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Why do vegans eat substitute products that look like meat?

Why do vegans eat substitutes for meat?

As an argument against veganism and vegetarianism, you often hear "Why do vegans and vegetarians eat substitute products that look like meat?" This usually refers to meat-like foods, such as the Next Level Burgerwhich are amazingly similar to the taste, smell and chewing sensation of meat. Whether burger, schnitzel, sausage slice or meatball. These vegan substitute products come in all colors and shapes - and the market is growing. But are they healthy and sensible? And is it perhaps even hypocritical for vegans to consume foods that look like meat?

In this article I would like to explain to you briefly and concisely why there is more and more vegan "fake meat", "meat without animals" or "meat without meat". And why these plant-based substitutes are not only eaten by vegans.

Why do vegans eat foods that look like meat?

Vegans have no problem with how meat looks or tastesbut with the fact that one exploits and kills animals for their own nutritional habits, although this is not necessary for survival. In addition to this conscious renunciation of animal products, veganism with its ethical values and all its ecological and social opportunities is an ideology that is also Convince non-vegans can and should. But we humans often find it very difficult to break out of your own habits.

And that's where products that look and taste anything like meat, but have been produced free of animal suffering, come in. These vegan meat substitutes are eaten not only by vegans, but also by meat eaters and vegetarians. In this way, they find it much easier to make the change to an animal-free, plant-based diet without having to give up the familiar taste of meat.

Even though vegans might be quite taken with the tasty, meat-like foods, they also view them primarily as a means for positive change in our society's eating habits. The substitute products take the hurdle to veganism. Especially to the people who Veganism for unmanly because meat is dispensed with should take the wind out of their sails.

So when vegans eat substitutes for meat every now and then, that is anything but hypocritical. It only confirms that it is important to them not to exploit and kill any animal for personal taste experiences. And that their own way of life does not require sacrifice is something that every person should strive for.

But are vegan substitutes also healthy?

That can only be answered with a "it depends". Because just because something is vegan, it is not automatically healthy. A look at the nutritional value table is therefore strongly recommended, as with all foods. Since they are often produced on the basis of peas or soy, they are usually very rich in nutrients. However, eating meat is definitely not healthy. For example, it has been scientifically proven that regular meat consumption triples the risk of heart disease.₁ The WHO even classifies smoked meat and sausages as carcinogenic.₂ Last but not least, the antibiotic residues in meat products, which are a consequence of the intensive factory farming lead to resistance to the drug.₃

Eat meat without killing animals

Vegan substitutes - Why do vegans eat them?
Soy based meat like burger patties

Actually, "Why do vegans eat substitute products that look like meat?" is not even an argument, but a question. In the end, this sentence rather confirms that people have not yet dealt deeply enough with a meat-free lifestyle. And if you feel addressed, you should now compare this with the article about the vegan life change. Also be sure to check out these vegan documentaries to increase your knowledge about and motivation for the new lifestyle immeasurably.

Finally, answer yourself this one question: when there are dozens of substitutes and plant-based dishes, when meat has been proven to destroy our planet, endanger your health, starve people and cause animals to suffer: why do you still eat meat?

Do you have questions about the topic "vegan substitute products"? Then just write me a comment!

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: You are not yet fully convinced of the plant-based diet? Then learn now all Reasons to go vegan.

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

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2 thoughts on “Warum essen Veganer Ersatzprodukte, die aussehen wie Fleisch?”

  1. What are you talking about meat destroying our planet?
    Animals have been part of the food chain since the beginning of mankind.
    They weren't bred on a large scale, but there weren't that many people back then either. And meat as food for humans is nothing more than eating animals according to the motto "eat and be eaten". In modern times, there are more and more people who think they have to turn human culture on its head by questioning everything. How long will it be before someone realizes that plants are also living beings, many even talk to them! In other words, one day there will be a lobby for the "non-killing" of plants! What annoys me is that minorities are currently working in all directions to question what has been right for centuries, e.g. gendering. Do they have nothing else to do but deal with such subtleties? But perhaps these are the last acts of humanity until AI has taken over the world, because then we won't be needed anymore anyway!

    1. Hello Christian! Nobody questions "everything". There was a time when we humans had to kill animals in order to survive - but that's no longer the case today. Today, you buy animal meat chopped up and packaged in a plastic box. So you can question whether this is still in keeping with the times. After all, you probably also have a moral compass that tells you that it is not right to torture and kill animals. Especially not when there are animal-friendly, healthier, more environmentally friendly and resource-saving plant-based alternatives that taste just as good as animal products such as meat.

      Although plants are living beings, they do not have a central nervous system. They do not experience the world the way you and I do - and animals such as cows, pigs or chickens, all of which can feel emotions such as joy and suffering. And when every year 752 million so-called "farm animals" are slaughtered behind closed doors in slaughterhouses (in Germany alone) for food production, then these are no longer "quibbles". If you had the suffering of even one of these animals in mind, we wouldn't be having this discussion. I'm sure you would also stand up for the animal.

      I look forward to your response.

      Best regards

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