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Why build sustainably - advantages and reasons

Why build sustainably? 6 advantages of ecological house building

Wondering why you should build sustainably? Then you've come to the right place! Nowadays, there are countless ways to make home construction more environmentally and socially responsible, from the planning phase to later use, and thus to help solve environmental problems such as the climate change counteract in a targeted manner. Be it in the selection of the building material, the building orientation or the energy efficiency of the entire house.

But what exactly are the motives for sustainable building? Here I present you now 6 reasons that should move every builder to the most ecological house building possible. Let's go!

In advance you can find here already a short Overview about the article:

  1. Protect environment
  2. Stay healthy
  3. Save money
  4. Value received
  5. Use subsidies
  6. Live more beautifully

1. advantage: protect environment

The construction of a house requires natural resources. Resources that our planet will not hold for us forever with our current way of life. Starting with the Building materialIdeally, it should be as durable, biodegradable, renewable, regional and, in the event of future structural changes, recyclable as possible to protect the environment. Also the greening of roof areas can have a wonderful effect in the Fight against species extinction bring with them. The best way to track the Contractor of your choice also has a sustainable philosophy and is aware of its responsibility for an environmentally friendly way of life for our society.

But also the Later use of the house takes influence on nature. It must be heated, cooled, and supplied with electricity and water. The more efficiently this happens and the more energy comes from renewable sources, the more sustainable is also the way of life of the residents over the next years and decades. In this way, as a builder, you also protect proportionately the future of your own children and grandchildren, who may take over the house at some point in the future.

2. advantage: stay healthy

Why build sustainably? Value preservation

Environment all well and good! But what are other advantages of sustainable building? The more natural the preferred building material is, the healthier will be the end Indoor climate in your house. Modern technologies, such as a central ventilation system, ensure healthy ambient air without having to constantly open the window and give away heat energy. So if you're building sustainably, you're also choosing to keep your Quality of life, concentration and Increase productivity.

3rd advantage: save money

There are not only ecological and health reasons for sustainable building! It is also simply more economical! As a builder, you enjoy, for example, greater planning security, greater construction quality and lower operating costs, so that you can save money through sustainability can! The Higher efficiency of the heating and ventilation system, better insulation, more durable building components and the use of renewable energies (e.g. solar energy) to generate electricity are incredibly easy on your wallet in the long term.

4. advantage: value preserved

Building a house can be quite expensive! Accordingly, it is also important that the expenses remain on the credit side. The construction of an ecological, energy-efficient and as independent as possible house is the future - and turns supposed expenses into an Long-term investmentwith which you can maintain or even increase the value. With the most modern, environmentally compatible and cost-saving equipment, you as the builder will still be enjoying the benefits decades later. great sales opportunities.

5. advantage: use subsidies

Why build sustainably? Also because you can benefit from government subsidies. As part of the energy transition, energy-efficient construction is rewarded handsomely. For example, you receive from the Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW) and the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (Bafa) Grants for a geothermal heat pump - from the heating system itself, to drilling. But there is also support for an energy consultant, charging stations for electric cars, barrier-free access and burglary protection. Not only in the form of low-interest loans, but also in the form of repayment subsidies, which make ecological house construction so extremely profitable, even in the short term.

Tip: Please keep track of the current funding conditions at all times. And pay attention to the deadlines they are associated with!

6. advantage: live more beautifully

Sustainable DIY dining table from old oak planks
I upcycled this dining table from 30 year old wooden planks.

Another reason I build my home sustainably is the aesthetic benefits. I love the warm wood colors, grains and the most natural atmosphere possible in a house. If you think that ecological living or building has a rather dusty image, you can put it to rest. Because modern builders know how beautiful a minimalist, ecological building style and an environmentally conscious interior can be.

Tip: Feel free to look at my sustainable DIY furniture blog around. There you can find out, for example, how I made my Dining table homemade from old oak planks have.

Why build sustainably? Benefit from ecological, aesthetic, health, and financial advantages.

There are numerous reasons for consciously building a sustainable house. These are primarily ecological, aesthetic, health-related and financial. But by far not only the ego-related arguments speak for sustainable building! It is also about respect towards our environment, towards animals and other people on this earth. Not least towards our own children and grandchildren, to whom we want to leave a habitable planet. It is a matter of dealing responsibly with the opportunities and natural resources that are not available to us alone.

Do you now know why sustainable building is the future? Do you have any questions about the advantages and motives mentioned? Then, as always, feel free to write me a comment.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: Have you ever asked yourself. better to live sustainably in the countryside or in the city can? I have made the comparison for you in the linked article. Have fun!

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Christoph Schulz

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