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Goods Deeds Bring Happiness – The Benefits Of Helping Others

Good Deeds Bring Happiness – 10 Reasons Why It Feels Awesome To Help Others

Why does it make us happy to help others and do good deeds? If you're looking for a clear answer to this question and want to know more about the psychology behind it, you've come to the right place! In today's society, where many people often think and act selfishly, we tend to forget how important it is for our own well-being to be helpful.₁

In this article, I would therefore like to show you some convincing reasons why it feels so good to help others and work for the good in the world. Feel free to use them as an incentive to make a positive impact on the world around you every day. Let's go!

1. fulfillment through the feeling of being needed

Helping others makes you happy because stress is relieved

The valuable feeling of belonging and the knowledge that you are doing something meaningful and are needed, releases happiness hormones.

Of course, the feelings of happiness increase immeasurably once the good deed has been accomplished and we have received the Joy and appreciation of other people or animals. For example, in the form of hugs, a grateful smile or other signs of joy.

2. problems solved and challenges overcome

We support others especially when they have encountered minor or major problems and need our help. Having solved problems and overcome challenges creates a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Feeling of pride, self-efficacy and satisfaction. In combination with the knowledge that we are doing it for other people, it fills us with a special sense of happiness.

3. increased self-esteem

Good deeds make us happy - and they also boost our self-esteem. It is above all the Appreciation and gratitudethat we receive, as well as the Confirmationthat we are able to solve problems and help other people. The more often we act altruistically and show our willingness to help, the become more confident we finally.

4. Improved interpersonal relationships

By demonstrating empathy and helping others Help peoplewe foster our relationships with them. The willingness to help creates trust, security, strengthens friendships, increases the sense of community and gives us the security of being able to get help ourselves when we need it.

5. directly tangible contribution to a more positive world

Cleaning up the beach - This is why good deeds make you happy

Every good deed we do makes the world a little bit better and at least ourselves - but experience has shown that other people are happier too. Above all, it is the directly tangible positive impact that creates the pleasant feeling of satisfaction and happiness, because we know that we have made a real difference to someone or to the environment. have inspired other people.

6. Automatic stress reduction through positive emotions

Giving help to others, instead of always taking it yourself, generates positive emotions such as joy, gratitude and love, which can enhance the Reduce stress level and improve our general well-being. The unique feeling of happiness unfolds a Calming effect on body and mindlowers blood pressure₂ and ultimately allows us to significantly Live longer and grow old healthily.

Good to know: High blood pressure is one of the main causes of cardiovascular disease. How you can Prevent heart disease in other ways I explain how to do this in the linked blog article.

7. Better cohesion in the community

Mutual help and support strengthens the bonds in our community. The growing feeling of Belonging and cohesion (for example in the neighborhood) is what ultimately makes us happy, strengthens friendships and gives us the security to overcome further challenges and crises together.

It is also the Joint commitment to a common, positive goalthat brings joy to a community.

8. new vitality and greater optimism

To help makes us happy, invigorates us and gives us new energy. Good deeds draw our attention away from everyday worries and give us a fresh, more positive, more optimistic perspective on life.

The unique Feeling of reward The gratitude and appreciation of others provides a mental boost. In the end, this wonderful feeling can even become addictive - so much so that many people are not only helpful more often in their private lives, but also embark on a professional path where they can help others on a daily basis because it gives them a sense of fulfillment. have recognized the personal meaning and purpose of life.

9. Building a positive karma

Good deeds make you happy - and earn you valuable karma points 🙂 Karma is a Buddhist principleEvery good or bad action will eventually lead to a corresponding consequence. Like myself, many other people are guided by this belief in everyday life.

Being friendly, compassionate and helpful are some of the many positive character traitsthat promote good karma and make us humans believe that sooner or later we will be rewarded for our good actions without asking for anything in return.

Tip: How else you can use your Improve karma I will explain how you can do this in a separate blog post. Feel free to take a look!

10. increased gratitude for what you have yourself

Why should you show helpfulness and be there for other people?

By helping those who are less fortunate in life, we will inevitably reminds us of what we ourselves can be truly grateful for. And so it happens that supporting other people not only helps them, but also makes you look at your own life in a much more positive light and feel truly grateful.

Helpfulness and good deeds bring lasting happiness!

Why does it feel so good to help others? Among other things, because we feel appreciation and gratitude and this triggers genuine feelings of happiness in us. You have now learned about these and many other important reasons. Try to internalize them little by little so that you are always motivated to help others and do your bit for the good in the world.

"Good things that a person gives out into the world are never lost."

Albert Schweitzer (more at Helpfulness Quotes)

Finally, I would like to give you a few ideas for good deeds in everyday life that you can implement directly:

  • Donate blood regularly, to save other people's lives.
  • Live and eat veganto stop paying for animal suffering.
  • Help your elderly neighbors when gardening or shopping.
  • Work on a voluntary basis in animal welfare or as a volunteer:r at the food bank.
  • Stand up in the streetcarif someone needs a seat.

I really hope that the reasons why helping makes you happy have helped you and that you have been able to take some inspiration for your own life. Do you have any questions, suggestions or further thoughts on why being helpful makes you happy? Then I look forward to your comment.

Stay helpful,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Whether dog, cat, cow or chicken - I stand up for the protection of all animals. Like you Help animals in your everyday life you can find out in the next blog post. Have fun!

₁ L. Rowland, O.S. Curry (2019): A range of kindness activities boost happiness, available at [14.06.2023].

₂ K. Rossger, G. Charpin-El Hamri, M. Fussenegger (2013): Reward-based hypertension control by a synthetic brain-dopamine interface. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1312414110.

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

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