea. From the feeling I would put a perfume then but really only in the last "door" on Christmas Eve in the Advent calendar.

42. hair clips

Who has full, voluminous hair, can also use a hair clip. Ideally made of wood and not plastic, the hair clip then fits wonderfully in the plastic-free Advent calendar and is certainly a nice surprise.

43. jewelry

Since jewelry is generally a bit more expensive, it is more likely to be suitable for the 24th "door" of your self-made, plastic-free Advent calendar. Everything doesn't always have to cost a fortune, so maybe you'll find a good, inexpensive alternative.

44. small cookbook

A mini cookbook in an Advent calendar is always a good idea, whether for men or for women. With this cookbook* about street food recipes you can't go wrong, guaranteed. With a little luck, you can also benefit from the Advent calendar surprise yourself a few days later 😉

45. herb seeds

In the article healthy plants to grow yourself at home I have already shown some useful plants that can save you, for example, the herbs from the plastic box. You can get plant seeds in any gardening store and also have them filled in containers you bring with you. Wrapped in some paper, they are a cool Advent calendar idea for women and, of course, everyone else in the household.

Advent calendar ideas for kids

Plastic free advent calendar for kids make your own with pencils
Plantable pencils are fully in the trend and an inexpensive gift in the Advent calendar for children. / Copyright

In addition to men and women, children also long for the annual Advent calendar. In the following, I have therefore also listed a few Advent calendar ideas for children, which should give you a little inspiration for filling the bags.

46. plait rubber

A pigtail rubber is very small and also available completely made of cotton. So you can have a plastic-free Advent calendar idea for kids that fits well in the little bag and will especially please the girls.

47. pixi books

I was very excited about the Pixi books when I was little. The books are a great idea for the homemade Advent calendar for kids -. this Christmas edition of Pixi books* is wonderfully suitable, for example. You may also be able to get them without the annoying plastic film, used on eBay classifieds.

48. sustainability books

A Sustainability book ist besonders für Kinder eine schöne Geschenkidee – besonders im Adventskalender. Ich kann dir da kleine Bücher wie Piwi und die Plastiksuppe (kostenlos, evtl. musst du dich auf die Warteliste setzen lassen) oder natürlich auch gerne meine eigenen Bücher Plastic-free for beginners and Sustainable living for beginners to the heart.

49. reading day

What could be better than spending time with your own children? With a voucher for an extensive reading day you can really score points. Take the time to create this lovely Advent calendar idea for kids and write a nice coupon message on a cardboard or paper card.

50. pencils for planting

Heard right! The pens have a biodegradable capsule with plant seeds at the end. So you can plant a chia or sage plant, for example. In the article Plantable pencils I did an interview with the founder of the sustainable, plastic-free pencils and have been an avid fan of the project ever since. The Planting pencils you can for example get here*.

51. puzzle

Do you have a cool puzzle for kids? Then you can also divide it super on several bags of your Advent calendar. The important thing is that the puzzle pieces in each bag fit together well. Divide the finished puzzle into four sections, which you then distribute among four bags. In this way, you also increase the excitement until your child has finally completed the puzzle.

52. marbles

Beautiful glass marbles always go down well with children and are very easy to store in the little bags of the self-made Advent calendar. In our Shop für Kinder we have some more cool game ideas for the Advent calendar for kids.

53. wooden blocks

Since plasticizers in plastic toys are dangerous for children, children should only play with natural toys. Plastic free wooden building blocks with watercolors are a great alternative to plastic toys and are also very good to spread over several bags of homemade Advent calendar.

Tips for the self-made Advent calendar

Plastic free advent calendar with ideas for men women and children
If you want to make your own Advent calendar, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

We are nearing the end of the article with plastic free advent calendar ideas for men, women and children. In addition to the many ideas, I would also like to give you a few valuable tips along the way, which concern the crafting of an Advent calendar. Heed the following advice, so that nothing goes wrong and in the end really everyone is satisfied.

54. start advent calendar in time

Remember that you have to fill 24 bags of the Advent calendar and that takes some time if you want to do it really well. Therefore, start in time with the preparation of your self-made Advent calendar. But you should not put too much pressure on yourself. You don't have to have everything in the bags from the first day - just make sure that there is something in the bag on the respective day! 😉

55. use plastic-free packaging material

Some things, like moist or sticky candy, are not easy to put in the burlap bag. Instead, place them in paper, small tin cans or classic sandwich paper. Unfortunately, the latter is usually wrapped in plastic when purchased. Everyone can decide for themselves if they want to compromise or just use ordinary paper to wrap the advent calendar ideas instead. Furthermore, you can also use small jars to wrap candy or other small things. If you want to glue something plastic-free, you should switch from the classic scotch tape to the bright paper tape.

56. do without ready-made advent calendars

Anyone can give away a ready-made Advent calendar. This usually results in a lot of waste and the ready-made Advent calendar from the supermarket is also not really personal. One more reason to make your own Advent calendar and fill the coolest Advent calendar ideas for men, women and children into 24 opaque bags. Try to reflect your personal signature in the Advent calendar, then it is guaranteed to be a success.

57. try to share advent calendar

Sharing things is an important trait that children can't learn early enough. Not every child needs their own Advent calendar. If you have two children, for example, you can simply create an Advent calendar for both kids together. This way, there are no arguments about who had the cooler gift in the plastic-free Advent calendar. In the article Borrowing things instead of buying there are some more tips for sharing things.

Advent calendar DIY is easy!

As you can see, it's not that complicated to create and fill an Advent calendar for women, men or children yourself. The most important thing is that you really made it personally and invested time in it - then every gift is a success. I hope that the plastic-free advent calendar ideas will help you to fill the bags with suitable little things. Depending on how much you like the plastic free lifestyle If you live in the USA, you can of course also give away some chocolate in aluminum foil or put something with a small plastic packaging in the Advent calendar. It's up to you, but of course it's always nice to give away something sustainable. By the way, I can not yet share the picture of my finished Advent calendar here, because otherwise I would take the surprise from my girlfriend - so that follows in early December 😉.

Do you have any questions, tips or suggestions about homemade advent calendars or even cool advent calendar ideas that we can incorporate? Then feel free to write a comment below this article.

Stay clean and have a nice and if you can plastic free christmas time,

CareElite Christoph

PS: You don't only want to give away your plastic-free Advent calendar without waste, but also want to reduce your waste in everyday life in the future? Then I recommend the article Zero Waste Lifestyle, um dir kostenlos die entscheidenden Tipps und Ideen dafür abzuholen.

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

I'm Christoph, an environmental scientist and author - and here at CareElite I'm campaigning against plastic waste in the environment, climate change and all the other major environmental problems of our time. Together with other environmentally conscious bloggers, I want to give you tips & tricks for a naturally healthy, sustainable life as well as your personal development.

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  1. There are some nice ideas, but in my opinion, the total cost is far too high (which makes the whole sustainability process no fun anymore).
    Here are a few other slightly cheaper ideas: Ingredients, supplies & recipes for making DIY products like natural cosmetics, cleaning products, etc. (for women and men) OR homemade seed bombs & early bloom bulbs OR homemade granola & vegetable broth (dried) in a jar OR simply Christmas decorations - glass balls, salt dough pendants, paper wreaths - and stars, garlands, etc.

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