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Natural remedies for cramps - 11 tips and antispasmodic home remedies.

Natural remedies for cramps in the muscles

Looking for effective, natural remedies for cramps? Then you've come to the right place! Almost all of us have experienced one cramp or another in our lives. Especially calf cramps and also muscle cramps in the neck, hands, buttocks or even on the soles of the feet are not uncommon. They usually occur unexpectedly and resolve after a short time. Regardless of the location, the cramp itself is usually extremely unpleasant or painful.

You often feel something from particularly intense muscle cramps for several hours or even days afterwards, because they affect the muscles in such a way that they only recover gradually. For many people, these cramps are a rare exception. Others, however, have cramps every day and feel restricted in their daily lives as a result.

In this article, I would like to introduce you to natural home remedies and the best tips against cramps that work as quickly as possible and provide relief. Let's go!

In advance you can find a short overview of the article here:

  1. Stretch regularly
  2. Use cannabidiol (CBD)
  3. Let massage
  4. Make calf wrap
  5. Regular alternating showers
  6. Take in sufficient magnesium
  7. Use curd soap
  8. Ensure sufficient sport & exercise
  9. Drink plenty of fluids
  10. Go to the sauna
  11. Take a warm bath

11 tips and home remedies for muscle cramps

What happens during a muscle cramp in the first place? Biologically speaking, one speaks of a cramp when a muscle unexpectedly and strongly contracts - so much that it triggers pain.

The possible causes of cramps are manifold. For example, a malfunction of the nervous system may be the underlying cause. Cramps also often occur as a side effect of diseases and medications. Particularly common, however, is a too unbalanced diet and a consequent lack of nutrients the root of the cramp.

Fortunately, there are some natural home remedies that can relieve cramps and give you back more quality of life. Here are my most valuable tips for immediate help and to get (almost) no more cramps in the future.

1. stretch regularly

Stretching as an immediate measure against muscle cramps

If you suffer from cramps every now and then, you probably know that stretching the affected muscle helps. Stretching is both a sensible Immediate action, but can also use the decisively reduce general tendency to cramp. So stretch your muscles with regularity. Take the time to stretch the area where the cramps occur more often.

2. use cannabidiol (CBD)

At Cannabidiol (CBD) it is a matter of non-intoxicating active ingredient of the hemp plant. One says to the CBD numerous modes of action and positive properties After. CBD is considered a natural painkiller, it is said to lift the mood and also help with stress management. It is also believed to have antispasmodic and muscle-relaxing effects - just what you need to fight your cramps.

However, the cannabinoid is said to not only for muscle cramps but also for abdominal cramps during menstruation. For this purpose, it must be taken over a longer period of time. Forms of administration such as capsules or oils, which are dribbled under the tongue with the aid of a pipette, simplify the administration. convenient & daily dosage with CBD.

3. let massage

Massages help prevent cramps

Professional athletes receive regular massages. This serves to prevent sore muscles and to protect the muscles from cramps. Even if you don't belong to this group, massages can help you to reduce your cramps. Therefore, let yourself be massaged regularly - whether from your partner - or in a professional massage studio.

4. make calf wrap

A cloth soaked in warm water and placed on the muscle, it is considered classic home remedy for cramps. The warmth of the calf compresses ensures that the cramped muscles relax again after a common cramp or seizure. This makes the occurrence of particularly painful secondary cramps less likely and makes the everyday Life easier.

5. alternate showers regularly

Alternating showers are healthy because they boost the metabolism and strengthen the connective tissue. They can also help with cramp tendencies. You should shower your body regularly and alternately for one minute with warm and cold water shower. The temperature difference ensures good blood flow to your muscles - the better they are supplied with blood, the more relaxed they are.

6. take in sufficient magnesium

Foods high in magnesium

A common reason for muscle cramps is the lack of Magnesium. The targeted intake of the nutrient via food or in the form of high-quality powders from the pharmacy can remedy this problem. Particularly rich in magnesium are for example Pumpkin seeds, wheat bran, almonds, pine nuts, Brazil nuts, oatmeal, cocoa powder, bananas, figs or chickpeas..

Important: In some cases, however, it is not the lack of intake that is responsible, but the physical inability to absorb the magnesium. If, in addition to calf cramps, cramps also occur in the neck or chewing muscles, this is more likely to indicate a magnesium deficiency. To rule out an absorption deficiency, you should definitely seek medical advice.

7. use curd soap

When it comes to natural remedies for cramps, I can't forget a classic: curd soap under the covers. This versatile home remedy has been used for a long time to combat painful calf and other muscle cramps and can probably also be confidently counted among the sustainable lifehacks of our grandparents can be counted. Even if the effect is not scientifically proven, you can try it. Simply wrap a bar of curd soap in a cloth towel and place it near your calves or the often cramped area at night.

8. provide sufficient sport and exercise

Regular exercise helps against cramps. However, those who are prone to cramps often develop a real fear of exercise, as they usually occur with greater exertion. The basic idea: the more I strain my muscles, the more they will cause me problems.

Yoga has many advantages and is particularly advisable in such a case. It intensively stretches the muscles and thus helps to loosen them up. This makes cramps less frequent and less intense.

Tip: To prevent cramps during exercise, make sure your clothes are not too tight and are made of breathable material if possible.

9. drink plenty of fluids

Drink a lot as a natural remedy for cramps

Probably the most natural remedy for cramps is drinking water. Experts advise this, drink at least 3 liters a day. If you are very hot, exercise a lot or have gastrointestinal problems, you should even increase the amount you drink. And also in the fight against muscle cramps it can help you if you take in a lot of liquid.

The water provides you with important substances that help your body absorb nutrients. In addition, good hydration stimulates blood circulation. If you drink enough water, it is likely that your cramps will soon become less, or at least lighter.

Tip: Unsweetened lavender tea is another drink that is popular as a quick remedy for stomach cramps, for example.

10. go to the sauna

What to do against cramps? Visit the sauna again! The effect is comparable to the tip of alternating showers: The heat in the sauna helps your muscles to loosen up and relax. If you go into the ice chamber or the plunge pool between saunas, the temperature difference ensures that your limbs are better supplied with blood. The good blood circulation has an antispasmodic effect and subsequently makes your everyday life more relaxed.

11. take a warm bath

Speaking of warmth! A warm bath is soothing for body and mind. It can also be helpful if you have a tendency to cramps. The water temperature should be around 37° Celsius. Moreover, it is recommended to spend a maximum of 30 minutes in the tub. The warm water in the bathtub helps your muscles to relax, making the occurrence of a cramp less likely. There are also special bath additives available in stores that can help with muscle tension or pain - for example, by adding arnica.

Tip: The basic idea is to prevent muscle cramps with heat. Therefore, a hot water bottle applied to the affected area can also relax the muscles relatively quickly.

Tips and natural remedies for cramps heed and use!

11 Natural remedies - What to do about muscle cramps?

It is basically not a cause for concern if you only have irregular calf cramps or comparable muscle cramps. However, if the occurrence increases or if more unusual areas such as the hands, jaw muscles or the neck area appear, it is definitely time to consult a doctor. He or she will help you diagnose or at least rule out a possible underlying disease. This is important, because only then can you preserve your health in the long term.

Even though researching the cause is important, you should actively do something against your cramps - for prevention and, of course, as immediate help. Experience shows that cramps can be alleviated well with the home remedies mentioned.

Do you have any questions, tips, or your own experiences with fixing muscle cramps that you'd like to share? Then I look forward to your comment.

Stay healthy,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: Drinking plenty of water is generally recommended, but also in use against cramps. Consuming tap water is much more environmentally friendly compared to packaged mineral water, but it doesn't taste good to everyone. How you Make tap water tastier and more excitingYou can find out more about this in the linked article.

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