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Stone mortar with pestle


  • Mortar with pestle made from sustainable material
  • Made of sturdy and particularly durable stone
  • A sustainable plastic-free alternative
  • Saves plastic waste
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The Mortar with pestle is a purely natural product that is ideal for your kitchen without plastic. The robust mortar is the perfect choice for preparing food. With the plastic-free mortar Including the pestle, you can chop, grind, crush and prepare healthy pestos or spice mixes. The sufficiently large diameter and the coordinated curvature of the bowl and pestle ensure perfect results without much effort.

With the plastic-free mortar and pestle, you can get the best out of the flavors of your spices. Whether you want to cook Indian or Moroccan food, crushing the spices opens them up and gives you a much more flavorful result. For even more flavor, you can first lightly roast the spices in a pan without oil and only then put them in the spice mortar and crush them. Heating the spices releases even more flavor.

Using the mortar is of course very easy. Simply put the spices of your choice in the spice mortar and crush the spices with a twisting motion. The plastic-free Mortar with pestlecan be easily cleaned by hand after use.

Tip: Crush spices of different sizes separately. This makes it easier for you to crush the smaller spices, as otherwise you won't be able to reach them immediately.

The natural mortar and pestle without plastic for your kitchen

  • Natural product from sustainable natural material
  • Ideal for particularly aromatic dishes
  • No plastic in the mortar or pestle
  • Durable quality product
  • Shapely, elegant and practical

Plastic-free spice mortar for natural grinding and crushing

The mortar can be easily cleaned by hand after use. The naturally very hard bamboo wood is ideal for crushing spices, looks elegant and has a long shelf life. If you fancy spicing up your dishes with the flavors of different spices, the durable mortar and pestle is the perfect tool. You can order the sustainable mortar online here.


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