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Is Going Vegan Expensive or Cheap? Here's Why Plant-Based Eating is Actually the Most Affordable Diet

Is Being Vegan Expensive or Cheap? Here's Why Plant-Based Eating is the Most Affordable Diet

Is veganism really so expensive and costly? If you're looking for a clear answer to this question, you've come to the right place! Again and again you hear that vegan diet a luxury problem and would be far too expensive. Not least because of the often expensive substitutes for meat, milk and cheese or the many exotic superfoods, this could make perfect sense. But is vegan really that expensive? Or is this a general misconception that persists?

In this article, I want to show you why veganism is actually quite affordable and how you can eat vegan as cheaply as possible in the future. Let's go!

6 reasons: Why is a vegan diet actually not (that) expensive?

Vegan substitutes are expensive

Let's not get the wrong idea: A purely plant-based diet can of course be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. It's more about your lifestyle and how you put it into practice. First of all, here are the promised six reasons why many people have the impression that vegan is expensive.

1. because vegan nutrition is more than substitutes and convenience products

Is vegan expensive? If you only look at the vegan substitutes like Plant-based sausage, schnitzel or cheeses then you could certainly see it that way.

Even if large supermarkets such as Lidl have already ensured equality on the plate with identical prices, vegan alternatives to animal-based foods such as sausage, meat, milk and cheese are still a lot more expensive in many places. In the future, these replacement products will most likely be cheaper be. Above all, because the increasing demand will lead to a growing supply and therefore also to more affordable prices. Patience and further support are therefore required.

Fortunately, vegan products are not just substitutes! In addition to meat, eggs and dairy products, the majority of the food on our plates is already plant-based anyway - regardless of whether we eat an omnivorous, flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan diet.

Personally, I hardly ever consume vegan convenience products because I find them either make it yourself and just generally cook more often with cheaper, fresh food. People who cook a lot of fresh food and avoid ready-made products also tend to live healthier lives and can benefit from a climate-friendly and sustainable lifestyle also saves money.

Notice: Vegan specialty restaurants can also be expensive and give the impression that veganism is expensive. But this is of course also the case for all traditional restaurants with animal-based food.

2. because animal products [still] have a tax advantage

Animal foods such as meat, eggs and cow's milk are considered staple foods and are taxed at a VAT rate of just seven percent - the reduced rate. However, meat substitutes or soy milk, for example, are subject to a 19 percent tax rate.

This alone automatically results in a significant price difference, even though plant-based, animal-friendly and climate-friendly products should be cheaper if a targeted climate policy is in place. In future, vegan foods (whether meat substitutes or plant-based fruit and vegetables) are therefore likely to become even cheaper.

Subsidies: The state supports the animal industry with massive state subsidies from taxpayers' money. This is the only reason why animal products can still be offered at low prices. Their real costs are much higher.

3. because the cheapest food in the supermarket is vegan

Is vegan expensive? Plant-based staples like pasta and rice

Plant staples such as Noodles, rice, pasta, fruit and vegetables are among the cheapest foods on the planet. You don't have to buy quinoa and chia seeds all the time to be vegan. Linseed and millet also do the trick and are usually much cheaper. You also don't have to shop at the organic market if you want to be vegan. Living as sustainably as possible as a student would like. The vegan Staple food are also available in every supermarket and discount store.

Have a look at the best Price per 100 gram and buy food that will keep for ages, even in larger quantities, to save your wallet.

4. because plant-based products are often organically grown

Vegan products also appear to be quite expensive from time to time because they are increasingly organically grown and stricter requirements for production are subject to.

However, this also means that they more environmentally friendly and healthier are produced. If you specifically regional and seasonal shoppingHowever, you can also get these foods at significantly lower prices. For example, because the transportation routes are shorter and less time is needed in energy-intensive greenhouses.

Important: Ultimately, the actual costs of animal products are still borne by society. This is because the effects of Factory farming on the climate, rainforests or groundwater are not taken into account in the purchase price at the supermarket. This is also referred to as the Externalization of environmental costs. In a fair world, meat, cow's milk and eggs would have to be significantly more expensive.

5. because the vegan attitude stands for frugality and selflessness

Of course, I can't speak for all vegans on this planet: But whoever decides to live vegan has In my experience usually a frugal, questioning, ethical, frugal and less expensive way of life.

At the end of the day, you give up familiar behaviors for the sake of the animals, the environment and other peoplesuch as the consumption of meat, eggs or cheese - and places the lives of other living beings above our own short-term taste habits.

Because you can't (yet) get vegan meals and food everywhere, In my experience, vegans also cook fresh at home more often and therefore spend less money on expensive fast food.

Tip: Write yourself a shopping list and shop strictly according to it. This way, only the food you really need ends up in your shopping basket. Expensive "impulse buys" are thus avoided.

6. because prices become cheaper the more vegan alternatives there are

More and more vegan foods can be found in discount stores, organic shops and supermarkets. The Rising demand leads to an even greater increase in supply over timeThis means that the prices of finished plant-based products will continue to fall.

So you can be prepared for the fact that not only vegan staple foods such as pasta, rice and the like, but also substitute products such as soy sausages, pea protein burgers or vegetable schnitzels will be available. Always cheaper become. In contrast to foods of animal origin, there is still great potential for better prices.

9 quick tips: How can I cook cheap and tasty vegan dishes?

At this point, I would like to give you a few valuable Giving tips from your own experience. Use the following compilation to save money on your animal-, environment- and health-friendly meals in the future:

  1. Avoid expensive and unhealthy convenience foods.
  2. Opt for healthy dry goods such as pulses, rice and pasta.
  3. Buy long-life food in bulk packs to save costs.
  4. Plan your meals and shop strictly according to your shopping list.
  5. Start by looking for simple vegan recipes on the internet.
  6. Add flavor to simple dishes with spices and herbs.
  7. Cook in larger quantities and use the leftovers for other meals.
  8. Prefer food with reduced prices. (e.g. during promotions or shortly before the best-before date)
  9. Replace expensive ingredients with cheaper alternatives. (e.g. nuts through seeds)

Tip: You can find more ideas and even more inspiration in the detailed article about the Start into vegan life or in the following books.

The bottom line: It is a common misconception that vegan is expensive!

Being vegan is definitely not more expensive than consuming meat and dairy products. At the end of the day, the cost depends primarily on the quality of the food you choose. A well-planned, fresh, regional, seasonal, vegan diet can therefore be really inexpensive.

Animal products are not allowed due to the lower tax rate and government subsidies. It is currently simply far too cheap - the costs are borne by the animals, the environment and us taxpayers. Even the currently still larger supply and the conventional production method of animal products such as meat, eggs, cow's milk and cheese gives the impression that vegan alternatives are comparatively expensive. However, this image will [have to] change in the future.

But even today you can eat a vegan diet very cheaply: Especially if you increasingly swing the cooking spoon yourself and work with the cheapest staple foods in the supermarket, such as lentils, peas, beans, pasta or rice.

"As long as people think that animals don't feel, animals will have to feel that people don't think."

Unknown (more under Vegan quotes)

Do you have any questions, tips or your own experiences with expensive, herbal products? Then feel free to write me a comment under this post.

Stay animal-friendly,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Do you know where the Difference between veganism and a plant-based diet lies? If not, I'll be happy to explain it to you next in the linked article. Have fun!

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  1. Very informative post! When asked if vegan diet is too expensive, I also always answer that a diet with meat is much too cheap. Hopefully this will change in the future!

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