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Friedrich Schiller Quotes And Wisdoms

Friedrich Schiller Quotes – 26 Inspirational Sayings From The German Poet

Looking for inspirational Friedrich Schiller quotes? Then you've come to the right place! Schiller is one of the most important German playwrights and poets in history. The valuable wisdom, plays, ballads and poems of the poet of freedom are still used in German lessons today.

I would now like to give you a collection of the best quotes and sayings by Friedrich Schiller as a personal source of inspiration.

My please: Keep in mind that many of the quotes from Schiller have been translated into English from other languages. I cannot guarantee that it is the original quote in each case. Therefore, double check them before you share them. If you like and share any of the quotes in the internet, please link this elaborately created collection. Thank you for your support!

26 valuable wisdoms from Friedrich Schiller

I am personally enthusiastic about the Lightness and the awareness of nature in the world view of the German poet, writer, historian, playwright and even doctor of medicine. I am sure that you too will feel it directly in the following words of wisdom. Have fun!

Friedrich Schiller Quotes 1 - 10

  1. "Simplicity is the result of maturity."
  2. "What shall he fear who doesn't fear death?"
  3. "Who dares nothing, need hope for nothing."
  4. "The true optimists are not convinced that everything will go well. But they are convinced that not everything will go wrong."
  5. "It is the mind itself which builds the body."
  6. "Even the weak become strong when they are united."
  7. "Nature is an infinitely divided God."
  8. "Words do not make the heavy heart light. But words can lead us to action."
  9. "Every day is a new chance for a fresh start."
  10. "On the mountains there is freedom! The world is perfect everywhere, save where man comes with his torment."

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Friedrich Schiller Quotes 11 - 26

  1. "Lose not yourself in a far off time, seize the moment that is thine."
  2. "In my heart all my desires lies buried."
  3. "You can't deny people the right to think what they want."
  4. "The goodbye to a long and important work is always more sad than gratifying."
  5. "You have to be patient with our weakness."
  6. "The man who fears nothing is as powerful as he who is feared by everybody."
  7. "What hands built, hands can overthrow."
  8. "Oh seize the hour before it slips away. So seldom the moment comes in life that is truly important and great."
  9. "A great pattern arouses emulation and gives higher laws to judgment."
  10. "The world history is the judgment of the world."
  11. "I fear nothing - nothing - but the limits of your love."
  12. "We could do a lot if we stood together."
  13. "Truth exists for the wise, beauty for the feeling heart."
  14. "When it's really dark around me, I have my best visits."
  15. "Early practicing is the key to become a master."
  16. "The day will come, that will solve everything."

Can you think of any other sayings by Friedrich Schiller that are missing from this collection of sayings? Then always come up with your ideas in the comments!

Why is Schiller so famous?

The poet of Sturm und Drang and German Classicism became famous not least for his drama "The Robbers" in 1781. However, in addition to his dramas, many of his ballads and poems have also made him famous.

What are Schiller's most famous works?

Friedrich Schiller's most famous works include the dramas "Die Räuber" (1781), "Kabale und Liebe" (1782), "Wallensteins Lager" (1798), "Wallensteins Tod" (1799), "Maria Stuart" (1801), "Die Jungfrau von Orleans" (1801) and "Wilhelm Tell" (1804), as well as the ballad "Der Handschuh" (1797) and the poem "Die Glocke" (1799). The latter is one of the best-known and most parodied German poems.

What image of man did Schiller represent?

For Friedrich Schiller, only those who lived in harmony with the laws of nature and morality, as well as with their own feelings, counted as educated people.

Use Friedrich Schiller Quotes As A Constant Source Of Inspiration

Alongside his friend Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, among others Schiller to the essential representatives of the Weimar Classicism. His stories, poems and views are still absolutely captivating today, well over 200 years after his death.

I hope that I have been able to inspire you with this small collection of the best sayings by Schiller.

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Stay inspired,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

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