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The Best Vegan Documentaries And Films

Vegan Documentaries – 17 Films You Need To Watch

Are you looking for vegan documentaries and films to convince yourself or friends of veganism and a plant-based diet? I think that's great! After all, veganism and vegetarianism are powerful weapons for solving ethical, health and environmental problems. ecological problems of our time.

Cruelty to animals and Factory farming could be curbed - and both our environment and our health would benefit. But changing habits such as regular meat consumption permanently requires the necessary inspiration and motivation - in the form of vegan films.

Therefore, I present you now the most effective documentaries to vegan:in or even To become vegetarian:in - and to stay that way permanently. One of them immediately flipped the switch for me too, so I've been vegan ever since. Of course, the films also help you to fundamentally question your own consumer behavior.

Here is a brief overview for you:

  1. Cowspiracy
  2. Dominion
  3. What The Health
  4. Earthlings
  5. The Game Changer
  6. Before The Flood
  7. Food, Inc.
  8. Hope For All
  9. Seaspiracy
  10. More Than Honey
  11. Land of Hope and Glory
  12. Sea The Truth
  13. Blackfish
  14. Fork instead of scalpel
  15. We Feed the World
  16. The system milk
  17. Live and Let Live

Notice: I'll also show you where you can find the respective movie. You can even watch some of the vegan documentaries directly in this post, as they are freely available on YouTube and embedded here.

Vegan documentaries and films that everyone should have seen

Perhaps you've already made yourself comfortable on the couch. Before you drift off to a schmaltzy romance movie or an exciting action thriller out of old habit, I'd rather give you my recommendations for the best vegan documentaries. Because real feelings can also develop in them. Let's go!

1. cowspiracy (2014)

Truths are uncovered in this film. For example, the extreme effects of industrial livestock farming on our earth. Uncomfortable questions for environmental protection organizations and uncertain answers make viewers question their own diet. However, the documentary also provides you with numerous sustainable alternatives to make the Protecting the environment in everyday life.

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example with Amazon*, Netflix or maxdome.

2. dominion (2018)

Want more vegan documentaries? No problem! I'm writing these lines shortly after watching this documentary about factory farming. And I've never seen another movie that has shaken me up so much.

He shows step by step, how we humans treat the animals on this earth and what we exploit them for. From cows to chickens, horses, minks and turkeys. The pictures of the Cruelty to animals are fierce - but ensure that you at least eat less meat, but probably never eat meat or consume animal products again.

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example, here directly via the embedded YouTube video. You can also view the film and reactions to it at Dominion film see

3. what The Health (2017)

A movie for veganism - and about the origin of the typical, nutrition-related diseases of civilization our time. This documentary will give you an understanding of the interplay between genetic predisposition, environmental factors and your personal lifestyle.

Here too, food companies and above all those responsible in the pharmaceutical industry are asked uncomfortable questions. This is a documentary that will help you to change your diet, especially from the health point of view, to question.

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example with Amazon*, Netflix or maxdome.

4. earthlings (2005)

The film is primarily about the increasing consumption of meat and the associated animal husbandry. Anyone who watches this vegan documentary quickly realizes how much animals are regarded by us humans more as raw materials than as living beings.

We see blatant images of animals that are exploited by us in every respect - for entertainment, for sport, for science, for our food. An absolute Classic among the documentaries for vegans and vegetarians.

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example, here directly via the embedded YouTube video (German) or also in English on Vimeo.

5. the game changers (2019)

"How can you be as strong as an ox without eating meat?" Patrik Baboumian was asked. "Have you ever seen an ox eat meat? replied the strongman.

A cool Quote about veganism and at the same time just one of many good arguments mentioned in this documentary. Above all, the film shows that giving up meat is not unmanly and that you can achieve top athletic performance even without animal nutrients can.

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example, at Netflix and iTunes or at Amazon on DVD*.

6. before the flood (2017)

One of the best vegan documentaries is "Before The Flood" - a film that is all about the consequences of the Climate change shoots. Actors In it, Leonardo DiCaprio shows what responsibility we humans have for our planet and what each individual can do.

The documentary includes interviews with Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. The main focus is on the Politics in the fight for environmental protection and to dissuade them from preferring to act in a profit-oriented manner and according to personal interests.

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example with Amazon*, iTunes or maxdome.

7. food inc. (2008)

This vegan documentary is also primarily about our consumer behavior. The film shows the deceptive and cruel practices of the food industrywhere profit comes first and health, environment and ethics pretty much last.

It is frightening what Power of a few corporations over our daily consumer behavior have. An absolutely recommendable documentary for vegans and vegetarians because it brings light into the darkness.

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example with Amazon*, Google Play or maxdome.

8. seaspiracy (2021)

In this vegan documentary, filmmaker and protagonist Ali Tabrizi presents his research into the Consequences of human behavior for the sea and its inhabitants from plastic waste to overfishing and illegal fishing.

The film impressively shows the The abyss of industrial fishing - and underlines the risk that Ali took for his research. Definitely a vegan documentary that should give each and every one of us food for thought.

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example, on Netflix.

9. Hope For All (2016)

Want to find out about more vegan documentaries? The movie "Hope For All" explains the Connection between the Western diet and today's diseases of civilization.

More and more people, eat more and more animals. In the documentary you see memorable images from animal husbandry and also solutions for a healthy and animal friendly everyday life. In any case, I was carried away by the film because it is tremendously human.

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example with Amazon*, iTunes or maxdome.

10. more than honey (2012)

This movie is all about bee mortality and the value of bees for life on earth. As a viewer, you quickly understand how much our food situation depends on them.

It also quickly becomes clear that their existence is threatened by antibiotics, monocultures and pesticides. In any case, this is a vegan documentary that will open your eyes.

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example with Amazon*, TVNOW or maxdome.

11. land of hope and glory (2017)

A film in which animal rights activist Ed Winters shows how disgustingly and brutally we humans treat animals. The film merely presents the absolutely most common ppractices of factory farming in Great Britain before.

You see, for example, how the Chick shredding (i.e. the deliberate killing of male chicks) is carried out. Absolutely frightening but extremely enlightening. For me, this is one of the best vegan documentaries.

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example, here directly via the embedded YouTube video. (German subtitles possible)

12 Sea The Truth (2014)

Sea The Truth" is primarily about the environmental problem of destruction and the Overfishing the oceans. I realized within a few minutes already how blatant the Consequences of trawling, which is unfortunately still practiced, for our environment is - and the extent to which the fishing industry is species extinction is jointly responsible.

A movie that makes you question not only - but above all - your consumption of marine animals. I know some people who went vegan as soon as the credits rolled on the documentary.

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example, here directly via the embedded YouTube video.

13 Blackfish (2014)

An absolutely captivating movie that Life of the orca Tilikum in the SeaWorld theme park. You soon realize the physical and psychological consequences of captivity for the whale.

After watching the documentary, you definitely have a few more reasons to to get involved in animal welfare and to avoid dolphinariums or other theme parks with animals.

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example with Amazon*, Netflix or Rakuten TV.

14. fork instead of scalpel (2012)

Here, everything revolves around the connection between a diet rich in meat and dairy products and today's diseases of civilization, such as Diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular disease.

As a viewer, you realize quite quickly during the film, how beneficial a meat-free vegetarian or vegan diet is for our health. And that the many diseases should not even exist. Absolutely recommendable!

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example about Amazon on DVD* or on Netflix, iTunes or Rakuten TV.

15. we feed the world (2005)

The film focuses on the Consequences of the globalization of food production. The main focus is on the massive waste of food in our western society and the destruction of natural animal habitats.

It quickly becomes clear that this is a problem that consumers and producers need to solve together. A somewhat older but highly recommended documentary that will definitely bring you closer to veganism.

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example with Amazon*, TVNOW or iTunes.

16. the milk system - the exploitation of dairy cows

This film quickly made me aware, how exploitative and brutal the dairy industry actually is - and how many lives perish as a result.

You learn about the development of a system that turned cows into high-performance machines. But the movie also explains the solutions! Absolutely recommendable! Also because viewers become aware of the motives for switching to animal and environmentally friendly, plant-based alternatives.

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example with Amazon*, Netflix or maxdome.

17. live and let live (2013)

Definitely a vegan documentary that unequivocally highlights the fact that Animals are emotional beings. This impressive film is about our relationship with animals and the reasons for a purely plant-based diet.

Thereby he comes completely Without blatant images from factory farming. I still remember exactly how thought-provoking it made me feel.

Where can you watch this vegan documentary? For example with Amazon*, Videoload or maxdome.

Frequently asked questions about veganism

Why are documentaries so important for veganism?

Because they help to raise awareness of the suffering of animals and thus lay the foundation for a personal decision to adopt an animal-friendly, vegan lifestyle. Documentaries enable viewers to better empathize with the situation of cows, pigs, chickens and other exploited animals.

Why do most people go vegan?

Most people go vegan for ethical reasons, i.e. for the animals. They do not want animals to be exploited for human food, entertainment, clothing or experiments. Many people also have ecological or health-related reasons for choosing a vegan lifestyle.

Why is vegan so much in vogue?

As most people go vegan for ethical, ecological or health reasons, veganism is more of a permanent change in social values than a short or medium-term trend.

Recommend vegan documentaries and films to raise awareness

Recommend documentaries for vegans and vegetarians

I don't think you can watch all these films and documentaries and not develop compassion for the animals. I'm actually extremely ashamed of what we humans have done to other living beings. My motivation was therefore almost unlimited.

"Animals are my friends and I don't eat my friends."

George Bernard Shaw

Nevertheless, in my opinion, nobody has to feel bad if they have consumed a lot of meat up to now. You simply didn't know a lot of the background beforehand. But after the movies, you know them. I would advise you to transform your possible guilty conscience into the energy you need to Introduction to a vegan and animal-free, healthy diet to find.

If you don't have that much time for a 2-hour documentary, I can also recommend the following vegan YouTuber whose work I greatly appreciate:

  • Earthling Ed (Animal rights activist who leads street debates and has a life farm)
  • Nico Rittenau (scientific examination of plant-based nutrition)
  • Joey Carbstrong (Animal rights activist who leads heated street debates)

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Can you think of other vegan documentaries? Then just write me a comment with your recommendation.

Stay animal-friendly,

PS: In my Nutrition blog you get even more inspiration for a sustainable way of eating. Just learn a little more every day. Also my contribution about the Reasons for a vegan lifestyle should help you further. Have fun!

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