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Is it hard to live vegan? Decisive factors and tips for an easier transition

Is it hard to live vegan?

Is it hard to go vegan or eat a plant-based diet? If you're looking for a short but clear answer to this question, you've come to the right place! Again and again you hear that Veganism too extremeIt's also exhausting and not at all feasible in everyday life. But in my experience, this is mainly claimed by people who have dealt with the motives for the vegan lifestyle in a superficial way at most.

Because that's how it was for me, too. Only when I learned much more about the background of the Factory farmingWhen I became aware of the importance of plant-based nutrition and the environmental impact of animal products, my view changed abruptly. It was hard for the animals that had to die for me - but certainly not me. With this knowledge it was then incredibly easy to do without meat, eggs, cow's milk, honey or classic cheese.

In this article, I would like to show you which factors play a particularly important role in whether the change will be difficult for you or not. In addition, I'll introduce you to other useful tips that will make it much easier for you to persevere and break old habits without having to bend completely. Let's go!

In advance, here is a brief overview for you:

  1. Factors
  2. Tips
  3. Closing words

What does it depend on how hard it is to go vegan?

Is it difficult to live vegan?

Of course, Change is often difficult for us humans. You require a certain degree of discipline. Accordingly, the degree of difficulty in the change to the vegan lifestyle quite high at first glance. After all, you have to give up traditions, habits and comforts, and somehow replace the delicious taste of animal foods. That's a pretty big change - especially if you've been eating these things your whole life.

But there are some factors that are crucial for how difficult or easy it is for you to make the change. Here I would like to introduce you to these important components, which, by the way, can also be adjusted to make it easier to achieve your goals.

Personal motivation

Your personal reasons for going vegan will determine how strenuous the change will be for you. Are you making the change for health reasons? For example, at vegan slimming? Or do you want to use the Protect environment and for example the Stop deforestation of the rainforests? Then the motivation is already quite high.

But it's especially big when you vegan for the animals are. After all, your eating behavior demands sacrifices, because for meat, eggs or milk, for example, cows, chickens or pigs have to suffer and ultimately die. If you put yourself in the position of the animals and give free rein to your compassion, you will also remain vegan. Even when things get a bit more complicated.

Tip: One such "complicated" situation could be visiting a restaurant where there is nothing vegan on the menu. How you can still eat vegan in any restaurant you can find out in the linked blog article.

Own openness to change

There are people who, for a variety of reasons, prefer to leave everything as it is, even though a small change in their everyday lives could make them feel much better. The cause can be professional or private Stress or also one or the other Prejudice towards the vegan lifestyle be

But those who strive for such a change do so because it would feel right or simply better - in other words, for good reason! Those who don't even try, however, have already lost before the supposedly huge challenge has even begun - and will continue to live with a disturbed relationship between one's own moral standards and one's own actions have to live.

Social environment

Of course, the people you regularly surround yourself with are also crucial to the success of your plan. It is logically quite difficult to live vegan if your five best friends are absolute meat fanatics, environmental destroyers, alcoholics or chain smokers. What I want to say: Animal welfare, nature and health play only a minor role in their lives.

If they are also not open to change and tease you for your decision rather than support you in your endeavor, the transition can be tough. It's different if you maintain a supportive and open environment.


If you want to go vegan, where exactly you live is not entirely irrelevant. On the Village experience shows that it is somewhat more difficult than in the Cityto eat a purely plant-based diet. For example, because there are few restaurants and little demand for plant-based alternatives. Nevertheless, it is still absolutely within the realm of possibility, even in the countryside. Not least because noodles, rice, tofu, legumes, and fruits and vegetables are also available there - and many plant-based foods are even grown locally 🙂 .

Really hard would be if you were in the Arctic would live. Because there you die if you don't catch a fish now and then and eat it. But in our western world, we don't buy "survival foods", we buy luxury foods, which are available to us in an incredible variety. So we are free to decide whether we eat vegan or not.

Can you think of any other reasons that make it hard to go vegan? Then just write me a comment with your hint.

How can you make the transition to a vegan lifestyle easier?

Vegan sausage as a vegetable alternative

There are countless Beginner mistakes that vegans must avoid at all costs should. For example, one should not consider oneself a health guru, consume only ready-made products or believe that one has to do everything perfectly.

But aside from that advice, there are a few tips that should have you answering the question "Was it hard for you to go vegan?" with a smirking "No" later on.

Make animal welfare a priority

You are against cruelty to animals? Then stop paying for animal cruelty. Understand that your actions have consequences. For you it might just be a 3 minute salami sandwichbut for a pig, its whole life. Also, deal with it, What vegans eat. In this way, you will gradually learn how to replace even the last animal products in your everyday life.

Meet like-minded people

The change is super easy if you make it together with others or have like-minded people around you. For example, try to eat a purely plant-based diet with a friend - or sign up for the Street discussions with others for the vegan way of life strong.

Get a taste of plant-based cuisine

Think it's too much effort to be vegan? As so often, can Trial months help with major changes in everyday life. That is why for many people the so-called Veganuary (Start in the vegan diet in January, so to speak. sustainable new year resolution), extremely helpful. After all, the project then seems less gigantic and overwhelming if one Step by step to the goal arrived.

Set aside prejudices and inform yourself

Many people reflexively throw Reasons around not to be vegan, if they are near a vegan or a vegan. Such Prejudices have an extreme braking effect and make it really hard to be vegan. Put clichés and myths, like Do plants have feelings? or no animals die for eggs off little by little.

Be sure to check out vegan documentaries that will give you the Bringing lifestyle and its motives closer. Personally, the Dominion film vegan made, showing the background of animal exploitation (including for food, entertainment and clothing).

Do you have any other tips to make going vegan even easier? Then just write your ideas in the comments column.

In principle, it is not difficult to live vegan...

Is it hard to be vegan? Not really!

... and not only with your own words, but also with your own actions, to stand up against animal cruelty and animal exploitation. You will make it more difficult for yourself if you only consider your own advantages and disadvantages - it will be much easier to make the change if you take the Advantages and disadvantages also from the perspective of the victims look at. Once you do that, you'll feel who's actually having a hard time.

Is it hard to live vegan? It's definitely easier than telling yourself every day that animals don't have to suffer.

I hope that I could help you with this article and show that it is basically not difficult for most people to be vegan. Do you have any questions, suggestions or further tips that make it much easier to "stick it out" or implement? Then I look forward to your advice in the comments.

Be always kind to animals,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: You also want to eat vegan without substitute products? Then you will now learn how easy it works in the linked blog article. Have fun!

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