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Overcome The Fear Of The Future: Tips to Feel Less Anxiety About Tomorrow

Overcome The Fear Of The Future – 10 Tips To Feel Less Anxiety About Tomorrow

You have fear of the future and want to overcome it? Then you've come to the right place! Whether it's careers, finances, relationships, wars, pandemics or environmental disasters - in an ever-changing world full of unpredictability, it's absolutely not unusual to worry from time to time about what may come in the future. Uncertainty and insecurity are part of our lives and can certainly be a real motivation.

But future-related fears can also overwhelm us, paralyze us and place a massive mental burden on us. So much so that they decisively impair a person's everyday life and develop into a serious illness. Fortunately, there are sensible strategies for getting a grip on such fears about the future and taking a more positive view of the days, months and years ahead.

In this article I would like to give you the most valuable tips to get rid of your fears about the future. Use them to take away your worries and stay optimistic even in the face of worse future prospects. Let's go!

  1. Definition
  2. Causes
  3. Symptoms
  4. Tips
  5. Closing words

Notice: This article is not a substitute for medical advice, but only provides general information about fear of the future. Please see your health care provider if you feel unwell to prevent health problems with medical care.

Definition: What is meant by fear of the future?

What is meant by fear of the future?

Fear of the future refers to the Feeling fear or apprehension about what the future might bring. However, this feeling is not temporary, but rather a persistent fear of negative developments occurring. This can affect various aspects of life as well as have an impact on them.

The fear of change, the unpredictability of the future, the assumption of irreversible consequences of one's own decisions, the feared powerlessness and the Expectation of the worst-case scenario occurring shape the fear of what lies ahead quite decisively.

The fear of the future is seen as serious disease as soon as it strongly influences a person's everyday processes and tasks. Such an anxiety disorder is mainly spoken of when the fear of the future lasts for a longer period of time and is excessively intense. In severe cases it can lead to permanent withdrawal and social isolation lead.

Notice: Although they have their own definitions, fear of the future can also be thought of as fear of the unknown or fear of expectation.

Causes: What are the triggers of fear of the future?

If you want to overcome your own fear of the future, you should know why it exists. The fundamental cause of fear of the future is certainly a pessimistic attitude to life. Also the blooming (or rather gloomy) imagination for what all bad things could happen plays a role.

"You are only afraid if you are not in harmony with yourself."

Herrmann Hesse

But of course there are many other, individually varying reasons for feeling uncomfortable when thinking about the future. In the following, I would also like to show you some of the other possible reasons. Explain triggers briefly.

Lack of self-confidence

Who often fails due to challenges in lifeIf you give up quickly and are not exactly bursting with self-confidence, you naturally have less confidence in yourself for the future. Accordingly, the expectation can arise that everything that happens in the future will also go wrong.

Uncertainty and loss of control

The powerless feeling of having no control over future events or circumstances can cause great anxiety. For example, one fears, dependent on others or no longer being able to keep up professionally.

Personal experience

Past experiences, such as professional setbacks, failed relationships, financial worries or groundbreaking changes, which were ultimately associated with pain, grief, stress or suffering, can intensify the fear of repeated negative events in the future.

Excessive media consumption

Research has shownthat negative news generate more clicks and that this is the main reason why they are the order of the day in media houses.₁ Now, when you constantly hear about news of global crises, economic problems or personal tragedies of other people, the feeling of hopelessness, fear and uncertainty about what is to come naturally intensifies tremendously.

Societal and social pressure

Often, one's own expectations of oneself or external pressure are decisive factors. The social Compulsion to meet certain standards or expectationsThis can be extremely mentally stressful - especially if you don't fit into this expected role at all.

Fundamental changes

Especially in those situations where life changes quickly and strongly, as experience shows, the Uncertainty and the resulting fear particularly large for many people.

For example, in the event of a move, a job loss or change, or a separation. Also with global concerns, such as an economic crisis or the climate change, this is often the case. Our experiences and fear of the future then also keep us from doing so, To tackle further (positive) changes in life at all.

Good to know: Some people are so afraid of the future that, due to the increasing Environmental degradation by our way of life on this planet, do not bring children into the world would like. In the linked article I have dealt with it more intensively. Feel free to have a look!

Symptoms: How can you recognize fear of the future?

With the help of typical symptoms for fears of the future, it is possible to more accurately assess how intensive and dangerous they actually are. Subsequently, one can then take the first step and take appropriate measures to manage the fear.

In principle, they can be both physical, emotional or both - and mild or severe - depending on how the anxiety is perceived.

Here I would like to introduce you to some identifying features that especially often go hand in hand with fear of the future.

Physical symptoms

  • Tremor or quake
  • Sweating
  • Feelings of powerlessness
  • Headache
  • Concentration problems
  • Palpitations and shortness of breath
  • Stomach problems or nausea
  • Insomnia or restless sleep

Mental symptoms

  • Constantly brooding and imagining the future (overthinking)
  • Difficulty making decisions (for fear of negative outcomes).
  • Recurrent anxiety or panic attacks
  • Frequent feeling of nervousness, tension or inner restlessness
  • It is difficult to enjoy life in the present (lost looseness)
  • You increasingly crave stability (in uncertain times)
  • Social withdrawal and avoidance of situations that might cause anxiety about the future

10 tips: What can you do about fear of the future?

Overcome fear of the future with these tips

According to a global study from the journal "Lancet Planetary Health". around 75 percent of the world's young people have fears about the future and believe that mankind will perish. But even regardless of age, you are definitely not alone with your possible fear of the future!

For this reason, too, many effective Strategies developed and proven to manage them and again a carefree and easy living to lead.

What practical tips and measures really help to reduce the Control over your fear before what lies ahead, I would like to show you now.

1. sort, visualize and understand future fears

When one's own fears are given a face and become tangible, it is easier to understand them. And it is precisely this that subsequently makes it immensely easier to overcome them and find specific solutions.

So write down what you are afraid of and what you expect from the future - in as much detail as possible. Find headings and divide your fears into those that you can influence yourself or those that you cannot influence yourself.

Through the won Overview you already narrow down your constant companion quite precisely, lay the foundation for further measures and can also put your fears into perspective.

2. schedule regular meditations and mindfulness exercises.

The more you live in the here and now, the less time you spend on your burdened thoughts of the future. By meditating regularly and doing mindfulness exercises (preferably marked on your calendar), you can focus even better on the present and the Stop carousel of thoughts.

Serenity can be trained! For example, sit upright in a quiet place, keep your eyes open and look straight ahead. Then try to keep your Consciously perceive breathing. You will quickly find that you are much more relaxed.

3. take precautionary measures

Precaution is a proven remedy for the stress of thinking about the possible dangers of tomorrow - and in many areas of life. It enables us to live in a self-determined manner and with a beneficial Sense of control and security to look ahead.

For example, if you are afraid of financial hardship invest time in your professional education and training, set aside money every month and, for example, take out a Liability insurance which covers unintentionally caused, financial and possibly unpayable damages.

You're more afraid of it, get sick? Then go regularly to preventive medical checkups, complete health checks and eat a balanced diet.

Or are you more concerned that you're going to be be alone in the future could? Then promote the relationships with your family, your friends and your colleagues and use for this also with pleasure these questions to get to know for deeper and even more connecting conversations.

Fears about the future may have different faces - but they all have in common that there are there are meaningful ways and means to overcome them or better to live with them.

4. take care of your body

If you want to get rid of your fears about the future, you should not only do something good for your psyche, but also for your body. Not least because, as is well known in a healthy body yes a healthy mind slumbers.

Therefore, in addition to healthy meals, also provide Regular movement (e.g. your favorite sport or walks) in your everyday life and for the fact that you daily Sufficient sleep get. These measures directly and tangibly ensure that your Stress level decreases and you generally feel better.

5. strengthen self-confidence in a targeted manner

Overcoming fear of the future through strengthened self-confidence

Unfortunately, weak self-confidence and self-doubt are the ideal breeding ground for fears about the future. Quite simply because one feels Not equipped for the (possible) tasks ahead feels.

On the other hand, those who are self-confident and aware of their strengths face future challenges with a broad chest and are capable, Use experienced setbacks to emerge even stronger from them.

For example, get clear about what you can do and what you already successfully mastered everything in your life have. Self-affirmation is completely okay and really helpful - just like the confirmation from your social environment.

Tip: How else you can use your Strengthen self-confidence in a targeted manner I'll explain in detail in the linked, separate blog post.

6. talk about the fear with familiar people

It is the nature of fear that it makes us prevents from doing something. In this regard, for example, it leads us to isolate ourselves from other people to a certain extent or not to give ourselves as we are.

To counteract this danger, you should, for example, join a confide in a close friend and talk about your fears for the future. Talking about it openly for the first time takes some of the pressure off. Often, the people you talk to are not only open to your concerns, but also open to you. Ear and support, but also new perspectives on your worries.

7. read books about how to deal with fear

Education is power! Among the many Advantages of reading also counts that if you reach for the right books, you will learn much more about your fear and useful Coping mechanisms you can get to know.

So read for example general Mental health guide or Literature about fears, their development and how to deal with them. Books around the topics that trigger your worries about the future can also help you.

For example, through the Book Factfulness understood that the World not so bad is how it appears. Rather, the feeling arises primarily from the often negative, media coverage.

8. use professional, psychological counseling

Not every problem can be solved alone - and it doesn't have to be! Should you fear your future not get under control independentlyit is absolutely advisable to seek therapeutic help. Not least because otherwise sooner or later your quality of life and joy will suffer from your worries.

Trained psychologists and therapists can go in search of the underlying causes together with you, work out strategies for overcoming anxiety and boost your emotional resilience. The sooner you get in touch with them, the easier it will be to get rid of your fears about the future and prevent more serious health consequences.

9. establish daily routines and take time for yourself

Things you do regularly donate Security, structure and predictability. They also put a smile on your face and provide for Distraction from the stressful thoughts that revolve around your future.

Therefore plan consciously Regular Me-Time that stands above all other appointments in your calendar. This is time that you dedicate completely to yourself. Time that you exactly the way you like it.

Whether you painting or drawing, playing the piano, doing sports, etc.t or you meet with your friends It doesn't matter - the main thing is that it does you good and brings you joy.

10. keep a diary and set aside a few minutes each day to do so.

Writing a diary against the fear of what might come

If you want to overcome your fear of the future, it helps immensely not only your specific fears, but your general fears, Putting everyday feelings on paper.

The daily entry into a 6 minutes diaryWriting down your thoughts can be truly therapeutic. It also allows you to recognize patterns, track progress, and, as you flip back through the pages, realize that many of your past worries with regard to the future, absolutely unjustified were.

Overcoming fear of the future, made easy!

You may have already realized that with all these tips for overcoming fears about the future, the focus is on Self-awareness, self-reflection and, above all, self-care lies.

It's about gaining control over your own thoughts, worries and fears. Only in this way can one Provide themselves with the best possible support.

Don't be afraid to enlist the help of third parties if necessary. And please always be aware that there are often the small, everyday measures are the ones that make the biggest difference.

"He who has overcome his fears will truly be free."

Aristotle (more under Fear Quotes)

I sincerely hope that the described advice and possibilities will help you to approach the challenges and uncertainties of life in a positive way and to face the future with more confidence. Do you have any questions, suggestions or further tips to overcome fears about the future? Then I look forward to your comments.

Stay brave and optimistic,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Many sufferers struggle with sudden anxiety attacks that are repeatedly triggered by certain triggers. How you can specifically How to deal with panic attacks naturally I'll be happy to explain how you can do this in the next blog post.

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