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EV Charging Stations at Buildings and Companies: The Best Reasons & Benefits

EV Charging Stations at Buildings and Companies – 10 Benefits and Reasons to Build More Public Wallboxes

What are the advantages of e-charging stations in buildings? If you're looking for the answer to this question, you've come to the right place! More climate protection, new markets and less dependence on fossil fuels: the transition to sustainable alternatives in the mobility sector is intended to drive forward the desired turnaround in transportation.

As electric vehicles play a crucial role in this, the expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric cars in the public sector is a particular focus. More and more cities, municipalities and companies are equipping their parking lots, parking garages and underground car parks with wallboxes for this and many other reasons.

In this article, I would like to show you why e-charging stations in public buildings, commercial properties and apartment buildings are worthwhile for everyone. Let's go!

Hurdles: Why don't all buildings currently have an e-charging station?

A parking lot for electric cars with charging facilities

Although the demand for electric cars is growing, many properties are still without charging facilities. Before we move on to the benefits of more e-charging stations in buildings, I would like to give you a few examples of the reasons why the Charging stations are not yet springing up like mushrooms everywhere.

This Hurdles and challenges are slowing down the expansion of e-charging points in apartment buildings, businesses and other buildings:

  • Costs: The installation of e-charging stations is usually quite expensive. Especially in older buildings, where extensive electrical retrofitting is usually required.
  • Lack of space: Especially in densely built-up urban areas, there is often a lack of sufficient space for parking spaces with charging stations.
  • Bureaucracy: As a rule, numerous official permits must be obtained (e.g. special use permit or street order). The complex approval procedures are slowing down the expansion of e-charging stations in buildings.
  • Ownership structure: In particular, apartment buildings with different owners or other shared buildings make the decision-making process more difficult.
  • Security risks: E-cars do not burn more often than combustion engines - but when they do, they burn longer, hotter and produce more toxic smoke. The risk to health and not least to the fabric of the building prevents many people from investing. However, fire protection walls and floor sprinkler systems or placement in the entrance area provide a remedy in the event of an emergency.

Some decision-makers may also be hesitant out of fear that today's technology could quickly become obsolete - or perhaps because it is fundamentally rather just leave everything as it is would.

Tip: There are certainly also some Prejudices against electric carsthat contribute to the charging infrastructure not being expanded as quickly. You can find out which ones I hear particularly often - and how you can easily refute them - in the linked blog article.

10 advantages: Why should e-charging stations in buildings be the new standard?

10 advantages: Why should e-charging stations in buildings be the new standard?

Now you have learned about some of the reasons for the slow expansion of e-charging stations in public spaces. Perhaps they can even be described as disadvantages. But since electromobility is still a enormous potential for improvement and the E-car already has so many advantages they seem almost a little insignificant.

As promised, I would now like to the most important motifs to invest in more e-charging stations in buildings and also in public parking lots.

1. companies and real estate are important levers

In October 2023 Around 1.3 million registered, all-electric vehicles on Germany's roads - and the trend is rising (exponentially).1 E-cars have become an integral part of road traffic and even the major automotive giants are now relying on the more environmentally friendly vehicle compared to the combustion engine.

As company buildings and larger residential buildings usually have plenty of parking spaces, they play an important role in the expansion of a comprehensive charging infrastructure and therefore also for the Sustainable mobility of the futureplay a decisive role. Ultimately, the available parking spaces are an important means of ensuring the Charging guaranteed anytime and anywhere.

2. the policy promotes the expansion

Both the European Union and our government are aware of the importance of electromobility for climate protection. That is why the expansion of the charging infrastructure required for this is repeatedly State subsidies and measures driven forward.

For example, with the Call for funding from the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport Affairs (BMDV)programs, under which millions are repeatedly made available. Such programs create Financial incentives to invest in e-charging options for buildings.

Legal regulations are also leading to more and more charging points being available at companies and in public parking lots. For example, the Building Electromobility Infrastructure Act (GEIG)the obligation that Non-residential buildings with more than ten parking spaces at least one charging facility installed and that every fifth parking space has a prepared infrastructure.

3. high demand from drivers

More and more people prefer sustainable options and opt for a vehicle with an electric motor. In order to meet this demand and counteract other citizens' popular counterargument of the limited availability of charging stations, it is worth building or expanding the local charging infrastructure.

Whether on the Parking lot at the company location or in the Underground parking garages for real estate - Anyone who wants to charge their car electrically should be able to do so at any time, independently of their own wallbox at home.

4. greater independence and fully charged e-fleet

On-site charging in the company's own parking lot ensures that the company's own car fleet is also Ready to go at any time is. It makes not only the company's own cars, but also those of its employees, less dependent on public charging facilities and creates full flexibility.

5 Sustainability and climate neutrality

E-charging stations at properties promote sustainable development

The switch to electromobility naturally contributes significantly to the Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions with. By integrating renewable energy sources, electric vehicles can charge on site in a climate-neutral way. As more and more people gain access to electric charging stations, the additional e-charging points at properties of the global warming against.

Modern technologies (and app control) also make it possible to optimize energy consumption. For example Surplus electricity from photovoltaic systems on the building roof by charging electric vehicles exactly when the sun is shining.

6. take advantage of battery-saving charging during long downtimes

Vehicles are usually parked for several hours at a time. During working hours in particular, it is therefore worth charging the electric vehicle via the slower AC technology fully charged. The slow charging process conserves natural resourcesas the battery lasts much longer.

But also at home on or in the apartment building the car is usually parked more than it is moved. Here, too, the vehicle's long idle times can be optimally utilized with the property's own charging stations.

Tip: To extend the range of Electric cars in winter protected underground parking spaces are ideal. You can find out why this is the case and what else you should consider as an electric car driver in the cold season in the linked article.

7. earn a positive image

Companies that consciously invest in e-charging stations show not only social responsibility and commitment in sustainability, but also enhance their general reputation. This in turn has a positive effect on the company's success.

After all, in times when sustainable solutions are of enormous importance, consumers particularly prefer companies that drive forward climate-friendly measures and have a honest, green corporate philosophy without brazen Greenwashing track

8. increase the attractiveness of the location as an employer

The positive image effect described above inevitably also serves to increase the Attractiveness as an employer:in at the respective location. Many employees consider the Possibility of charging at the workplace already a major advantage.2

A good charging infrastructure for properties and companies can therefore also be a decisive criterion for job selection represent. This makes your own business and the commercial property at the respective location much more interesting for job seekers, especially in times of a shortage of skilled workers.

9. charging stations can be economically viable

The availability of charging facilities at the location therefore creates a Competitive advantage compared to those who do not provide charging stations. But there's more! Charging stations in the company or in your own property can also additional, direct income generate.

For example, if the respective location Charges for the use of the charging stations required. Especially in regions where the expansion of public charging stations is faltering, e-car drivers are happy about every parking space that makes charging possible.

10. companies and real estate become more sustainable

An electric charging point in the parking lot of a company

Charging facilities are already available in the company parking lot more than just "nice to have". For example, because they make everyday life easier for employees.

In the future, however, they are likely to develop into the required basic equipment of every commercial propertyas purchase and rental decisions are increasingly dependent on the available charging infrastructure. Investing in a charging solution therefore increases the future viability of a property.

Installing e-charging stations in buildings and driving forward the energy transition

Now you know why it is important to promote the expansion of e-charging stations. A useful point of contact is, for example, the provider ChargeHerewho has been working for years on Reliable and future-proof charging solutions specializes and pursues the mission, renewable energies with the transport sector.

The company enables a rapid development of the charging infrastructure at the desired location, provides its customers with long-term support and guarantees users a reliable charging experience at all times.

"What we do today will determine what the world looks like tomorrow."

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (more at Sustainability Quotes)

I very much hope that I have been able to convince you with the advantages of e-charging points in buildings to actively promote the transport transition. Do you have any questions, suggestions or other reasons for more charging points in public buildings? Then I look forward to your comment.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Check tire pressure, reduce weight in the car and much more! How you can basically sustainable driving you can find out in the next blog article.

  1. Statista GmbH, Number of electric cars in Germany from 2006 to October 2023 (as of 20.11.2023), available at [13.12.2023]. ↩︎
  2. E-car survey - Germans want to charge at work and at home (as of 06.12.2023), available at [13.12.2023]. ↩︎
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