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10 reasons to collect garbage on vacation

Collect garbage on vacation - 10 good reasons

Voluntarily collect garbage on vacation? That certainly sounds a bit unusual at first. Because most of us certainly let the sun shine on the fur on a beach lounger with a good book in hand. There is absolutely nothing against it. But who times desire has to try something new, can on journeys completely besides by a small garbage collecting action one of the largest Environmental problems of our time fight.

So in this article, I want to give you 10 good reasons to collect trash on your next vacation.

Why is collecting trash on vacation necessary at all?

Every day, thousands of people with an incredible, passionate commitment clear the also exclusively man-made garbage from our nature. This is because trash is responsible for the deaths of a million seabirds and over 135,000 marine mammals₁ every year. Because an essential Plastic disadvantage is that the material not biodegradable is. The animals eat our garbage and use it in agony. Over the decades and centuries, plastic parts decompose into small Microplastics. Fish eat this mini plastic, the Plastic ends up in the food chain and finally back on our plate.

Of course, it's easy to say that garbage in other countries is none of our business. But in fact, around 13.65% of our plastic waste was shipped from Germany by ship to countries such as China, India or Malaysia in 2015.₂ Countries that already have a trash problem anyway. So collecting trash on foreign beaches is, in its own way, a small way of making up for it.

10 good reasons to collect garbage on vacation

Collecting garbage on vacation is cool
This is me at a trash collection event in Cape Town on World CleanUp Day 2019.

Collecting trash on vacation abroad is really cool. In the following I would like to show you why this is so. Here are my personal reasons for simply collecting a bit of trash while traveling on vacation.

1. also collect karma points at the same time with the garbage

Even small trash collection efforts can save you valuable Grab karma points for the future. Because you do something good with it - and something that not everyone would do. Whether as an organizer or participant of an existing CleanUp - by collecting trash on vacation you will definitely go to bed in the evening with a really good feeling.

2. the beach suddenly shines in new splendor

It's just a great feeling to see the beach after a CleanUp. So clean. Almost like a small paradisethat until now was always avoided because of the garbage. After collecting trash, you can then end the day there quite relaxed and enjoy the wonderful feeling of having done something for this beautiful view. This is also a reason why Cleanup before and after pictures so wonderfully shared on the Internet to educate even more people.

Tip: Just come to our worldwide CleanUp group on Facebook. There you can share and find events as well as provide pictures of your actions.

3. first do good, then relax

If you collect some trash while traveling, it doesn't limit the main reason of your vacation at all. Because the action is both quickly organized, started and also over. If you initiate your Beach CleanUp by yourself, then you should not forget the Have trash still picked up by a recycling organization Or drop it off at a friendly restaurant operator nearby.

After collecting trash, you can then relax and proudly lie down on your beach lounger. You have earned it.

4. collecting garbage away from the crowded tourist attractions.

Personally, I've long since stopped being a fan of running after the most beautiful sights of a country with huge groups of tourists. That's neither relaxing nor particularly fun. Also, when you go garbage collecting, you're not alone, but still among like-minded people who definitely appreciate our nature. By going litter picking on vacation, you escape the mainstream and can just paint the town red. do something that not everyone would do.

5. meet unique people while collecting garbage

Trash Walk at Bambu Indah Resort
This is what it looks like at the Trash Walk at Bambu Indah Resort near Ubud (Bali)

I'm always impressed by how many wonderful people with the same values you meet while collecting trash on the beach. It's also not surprising that there are Like-minded are - after all, you also want to give the Plastic waste in the environment counteract.

I am still in contact with many of the participants today. So a CleanUp on vacation can also be a long-term experience. Friendships arise. Above all, however, this is a great way to get in touch with the local people.

Tip: If you ever find yourself in Bali, you can meet John Hardy, the founder of the Green School, as he goes about his daily business. Trash Walks support. There you get a spear in your hand and can go hunting for the plastic waste. (like on the picture)

6. collect garbage and educate local people.

Many say that collecting trash on vacation is just a drop in the bucket and that it won't change anything anyway. I see it a little differently. Of course, in a short time a beach is no longer as clean as you left it. But all participants and observers will be enlightened by your action - and in my experience they will continue to start their own CleanUps on site in the future. The You can also share pictures of your action on the Internet. Good deeds are always gladly shared and can reach millions of people in a very short time.

7. by canoe, diving or walking on the beach

The beauty of collecting trash on vacation is also that you can do it in different ways. Whether on foot on the beach, with the canoe of a boat rental or in diving gear under water. The plastic waste is basically everywhere and that also know Surf and diving schools as well as Boat rentals on site at your destination. Just ask there if there are any promotions planned for the next few days.

8. reap positive feedback for your action

A few pats on the back certainly can't hurt. In any case, you'll be on site exclusively Encouragement for your actions get. It doesn't matter whether you take the initiative yourself or join an existing waste collection campaign. Some people may think that such a thing is not necessary. But either way, it gives you the satisfying feeling of having done something good.

9. littered beaches are a dime a dozen

These days, in my experience, it's harder to find a really clean beach than to come across one full of plastic trash. Especially Countries in Southeast Asia have a real plastic problem. Lack of disposal facilities, ignorance and convenience are the main causes there for the Waste problem. But basically, you can really go litter picking in any country. All the more reason to start a CleanUp during your vacation.

10. a CleanUp is quickly organized

Basically you only need a few Gloves and a Jute bag or a Plastic bag. Then you can already start collecting garbage on your vacation. In the separate article called Organize your own Beach CleanUp you will learn, once again in detail, how to proceed.

But it also works without your own initiative! Use the following map with the organizers from our worldwide Beach CleanUp Group on Facebook, to support great people at your destination. At worldwide Beach CleanUps you can also enter new organizers that you have met.

Collecting trash on vacation is cool!

Surely there is always the one or other surprised look when tourists suddenly clean up the beaches abroad. But basically, collecting trash has become a real trend. Such actions spread hope and pride - and at the same time educate people in other countries about the problem of plastic waste.

Until finally no more garbage is released into the environment at all, we have to go through our Zero Waste Lifestyle do a little more educational work.

Do you have any questions, tips or your own experiences with collecting trash on vacation that you'd like to share? Then feel free to leave a comment.

Have fun with your cleanup and have a great vacation,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: Feel free to look around a bit in the Plastic free blog and let yourself there to the most plastic free life inspire. You are also welcome to check out my Book plastic free for beginners that will give you even more detailed insights.

₁ NABU - Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V.: Plastic waste and its consequences. [27.08.2019].

₂ Maak, S.; Bündnis 90/Die Grünen: Deutschland ist nicht Recyclingweltmeister (Stand: 18.01.2019). [27.08.2019].

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