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The culture of repair

  • Ideal book in the fight against the throwaway culture!
  • Learn how to fix things yourself
  • Book of the General Director of the Dt. Museum Munich
  • For tinkering with fun and intellect
  • Ideal for waste prevention and reuse
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Wolfgang M. Heckl describes humorously and vividly in his book The culture of repair the sensible use of damaged items. Repairing instead of throwing away protects the environment and saves natural resources. How you can have fun with do-it-yourself projects, save money and avoid plastic and other waste at the same time, is shown to you in this repair book with many practical examples.

Nowadays, we throw things away far too quickly and often that could actually still be repaired. This wastes valuable resources, produces unnecessary waste and we also spend more money than necessary. The alternative is to learn how to repair things and that is exactly what the author Wolfgang Heckl shows in the book The culture of repair.

The book "The culture of repair" by Wolfgang M. Heckl in the check

  • Concrete tips for frustration-free repairing
  • Helps save resources and avoid waste
  • Saves money by avoiding new purchases
  • Promotes independent action and sustainable living

The culture of repair is a plea against the throwaway society

The author Wolfgang M. Heckl's main job is director of the Deutsches Museum in Munich. In his book, he passionately advocates the culture of repair and motivates people to live a sustainable and conscious lifestyle. If you want to dive deeper into the topic of repair, you can order the book online here.


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