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Flying in the airplane without plastic

Flying plastic-free - 11 tips for your flight without plastic

Flying plastic free is a real challenge. Anyone who sits on a plane from time to time knows that. Because every passenger on an airplane produces an incredible amount of plastic waste within a few hours. Even a sip Water is again in a sealed plastic cup on the tray. So today I'm giving you essential tips along the way so you can fly without plastic.

Plastic-free flying - Your journey without plastic

As you're about to discover, preparation is everything in this case. On the ground, you can find a thousand plastic-free alternatives to Avoid plastic waste. Getting by on a long haul flight for over 10 hours without plastic is not possible without preparation. Unless you have your own jet or airline 😉 .

If that's not the case, you're about to get my top tips for flying plastic-free:

Take empty water bottle with you

Flying in the airplane without plastic

Exactly, an EMPTY drinking bottle. With a full bottle, you can't get through the inspection, because then you have to drink it all or throw it away. In the sense of Zero Waste you should then drink it up and that probably means that you have to go to the toilet all the time afterwards. So that you can fly carefree and plastic-free, the water bottle should be empty and e.g. made of stainless steel or glass. I like the Soulbottles glass bottles with pleasure.

Pack food in lunch box

Flying in the airplane without plastic

Why take a container on the plane? A canning jar and lunch box (each with a lid) can be filled with snacks ToGo at the airport or simply beforehand. This will get you through airport security and, in the best case, you'll have your own prepared food with you. So you can enjoy the whole Avoid plastic waste. And let's face it, anything tastes better than the airplane grub from the welded plastic trays.

Take plastic free napkin

Flying in the airplane without plastic

On the plane there are napkins, but normally only for eating out of the plastic bowls. We want to avoid this plastic waste. With the plastic free linen fabric napkin you have both your own washable napkin with you and protection for your food in the stainless steel can or canning jar. Just wrap the container in the napkin and nothing will break.

Pack your own wooden cutlery

Flying in the airplane without plastic

With the Wooden cutlery from Papstar you are on the safe side. You can get through the airport checkpoint without any problems and use it to eat the food you brought with you and bought at the airport. Alternatively, you can also ask for stainless steel cutlery on the plane or bring it with you. this spork (fork, spoon and knife in one). But I give you no guarantee that you will get through the airport control just as easily.

Have cloth handkerchief with you

Flying in the airplane without plastic

Is that really necessary when I already have a napkin with me? I think so! You will certainly also notice it if you have snorted yourself out with a cloth towel and then want to wipe your mouth with it. Unhygienic and besides, you can't wash it anytime. Therefore, I recommend you simply in addition to the napkin still a Fabric handkerchief to take with you.

Bring your own cup

Flying in the airplane without plastic

As a complement to the plastic-free water bottle, you should also use a Cup without plastic take with you on the plane. Because the bottle is usually not empty. You can have hot tea or other drinks filled into the cup if you have caught a good airline. I like the stainless steel cups with wooden handles, but basically your favorite cup from home will do.

Technology instead of paperwork

Flying in the airplane without plastic

You should definitely not change your technique, such as Kindle eReader and smartphone. Because they help you save unnecessary weight for many books and save you a lot of paper waste from printed out maps, etc. You can easily take the technology with you on the plane and download many of your favorite books to your eReader while still in the airport. This Zero Waste Appscan also help you. Everything digital instead of paper.

Wooden toothbrush into hand luggage

Flying in the airplane without plastic

I'm supposed to have my Wooden toothbrush take with me on the plane so that I can fly plastic-free? Yes, that's right! Because anyone who has ever been stuck at an airport for an unplanned period of time knows that a toothbrush in your hand luggage can't hurt. So before you have to buy a new plastic toothbrush at the airport, you should just take your plastic free wooden toothbrush bring with you on the plane.

Think about toothbrush tablets

Plastic free bath - wooden toothbrush

Getting toothpaste on the plane with you is very very unlikely. Also, you should check your Toothpaste prefer to make yourselfinstead of buying artificially loaded toothpaste. The Toothbrush tablets are the best alternative for flying plastic-free. Because you can simply take them in the jar through the airport control on the plane.

Take headphones

Plastic free flying take along headphones

Headphones usually last forever. On the plane, you usually get plastic-wrapped headphones for the one flight, which really get thrown away afterwards. What kind of nonsense is that? So just take your own headphones on the plane so you don't produce plastic waste. Sometimes the headphone jack on the plane is different, but then you just listen to music from your smartphone or laptop. In any case, you should consider the issue of headphones so that you can fly plastic-free.

Passion not forgotten

Flying in the airplane without plastic

No matter how much motivation and passion you have for the zero waste lifestyle, your attitude will be put to the test on the plane. Because flying plastic-free says it's easy, but it's really hard and requires motivation. In the article Plastic waste in the environment you get enough of it! So you remain steadfast and pull your plastic free life even on the plane.

Flying plastic-free? Does that work?

And whether it works. As you have noticed, flying without plastic or without plastic waste requires a certain amount of preparation, but even that sits after the first time. Flying plastic-free is a real challenge for all followers of the Zero Waste Lifestyle. If you can do it, you're an absolute pro. But I think that you can fly very well plastic-free with the tips mentioned. I look forward to your experiences, ideas or questions. Just write me a comment below this article now.

Stay clean,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: In the article Sustainable travel there are still a lot of ideas to make not only your flight, but also your entire trip plastic-free & sustainable. Oh and use this 15€ voucher for Booking.comif you want to book a trip again. Have fun!

PPS: Also have a look at the article about sustainable flying - there you will get more tips to stay as sustainable as possible despite the flight.

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