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The FLUSTIX seal for plastic-free products

Flustix Seal for products without plastic

Is there actually an official plastic-free seal for products without plastic? Yes, the FLUSTIX Seal. I arranged an interview with initiator Malte Biss to find out more. He has created the much-needed seal and in the future we will therefore work together more closely. Now you can go directly to the interview about the plastic-free seal FLUSTIX that will help you in the future, plastic free products more quickly.

Hello Mr. Biss! What exactly is the FLUSTIX seal?

FLUSTIX Plastic Free Seal for products without plastic

The FLUSTIX seal distinguishes products that do not use plastics in their packaging or product. Thus, for the first time, the seal offers consumers absolute certainty that they are not buying plastic.
FLUSTIX is an initiative with which we want to integrate the solution to the plastic problem into everyday life and offer consumers guidance when shopping. Environmental protection concerns us all - without an intact nature, a healthy ecosystem, we sustainably harm ourselves. With FLUSTIX, we therefore start where each individual can make a difference and at the same time avoid plastic waste before it is created. The issue has arrived in society, the problem has been recognized and action must be taken, because the so valuable material Plastic has already penetrated so far into our lives and thus even directly into our cycles. Our oceans, our soils, even the tap water or the salts that we all have on our tables are already demonstrably affected, show that contamination of products can no longer be completely ruled out. We had to start from 100 percent plastic-free go down to 99.5 percent. This 0.5 percent of the total weight of the consumer product may not be exceeded within the definition of "plastic-free/plastic-free" and may only have been caused by contamination.
Consumer demand for plastic-free products is now huge and should encourage companies to save plastic already in production and replace it with adequate alternatives. Of course, our aim is to replace the material where it makes sense, especially plastics that are only used once. Where plastics make sense, for example, for hygienic reasons, be it in medicine or research, or in transportation to save CO2, or under functional aspects such as for paramedics, police or firefighters, we naturally do not want to avoid the use of plastics. We are concerned with the responsible use of plastic.

To which development in society are you reacting with the FLUSTIX seal?

Flustix plastic free seal for products without plastic
© Jennifer Timrott Coast Against Plastic for FLUSTIX

To the already existing and still very much growing plastic flood. A lot of plastic waste ends up in the ocean. Even that which we lose or carelessly throw away in cities far from the seas ends up in the oceans. The ocean currents have created a worldwide five particularly large garbage whirlpools in the sea formed, the so-called "garbage patches". The largest of these is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Scientists suspect several million tons of plastic in this one whirlpool alone. In the sea Plastic waste a danger to marine life and seabirds. It is eaten by sea creatures and birds that starve to death with a stomach full of plastic. It is not only small-scale plastic that is problematic: waste such as fishing nets, plastic tarpaulins and buckets are repeatedly found in the stomachs of whales. Animals also become entangled in trash and die by suffocation, strangulation, or simply from exhaustion after attempts to free them. Animals living in rivers, lakes, and on land are also affected. Plastic does not degrade, but breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces - so-called microplastics. It becomes saturated with toxins. These can include carcinogenic components of hydraulic fluids and plasticizers. If fish eat this microplastic, the pollutants accumulate in their tissue.
By consuming seafood, we humans also ingest these chemicals. (See the article Plastic in the food chain)
These substances have effects on all living things: Chemicals such as BPA cause hormonal changes and a decrease in fertility. These and other components are suspected of causing cancer. Action must be taken here before it is too late.

How can we recognize plastic-free products tested by you in the future?

The FLUSTIX seal on the licensed products. Every product that has been successfully tested and confirmed to be plastic-free by us and our testing partner Wessling GmbH in accordance with the latest laboratory technology and has then acquired the authorization to use the FLUSTIX seal from our logo and licensing partner RAL can use our seal on its product.
Our seal is unique, immediately recognizable and unmistakable due to the fish with reference to the environment. It thus offers consumers a clear orientation for the plastic free shopping and business also have the opportunity to reach more and more consumers - as they look for plastic-free alternatives, such as a Representative study by KANATR TNS on behalf of FLUSTIX 2017 has resulted:

What is the effect of the introduction of the FLUSTIX seal?

First and foremost, this curbs the unnecessary use of plastic, which is actually such a valuable material. FLUSTIX serves the already existing demand for plastic-free products by offering clear orientation in the shopping jungle. Through consumer demand, business, producers and manufacturers are also reached and encouraged to rethink. Plastic-free is and will no longer be a malus, but a bonus for the economy, because the future belongs to ethical consumption. In addition, FLUSTIX will educate, advise and inform in the plastics sector so that everyone really knows what they are actually buying. Let's face it: can you recognize a shampoo or shower gel that does not contain microplastics? (see also CodeCheck App against Microplastics in cosmetics)
Do you know which paper bag is actually plastic-free? Take the self-test and you will find out that even responsible shoppers will fail here. That's where we bring transparency with FLUSTIX.

How can we help you spread the FLUSTIX seal?

By getting into everyone's mouths, minds and hearts. Be it through certified products in retail, publicity on our social media channels (FB | INSTA | TWITTER), notes on our homepage (, mentioning FLUSTIX in discussion groups, on forums or with good old word-of-mouth propaganda - we are quite open about this and we are not too shy for anything - good is what serves the cause, namely saving unnecessary plastic.

Thank you very much for the pleasant interview and see you soon!

I was already on the verge of taking the development of a plastic-free seal into my own hands, as it is absolutely necessary in the fight against excessive plastic consumption. I am glad that Malte Biss and FLUSTIX have taken this company in hand and are bringing clarity to the market. Every supplier can have their products tested there and may have them labeled with the FLUSTIX seal if necessary. It is important that we all spread this plastic-free seal so that more and more consumers pay attention to it. The plastic industry is the powerful opponent, which of course tries to slow down this development. But we are smarter and stronger.

What is your opinion about the seal? I am happy to receive your comment.

Stay clean,

Replace things Zero Waste

PS.: Do you actually know the Zero Waste Lifestyle? This way of life is a great development towards less waste in everyday life and the FLUSTIX seal is a great addition to it.

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