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Minimalist fitness - 10 tips and items to stay fit without a gym

What is minimalist fitness - and how can you stay fit without even going to the gym? If you are looking for answers to these questions, you are absolutely right here! Minimalism and fitness come together when you make your own workout as efficient as possible, increase your own well-being and at the same time need no or only a few devices and objects to do so.

Whether it's general fitness level, weight loss, muscle building, or general recreation with friends, in this article I'll show you how to make your workouts more fun, save you money on the gym, shape your body, and be sustainable for the environment at the same time. Let's go!

  1. Focus on workouts with your own body weight
  2. Get a durable exercise mat
  3. Use online courses for inspiration and motivation
  4. Get dumbbell, air conditioning bar and kettlebell
  5. Combine fitness sessions and active leisure activities
  6. Train at home, in parks and at playgrounds
  7. Block out 30 - 60 minutes every day for a workout
  8. See the goal and enjoy training
  9. Eat a balanced plant-based diet
  10. Allow your body time to recover

1. Focus on workouts with your own body weight

You don't need a gym with thousands of machines. Often, it is precisely this abundance of options that inhibits one's own training success due to a lack of structure. But you don't need a home gym with hundreds of machines and weights either. The most important basis for a good, sustainable training you always have with you: your own body weight. As a fitness minimalist, you'll focus on the workouts that will keep you Bring you closest to your goal with the least possible effort.

2. get a durable training mat

Minimalist fitness with a simple training mat

Of course, you can't completely do without auxiliary items when training without a gym. A sturdy, durable fitness mat is essential. You can roll it up and take it with you wherever you go - and you can dozens of effective exercises with your own body weight perform on it. From warming up, to sweaty workouts, to stretching afterwards. If you take care of your mat, it will serve you well for many years. A very good example that minimalism and fitness harmonize.

3. use online courses for inspiration and motivation

There are countless, recommendable fitness online courses. But YouTube is also teeming with great free workout videos. Either way, you can get some inspiration for your next workout. Yoga session or your next Power Workout The trainers will also push you to your best performance (in your own home) and ensure that you achieve your self-defined training goals. The trainers also push you (in your own four walls) to peak performance and ensure that you achieve your self-defined training goals.

4. Get dumbbell, air conditioning bar and kettlebell

You shouldn't buy newfangled fitness equipment for your workouts just because it's trendy. That would definitely contradict the minimalist mindset. And even though you can basically stay fit without equipment, there are some items that will bring you closer to your workout goals and add to the cornucopia of Combine options from the gym. A BarbellA pull-up bar, a kettlebell and two or three resistance bands are basically all you need. Supplemented by usual things like running shoes, bike and Co. of course.

So, a small number of equipment and items is enough to save you from the myriad of choices in the gym. At the same time you do not live in abundance and can save your wallet as well as Conserve natural resources.

5. Combine fitness sessions and active leisure activities

Complete regular sweaty home workouts on your mat - but don't forget to keep your body and really challenge all the muscles all the time. Go to squash, jogging, climbing, Bicycle ride, swimming or take a walk - whatever you feel like at the moment. At the same time, these leisure activities should also contribute to Regeneration of the muscle groups that you have worked particularly hard during your bodyweight workout.

6. Train at home, in parks and at playgrounds

Training group in the park

Since minimalist fitness means you don't need a gym or countless pieces of equipment, you also stay quite flexible when answering the question where you do your workout. You can do it alone at home in the living room, but also in the nearby park or on the beach. public fitness bars and versatile playgrounds perform. Personally, I like to jog to the fitness bar at our place in Weissensee - and combine running and strength training in this way.

7. block out 30 - 60 minutes of workout time every day

Minimalist fitness is basically free once you have the basic equipment together - making it also very good for Frugalists suitable!

But precisely because you no longer regularly transfer your hard-earned money to the gym, your motivation to get on the fitness mat may suffer somewhat. That's why you should block out a time slot (e.g. half an hour to an hour, depending on your personal goals) for your sports session every day, which is place flexibly in your daily routine lets. The important thing is that you actually follow through with your training as planned.

Notice: The excuse of "bad weather" doesn't exist with minimalist fitness, since you can work out in the comfort of your own roof 😉 .

8. See the goal and enjoy training

Sport should not be murder, but really fun. Enjoyment of physical progress, of visibly and noticeably growing fitness levels and on Training with friends.

If you notice that you are slowly losing interest, you should react immediately and optimize. My experience: make different and also New workouts regularlyTrain alone as well as with like-minded people, so that you can enjoy the journey to your fitness goal in the long term. This way you can train minimalistically and at the same time become extremely fit and stay that way in the long run.

9. eat a balanced vegetable diet

Minimalism in fitness - vegan diet is part of it

Even the most efficient workout is relatively ineffectiveYou'll be ready for the next series of marathons when you're back on the couch with chips and Coke. A balanced, healthy, plant-based and protein-rich diet will bring you closer to your training goals. Be sure to put the Pale, thin, weak vegan stereotype because plant-based cuisine provides you with all the nutrients your body needs - without the need for antibiotics from the Factory farming and increased risk of cancer from meat consumption.

Beans, chickpeas, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta or peas, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. and countless other foods are real protein bombs. So you can also get muscles without meat, milk and eggs 😉.

Good to know: for veganism there are not only health motives, but above all ethical and ecological ones. At "Why vegan?" I will explain them to you briefly and concisely.

10. give your body time to recover

Minimalist fitness is about training as efficiently as possible towards certain goals. However, when the body and muscles are under constant stress are Injury-related interruptions pre-programmed. Therefore, allow yourself regular rest breaks and rest days - without losing sight of your fitness goal. Also make sure that you sleep better can and enjoy a truly restful sleep.

Minimalist Fitness - You can stay fit without a gym!

Consulting experienced fitness trainers certainly can't hurt - but basically, the floor and walls in your own home, a yoga mat, and a few pieces of equipment and public parks and pull-up bars are all you need to work out flexibly and get extremely fit. Minimalist fitness can really be conveniently integrate into your own everyday life. At the same time, training without a gym is also environmentally friendly and saves resources - and Saves a lot of money sustainably!

Do you have questions, tips or your own experiences with this form of fitness that you would like to share? Then I'm already looking forward to your comment!

Stay fit and sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: Do you already know the Advantages of tap water? In the linked post, I show you why you should prefer it over the packaged mineral water. Have fun!

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Christoph Schulz

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