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15 Plastic Free Christmas Gifts and Gift Ideas

How to find Christmas gifts without plastic

Are you looking for plastic free christmas gifts? Then you are right here! Gifts should be special and come from the heart - after all, Christmas is a time for reflection. That's why thoughtful Christmas gifts that are plastic-free or otherwise sustainable are doubly pleasing.

In this article I would like to introduce you now a few but really cool, plastic-free Christmas gifts and gift ideas. Both for all children, women and men is certainly something there! Let's go!

  1. Gifts for all
  2. Women
  3. Men
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Tip: Do you already have an Advent calendar? You can also make it yourself without plastic - just have a look at the article about the plastic free advent calendar inside.

Cool Christmas gifts without plastic

Even a Christmas gift without plastic can of course be "the wrong gift". To avoid having to exchange or return it later, you should always make sure that your gift idea is the right one. Even if everyone has different wishes, I can give you here at least a few plastic free christmas gifts for men, women as well as some unisex gifts Introduce you to creative gift ideas.

Notice: I have classified the gifts relatively freely according to my gut feeling - of course, most of the gifts are basically suitable for all genders. 🙂

Christmas gifts without plastic for all

Let's start simple with the gift ideas without plastic, which should really put a smile on the face of everyone who from the heart live more sustainably would like.

1. soulbottle drinking bottle

By having your own reusable water bottle, you'll never have to buy a plastic bottle with expensive water again. Soulbottles is also a company that actively works to protect the environment in addition to its own products. Always a cool, plastic-free Christmas gift for sure!

Here you can get the Soulbottle at GoodBuy *

2. plastic free for beginners

Of course, books can not be missing under the Christmas tree. This year I have published my first book, which will be a great Christmas gift especially for those who absolutely want to go to the plastic free lifestyle want to start or should start 😉

Here you can get my book Plastic Free for Beginners

3. glass straws

Plastic straws have long since ceased to be cool and so not at all Zero Waste. A reusable and washable alternative are sturdy Glass straws. Maybe this is a cool gift idea for Christmas?

Here you get the Glass straws*

4. solar jar

Unusual? That is exactly why a Solar canning jar a great Christmas gift - packaged plastic-free! Sonnenglas also provides fair jobs in South Africa and a safe source of light in the townships. A Christmas gift that not only makes the recipient happy!

Here you get the sun glass*

5. sustainable living for beginners

I can't help but recommend my new and second book called "Sustainable Living for Beginners" for your Christmas presents. In it, you'll first learn about the environmental problems of our time and then find out how you can make your everyday life sustainable step by step.

Here you can get the book Sustainable living for beginners

Notice: All books of mine are of course sold without the classic plastic wrap.

6. plastic free chewing gums

In many Chewing gum sticks plastic. How about a mint chewing gum without plastic and without sugar? This is perhaps not a classic Christmas gift - but unusual is all the more interesting. The chewing gums can of course also be a good addition to other gift ideas.

7. BRACENET bracelet

The handmade bracelet is not plastic-free but still a sustainable Christmas gift! Because it is made from fishing nets from the sea and contributes to the fact that the Plastic waste from our environment disappears.

Here you get the bracelet*

8. skin color crayons

Pink = skin color? That's no longer in keeping with the times - Germany is colorful. Plastic-free crayons are always a really cool Christmas present for kids. And at the same time, you're supporting the social projects of the GoVolunteer organization.

Here you get the skin color crayons*

9. fruit and vegetable bag

I've often heard, "Yeah, I really need to buy those things." - maybe you can Fruit and vegetable bags Because with every purchase, so much plastic waste is otherwise often produced by the free small bags. Impact and a cool gift in one!

Here you get the fruit and vegetable bags*

Plastic free Christmas gifts for women

I don't want to overload you with gift ideas for women here - but I imagine the following plastic-free Christmas gifts will go over very well with most.

10. cork yoga block

A gift that the recipient will definitely think of you during regular training sessions is a Cork yoga block! Is this perhaps also a nice Christmas gift idea for you?

Here you get the yoga block from cork*

11. lip balm

Lip balm without perfume, silicones and parafins and then still in the reusable can? Unfortunately, that has rarity value today. And that's exactly why it's a nice, plastic-free Christmas gift for women - and men, too, of course.

12. wooden cutlery set

Maybe a cutlery set made of bamboo wood is not necessarily a Christmas gift for women, but either way it is definitely a really cool gift idea. After all, it's a simple way to avoid plastic waste from disposable cutlery when you're out and about!

You can get a good bamboo cutlery set here*

Plastic free Christmas gifts for men

Here are a few more gift ideas that I think can be categorized as for men. Also here you can of course get inspired for plastic-free Christmas gifts for women.

13. push-up grips

Sustainable sports equipment and training with your own body weight are - just like the six-pack - in great demand. This Push up grips wood are sustainably produced and do not use plastic from product to shipping.

Here you get the pushup grips*

14. Got Bag Backpack

This backpack is not really plastic-free - but it does reduce plastic waste in the environment. The two founders have built a network of fishermen who take the plastic waste out of the sea in their daily work. This trash is turned into a great backpack! Surely also a Christmas gift of a special kind.

Here you get the Got Bag backpack*

15. wooden shaving brush

This wooden shaving brush comes without plastic and is certainly a cool gift for any man.

Here you get the wooden shaving brush*

Tip: The Store category for plastic free gifts will certainly also help youin case you don't have all your gifts together yet!

Was there a plastic-free Christmas gift for you?

I hope that you have found here one or the other, suitable Christmas gift without plastic and you are now already a little calmer in the Christmas rush. If you are still looking for a few gifts or inspiration for gift ideas for Christmas, you can simply take a look at the Plastic free store throw

Do you have any other gift ideas, tips or experiences with plastic-free Christmas gifts you'd like to share? Then feel free to use the comment function below this post.

Stay sustainable and have a great holiday season,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Do you already know how you're going to wrap your gifts? With the help of the post Wrap gifts plastic free, you can still do this in a sustainable and natural way.

PPS: In the article about Christmas without plastic you will learn how to get through the Christmas season as plastic-free as possible.

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

I'm Christoph, an environmental scientist and author - and here at CareElite I'm campaigning against plastic waste in the environment, climate change and all the other major environmental problems of our time. Together with other environmentally conscious bloggers, I want to give you tips & tricks for a naturally healthy, sustainable life as well as your personal development.

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