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Here in the Vegetarian Blog you get a cornucopia of tips and delicious recipes around vegetarianism and meat renunciation. Especially nowadays, where the increasing consumption of meat to a large extent to the Environmental problems of our time contributes, it is important to rethink one's eating habits. By taking a step towards a vegetarian diet, everyone can make an incredible impact in the fight against climate change and Co. take.

You can get a good start on the vegetarian blog with these articles:

Reasons for this vegetarian blog

Everyone should know that high meat consumption inexorably drives global warming - and that becoming a vegetarian can slow down the environmental problem. In addition, because meat is produced in the Factory farming today loaded with antibiotic residues. So for this vegetarian blog there are both ecological, but above all health reasons. There is also the ethical component. Animals are emotional beings. Yet we slaughter them, separate calves from their mothers a few hours after birth, shorten pigs' tails and chickens' beaks. This is not right. This vegetarian blog is important because our eating habits need to shift away from meat.

Why I am a vegetarian blogger

I just don't feel like being part of the problems of our time anymore - I want to be part of their solutions. As a vegetarian blogger, I can also help to ensure that fewer animals have to suffer. Because to strive for that is human. With the recipes and tips for switching to a vegetarian diet, I want to help you and many other people to reduce meat consumption and resort to delicious alternatives. And now have fun in the vegetarian blog!

PS: If you have any questions or suggestions about the blog posts, feel free to comment.

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