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Morning routine for a good start to the day

Morning Routine - 10 Tips and Habits for a Good Start to the Day

Want to adopt the most perfect morning routine possible? Then you've come to the right place. Many people have extreme problems getting up in the morning - and spend the first few hours wandering aimlessly around their own four walls like overtired zombies. An annoying feeling that doesn't exactly promise absolute productivity for the day ahead. Fortunately, regular routines and specifically acquired habits can help to start the day in a much more alert, clear and energetic way.

In this article, I would like to give you my best tips for an ideal morning routine. Let's go!

Here you can find a short overview in advance:

  1. Make bed
  2. Always get up at the same time
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. Consume a rich breakfast
  5. Know clothes for the day
  6. Search nature and silence
  7. Write down thoughts for 5 minutes
  8. Cold shower
  9. Let light in
  10. Block an hour after getting up for yourself

Notes: Nobody expects perfection! Even I don't do all these things every day, because they don't always fit into my own daily schedule. It's also impossible to give you the one, ideal morning routine here - because everyone ticks differently. Instead, I'd like to introduce you to simple but extremely effective tips that will help you create a good foundation for a great day.

1. make bed

Morning routine and habits - making bed

Make it your morning habit to make your bed. This tip sounds so extremely simple - but it's just as effective! Although it lasts only one minute would provide for order, many of us leave their bed untidy. But this external clutter also creates a certain amount of clutter in your head, which in turn creates stress (at least subconsciously). Clarity and tidiness on the other hand, are not a burden, but an excellent basis for the start of a successful day.

2. always get up at the same time

The successful morning routine actually starts the night before, as you should go to bed early enough to get up well-rested in the morning. But of course, the term "morning routine" doesn't mean going to bed early and then having less time on your hands. On the contrary, it means going to bed and getting up at regular hours, to start the day in a more balanced way and thus ultimately gain timewhich would otherwise fall victim to dozens of spontaneous decisions and plans (without a well-rehearsed morning routine).

So make it a habit to always get up at the same time if you want to be more awake and focused in the morning. And don't use the snooze button on your alarm clock, because it has the opposite effect 😉.

3. drink plenty of water

Actually, everyone knows that you can drink plenty of water (about 3 liters) daily should. But only very few actually implement iteven though it is so incredibly important for our personal well-being. In a whole day, our body loses about 400 ml just by exhaling water vapor.₁ When you sleep, you lose a lot of water and add nothing. Accordingly, it should be part of your daily routine to drink a lot of water directly early in the morning. For me, it is currently about 1 liter in the first hour after getting up.

Tip: Often the intake of liquid is somewhat forgotten. How to take in enough water every dayYou can learn more about this in the linked article. I will also give you some useful tips to Making tap water more palatable.

4. consume a rich breakfast

Even if you are motivated to the tips of your hair, the Energy for the day not by itself. Breakfast is for me the most important meal of the day. It should give us strength and our Increase concentration.

That's why I've made it a habit, in the first hour after I get up, to eat a portion of Rolled oats, with soy yogurt, fresh seasonal fruits, and nutrient-rich nuts and seeds. to conjure up. In addition, I always make sure that the amount is not so large that my breakfast is too heavy in my stomach.

5. know clothes for the day

Optimize morning routine, wear casual clothes

If you want to start the day well, you should already lay out the clothes you want to wear the night before. This will save you the often stressful search for the answer in the early morning hours: What am I going to wear today?

But not only the clarity about it is important, but also what exactly you will wear. Of course, you should wear what you feel comfortable in. But you should also not feel too comfortable and relaxed, with a view to the most productive day possible. From my own experience, I advise you to, not to slip into a comfortable sweatpants, as this automatically maneuvers you into a chill, rather than a high-energy mood.

Tip: Especially when working at home, a well-rehearsed morning routine is important. At Home office organization you'll learn how to set up your office so that you can work in it as productively as possible.

6. search nature and silence

If you want to be more awake and clear-headed in the morning, I have another tip for you! Look for specific moments of rest and try in the sense of the mindful lifestyle, to start the day more consciously.

Go for a walk, make for 20 minutes some Yoga exercises or sort out your thoughts with the help of a 10 minute Meditation. You can also do corresponding mindfulness exercises wonderfully outdoors in nature and start the day together with the soothing sounds of rustling trees and chirping birds.

7. write down thoughts for 5 minutes

What is currently bothering and stressing you? What are you working on today? What do you wish for and want to actively change? Answer these questions in writing and give structure and a face to your thoughts, as well as your daily goals. Whether it's a small notepad or a diary, experience has shown that if you incorporate "writing down" into your morning routine, you can start your morning with positive energy and more focus - creating an ideal foundation for a successful day.

8. cold shower

Many people are accustomed to hot showers. However, cheaper, more climate-friendly and above all more wakeful is the cold showers. at the beginning is very unpleasant for many - but of course, this can also become a positive habit. The cold water on the skin activates your circulation and gets you ready for a successful day. If you have the opportunity, you can even combine this tip with encouraging exercise while swimming in the cool lake.

9. let light in

In the dark, your body releases the sleep hormone melatonin. To Sleep better, this is extremely useful. But for a meaningful morning routine after getting up, of course, rather counterproductive. Therefore, you should all Pull curtains aside and your Raise shuttersto let the light in and get up with the sun if possible. You can also open the windows to get fresh air into the house. (in the summer in the morning once shock airing and then close the windows to have as long as possible cool air in your own four walls).

10. block one hour after getting up for yourself

Block hour to start the day well

Writing down thoughts, serving a healthy breakfast, making the bed... of course, this all says itself quite easily. So that you can do this in peaceSimply block out an hour for yourself after you get up. Take time for yourself and your morning routine - and give up your smartphone, TV, YouTube, emails, Facebook, and just about anything else that might take you out of your new desired routine. After all, your preparation should give you energy, not rob you of it.

Morning routine - For a regular good start to the day!

It takes about 21 days on average for a change to become established in our lives - even a new morning routine must first settle in over several days and weeks.

But it is worth it! The annoying feeling that your to-do's are getting out of hand and you have too little time for yourself and for getting everything under one hat, decreases more and more through the increasingly consolidated routine. With every morning that you start your day with your new routine, it becomes more and more a habit - and you become more stress-free and self-confident.

I hope that I can help you with this article to an effective morning routine. Do you have any questions, suggestions or further tips for a good start to the day? Then I'm really looking forward to your comment!

Keep it routine,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: The cell phone and social media have no place in an efficient morning routine. Instead, it is advisable to leave it in the drawer more often afterwards as well. In the article about the Digital Detox you will also get many useful tips on this. Good luck!

₁ Elsevier B.V.: 12 astonishing figures on the lung (as of Jan. 10, 2020), available at [27.06.2022].

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Christoph Schulz

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