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24 Advantages of working location-independently as a digital nomad

Advantages of remote working

Want to experience all the benefits of location-independent working? Then you've come to the right place! For the past few years, I've enjoyed the privilege of working from anywhere. Whether it's from home, at my favorite coffee shop, or on the beach. The reasons to be a so called to become a "digital nomad" are manifold. You protect the environment, since the commute is eliminated. You become more flexible, learn many new things and expand both your skills and your personal network.

In this article, I would like to share with you all my 24 reasons for this, from which you should also try to work more location independent. Let's go!

Notice: This article originates from another, dissolved project and has been adapted accordingly. Even if it doesn't harmonize 100 percent with the topic of sustainability, you can still use the content to get a little closer to climate-friendly, location-independent work.

The wonderful benefits of working from anywhere

Advantages home office at home

As a "young entrepreneur", you make an incredible amount of new experiences in a very short time. Now that I can live location-independently and express my passion with my project, it's even easier for me to ponder the biggest advantages of working location-independently.

Advantage #1 - You work where you want

Isn't it a dream to be able to work from anywhere in the world? If you want to work from anywhere, all you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi! And if your favorite place doesn't have Wi-Fi, you can set up your own hotspot with the appropriate mobile phone contract. For example, I love working in co-working spaces, cafés and beach bars, but also very often in my now well-equipped home office. Either way - as a digital nomad, you can go where it suits you best. Free and undetermined. Of course, you are most sustainable at home in familiar surroundings.

Advantage #2 - You save the environment

After all, you don't have to drive to and from work. You don't clog up the roads, you don't use gasoline, and you reduce the air pollution. The latter, at least, if you bring your laptop and other necessary devices with you. Green electricity load. For me personally, the no longer existing commute is one of the top advantages of the home office. The independence of location and the flexibility gained make many trips superfluous.

I used to get upset when I had to get up even earlier than necessary because of the long commute. If I then got into a traffic jam, the day was already in the bag before I was even at work. The basis for effective work is already gone. In the home office, you have the advantage of using this time, which is somehow wasted, for more beautiful and important things. 

Tip: In the article about the sustainable lifestyle you'll get even more tips on how to make your everyday life more environmentally friendly.

Advantage #3 - You can plan your day freely

In everyday office life, you're "trapped" in the 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. system and have to get up early. At 5 p.m., the pen drops and you're done. Some people might like that, but flexibility looks different. As a digital nomad you have the advantage that you can usually sleep as long as you want. You just work a little later, when you can really concentrate. Another advantage of location-independent work is that you can cancel annoying appointments if you think that they are actually of no use to you. Every day can be freely scheduled, not just from 9 am - 5 pm. 

Advantage #4 - You escape from the "hamster wheel

As an employee with a fixed office, the same commute and always the same colleagues, you quickly feel like you're on a hamster wheel. I'm not a fan of demonizing the 9to5 job - everything has its advantages and disadvantages. But a routine often creeps in with such regular jobs that you can't actually feel that comfortable in. You're working for someone strange and maybe even on a topic you don't really identify with. When you work location-independently, you benefit from the great advantage that such a disturbing routine can't creep in, because you're simply far too flexible. If something bothers you, you can just change it pretty easily.

Advantage #5 - You can discover the world

For me, this is one of the decisive advantages of being a digital nomad. You can travel the world and think outside the box. Work and travel in combination, regardless of location. As a digital nomad, you can basically travel to any country where you have a working internet connection. That's almost everywhere by now. Settle down in the countries you've always wanted to get to know. Indonesia, India, South Africa or Brazil. As a digital nomad, you decide! To avoid flying all the time and polluting the environment, I simply spend several months in one place.

Notice: I used to travel abroad more than I do now - in the meantime, I've become somewhat "saturated" and enjoy taking advantage of location-independent working from my home office.

Advantage #6 - You get to know new cultures

When you move to foreign countries as a digital nomad, you automatically get to know new cultures and religions. On Bali, for example, you get unique impressions of Hinduism. Every morning you go to prayer. The family relationships are unique. Other cultures can also give you clarity in your thoughts about the meaning of life. Because here it becomes clear that consumption and money, as we are taught in Germany, are not everything. If you work independently of location, you can use the moments in foreign cultures to develop yourself personally. 

Advantage #7 - You learn new languages

Of course, the culture in foreign countries also includes the language. As a digital nomad, you not only train your English skills, but also learn parts of the language from your respective place of residence. The longer you stay in one place, the better you master the local language. It's fun to watch yourself develop safely step by step. Personally, I'm learning Indonesian on Bali with an app, for example. This opens up very good conversations, even if it then logically drifts back into English at some point. It also has something to do with respect, to get involved with foreign languages. It's also nice to see other people smile because you're making such an effort to speak the local language.

Advantage #8 - You are not in the monotonous office

Every day in the same office, in the same chair, next to the same colleagues. I was bursting with creativity, but I could never let it out. Because this rut and this boring consistency limited me. It doesn't have to be that way for everyone, but it was for me. As a digital nomad, I work location-independently and don't have to go to the same office every day. I'm sometimes here and sometimes there and meet new people every day. And you know that stupid feeling when it's sunny outside and you have to work in the office? As a digital nomad, you can also react super flexibly to the weather, enjoy the sun and work a few more hours into the night, for example.

Advantage #9 - you have no annoying colleagues

Everyone knows that. And of course, even as a digital nomad, you're bound to meet people who are a pain in the ass. But if someone doesn't suit you, you don't have to see them again. As an employee with a fixed desk in the office, however, you may see people for the rest of your working life. And if you don't see eye to eye, it can be psychologically stressful over such a long period of time. The only solution is often to quit. An important advantage of being a digital nomad is that you can choose the people you work with.

Advantage #10 - You increase your productivity

I wasn't really productive before. That was because I never really identified with the things I had to do at work as an employee. As a digital nomad, I work on an exciting project for myself and every minute I invest in it has added value. I also have a daily routine that allows me to effectively use my self-allocated daily work time. When you work location-independently you should first do the things that absolutely have to be checked off! This is also a good general rule for productive working.

Advantage #11 - you have more money

One of the points that don't really drive me as a digital nomad, but are nevertheless necessary. Because somehow, you have to finance your location-independent life. And why do you have more money now when you work location-independently? Because, for example, you can work in regions where the cost of living is much cheaper for us. For example, in India or Indonesia. This is called geoarbitrage. In addition to the unique nature and the great people, you can not only earn money online as a digital nomad in these countries, but also really save money. Because you earn your money in Germany, but spend it in Indonesia, for example, where the cost of living is much cheaper.

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Advantage #12 - you have all options

Granted that this advantage of being a digital nomad goes a long way, I still don't want to let it go unnoticed. Because whether it's about the project idea, the strategy, future employees or simply the color of a button on your website. The possibilities as a digital nomad are endless. You learn something new every day and every conversation opens your eyes to new ideas. I find that working from anywhere gives you the opportunity to approach each day individually and make spontaneous changes if necessary. 

Advantage #13 - you have less material things

Doesn't it also make you happier when you have everything neat and tidy? As a digital nomad, you are independent of location and can travel around a lot, so you automatically have fewer things in your possession. Because every extra thing makes you a little more dependent. As a digital nomad, you save money and work much more efficiently. Basically, all you need as a digital nomad is a laptop, internet and a clear head. Everything else is a bonus. You decide for yourself what enhances your quality of life and what may be superfluous. You learn, live more minimalist.

Advantage #14 - You work on your passion

As a digital nomad, you have a big advantage. You can choose the topic yourself. In the best case, it's your personal passion that you can work with. I'm a real environmental freak and can protect the environment and make the world a little bit better with my project. For that, I just really like to get up in the morning and that leads me to work too much rather than too little. As long as you set your own limits and stick to them, working on your passion regardless of location is the perfect job.

Tip: Be sure to check out the sustainable job portal in if you are still looking for a job with real added value for you, our environment and our society.

Advantage #15 - You are happier

Many advantages of location-independent working complement each other. One cog meshes with the other. When you work on your passion, are more flexible, can choose the people you work with and have less stress, you are simply happier. You start your day much more positively and minor setbacks are effectively checked off as learnings and approached differently next time. You also automatically notice how you develop personally day by day in this long process.

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Advantage #16 - You are more independent

As a digital nomad, you usually start alone on a project. Collaborators and supporters only develop over time. So at first, you're on your own. And what initially sounds like a disadvantage is actually a great advantage. Because you are responsible for your own happiness. If you don't work, nothing happens. Automatically, you will become much more independent and develop incredibly fast in all areas of your business. You see problems as challenges and tackle them.

Tip: Surely also helps you in this regard the Contribution about sustainable founding on!

Advantage #17 - You take responsibility

As you become more independent and self-confident, you automatically take on more responsibility. With every day that you gain new experiences, you trust yourself more and are ready to take responsibility. For example, I fully support my brand, because as a blogger or digital nomad, I am the face of the brand. Everything that happens on the blog and on behalf of the brand is my responsibility. If you identify with your employer or your project to 100%, working location-independently is all the easier.

Advantage #18 - You expand your skills

Your skills increase automatically from day to day. Here again, many advantages of location-independent, independent work are intertwined. Because the more independently you work, the faster you increase your skills. Both in the social area, as well as in all other fields that are crucial for working as a digital nomad. For example, at the beginning of my self-employment I had no idea about Photoshop and writing texts worth reading was also difficult for me. In the meantime, I can do both and still learn something new every day.

Advantage #19 - You are braver

Whatever comes may come. Because once you've experienced the ups and downs of digital nomadism, you'll be able to assess dangers and opportunities much better. Your experience will make you much more courageous, even when it comes to more important decisions. Because you know, "You can't do more than go wrong." - Past mistakes train you for the future. With my first product, it was very difficult for me, especially as a student, to invest a four-figure sum. In the meantime, I try out so many things and just risk landing a flop sometimes. Because that's part of it.

Advantage #20 - You are more patient

As you work more independently and independently of location, you will also find yourself in situations where you are dependent on the performance of others. But not everyone is as reliable as you might wish. When I first started working on my projects, this unreliability bothered me, but now I just expect it. That way you don't get disappointed and you already have a plan B up your sleeve. With every day your project grows and the day will come when you have to hand over some work. From that moment on, you no longer have everything in your own hands, but you will learn to deal with it.

Advantage #21 - You are more diligent

This advantage of working independently of location is especially true for a self-employment job. At the beginning of your project, you have to really step on the gas. You won't be successful on your own. But only after you realize that your idea works and that you can now work as a digital nomad regardless of location, do you feel the desire. Then you realize that every text you write and every cent you spend on advertising has a positive effect on your business. So you keep working and are ready to invest more energy in your work on your own project. Success will show you that it's worth it!

Advantage #22 - You are an inspiration to others

Everybody has a desire somewhere for freedom and independence - and to make the world a little better every day. That's what's inside us. But not everyone has the willingness and the iron will to invest time and money in this from the start. As soon as you can afford to work from anywhere, these people will look up to you. Because you are what they would like to be: free and happy. Thus, as a digital nomad, you naturally inspire many people to try it too. This advantage of being able to work from anywhere is especially good when these very people didn't think you were capable of doing anything two years earlier.

Advantage #23 - You are more confident

Every single day as a digital nomad makes you stronger and more confident. Another advantage of working from anywhere. Your self-confidence no longer knows any boundaries. Because every experience strengthens your skills, which you personally gain more and more confidence in. This makes you more self-confident and it's easy for you to make decisions in the future. If your decision was good, you strengthen your self-confidence. If the decision was the wrong one, you learn for the future and also become more self-confident. 

Advantage #24 - You expand your network

Of course, you can also network as an employee in the office, but you don't usually meet new people every day. A big advantage of working independently is that you get around a lot and are constantly working in different places. Because there you expand your network, both professionally and privately. You know an expert in every field and can ask questions at any time. You forge new partnerships with people who tick similarly to you. As an independent digital nomad, this is one of the most valuable advantages for me.

Can you think of other benefits and reasons to work more location-independently? Then write me, as always, happy to comment under this post.

Take advantage of location-independent work in the home office

Take advantage of home office

As you can see, the world is open to you as a digital nomad. You learn, you develop at breakneck speed and still have a good overview. You see the world and expand your network. You are more self-confident and patient. For me, the decision to take a risk for once in my life and follow my dreams was the best decision I could have made. Therefore, I can only recommend it to everyone to give it a try - whether it's step by step in employment - or by working as a self-employed person. Even if you realize that you won't be successful with the latter, you can never blame yourself for not having tried. Feel free to write me your experiences, questions and suggestions below in the comments. I'm looking forward to it!

Stay productive,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Feel free to look around a bit more on the work blog! There you will also find, for example, a more in-depth article about sustainable web design - have fun!

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