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Meet people on vacation - 10 tips for making new friends quickly while traveling.

How to make friends on vacation and meet new people

You want to meet people on vacation and make new friends on your travels? Then you've come to the right place! It really has an incredible number of Advantages of traveling alone. You are not bound to anyone and can freely decide when you go where and what you do. But many single travelers also find it difficult to meet new people and find connections.

But fortunately, there are ways and means to prevent loneliness in foreign surroundings! However, you must be willing to leave your shyness at home and be open to new adventures - then you will never be alone when traveling. Also, be aware that basically everyone has to deal with new challenges and perhaps adjustment difficulties as soon as they leave their comfort zone.

In this article, I'd like to give you my 10 ultimate tips that are guaranteed to help you make new friends on your next trip. Let's go!

Here you can find a short overview in advance:

  1. Use public transportation
  2. Stay in Airbnb's, homestays and hostels
  3. Seeking contact with solo travelers
  4. Participate in tours, courses and other events
  5. Learn the local language
  6. Stay in restaurants and bars
  7. Use social media for dating
  8. Work in a co-working space or café
  9. Pay attention to other people's signals
  10. Get involved on site

Notice: You want to use the Advantages of traveling for two enjoy AND meet new people? Don't worry! The tips from this post are of course not only for solo travelers, but for all travelers out there!

1. use public transportation

Whether night bus, train, TukTuk or from me also the airplane: if you want to meet new people on vacation, then it is advisable, To give preference to means of transport with which you are not traveling alone.

Approach people who have an empty seat next to them and sit with them. Ask polite questions - "May I sit with you?", "Am I in the right place?", "Where is the journey going?" or "What are your plans at your destination?" are, from experience, very good icebreakers at such moments. In the case of unexpected delays, you even have a suitable topic of conversation before you have even exchanged a single word with your fellow passengers.

2. stay in Airbnb's, homestays and hostels

Find friends while traveling through the right accommodation

A private hotel room has of course the advantage that you have your peace and quiet. But if you want to get to know new people on vacation, you should rather Spend the night where there are a lot of people around. The rule is really quite simple 😉 .

Homestays, dorms and hostels are ideal for networking. After all, you'll meet locals who know the area inside and out - as well as other travelers with whom you can share experiences. strike up a conversation at breakfast, at the counter, in the sofa corner or in the dorm room simply by following your heart.

Airbnb's are also absolutely recommended because of the local reference. You get to know both the local hosts - and can also still learn from their Insider tips benefit. For example, we are the famous Garden Route in South Africa along and have met there in our accommodations so incredibly wonderful, great people.

3. seek contact with people traveling alone

If you want to meet new people on vacation as quickly as possible, be sure to keep an eye out for solo travelers. They are pretty easy to spot by the fact that they are lying unaccompanied on the beach, sitting in a bar or traveling by bus. The big advantage for you is that they are more flexible and not busy - so you definitely get into the conversation easier, because your counterpart most likely has time and is open to it.

Aaaabut: Of course, you can just as well get in touch with a couple or a supposed travel group. Often it is (especially in typical backpacking countries) even initial Solo travelers who have already joined together.

Tip: Asking for directions is actually always a good conversation opener!

4. participate in tours, courses and other events

Make mountain tour to meet people on vacation

Participating in certain offers and events in your travel destination will make it much easier for you to meet new people. This can be, for example, an organized Mountain tour, the visit of a Food Markets, participation in a vegan cooking course or Freelancer-MeetUp, which Playing soccer, cricket or basketball or also a larger Party be in the vicinity. The common interests weld people together and serve as a simple but extremely effective conversation starter to create new friendships even on vacation.

5. learn the local language

Don't you find it extremely sympathetic when someone from another country comes to Germany and within a few months already knows some German or even has a pretty good command of the language. Of course, it's the same the other way around if you learn German before you arrive in a foreign country or during your stay. learn a few simple words and phrases of the local language. For example, "How are you?" or "What's your name?" in the local language. The longer you are on site, the more purposeful it is.

You will positively surprise many people and therefore also much easier to start a conversation. Of course, you don't have to be an expert in the local language, but simply show that you are open to the culture. I guarantee that your travels will be much more fun and exciting and you will meet new people much easier.

6. stay in restaurants and bars

Whether on vacation or in everyday life, if you want to make new friends, go where there are lots of people. Treat yourself to some local food for dinner. Take a open attitude and you'll quickly strike up a conversation. It's similar in a bar, of course, where people are naturally even more casual, relaxed and open to conversation.

7. use the social media for appointments

On social networks, it's really incredibly easy to find vacation partners. For example, you can connect with other people in Facebook groups to participate in a nearby event together. The beauty of social media is that you can Identify like-minded people fairly easily and also contact them directly can.

8. work in a co-working space or café

Meeting new people while traveling in the co-working space

Whether self-employed or employed - more and more people are now benefiting from the Advantages of location-independent working and can therefore open their laptops while on vacation. If you want to make new friends on the road, cafés or co-working spaces, for example, serve as ideal places to go.

Especially with the Working in shared offices it's pretty easy to connect with other people. Just sit down in an empty seat next to a person. Again, casual questions like "May I join you?" or "What are you working on right now?" are ideal conversation openers.

Book Tip: Be sure to read the Book "How to win friends" by Dale Carnegie through! It is one of the best books I have ever read and will also serve your personal development. You get it here*.

9. pay attention to the signals of other people

Many people deliberately travel alone - for example, to find peace and quiet or to find themselves. So if you want to successfully make new contacts on vacation, you should look very carefully at who is open to a conversation.

If someone is totally engrossed in a book, has his eyes closed or headphones on his earsthen this is rather a sign that the person does not want to be addressed. Those who want to have a conversation or meet new people, for example, tend to look around and seek eye contact with others.

Of course, you should behave just as openlyso that other people approach you and you can start a conversation. This is especially useful if you are shy or introverted.

10. get involved locally

Meeting new people while traveling through social engagement
Take part in a Beach CleanUp, for example, and take a stand against plastic waste in the environment / ©by Christoph Schulz

How would you react to a person who had the Plastic waste from nature collect, rescues an injured animal or mediates in a dispute? For sure you would like this person quite interesting and sympathetic find!

By getting involved in your destination, you're guaranteed to meet new people and make unique friendships. I can even promise you that! Because the common commitment for a good cause connects people and also lets you immerse yourself much deeper into the local culture.

Tip: How about in your next Vacation garbage collecting and try out this tenth tip directly? I have even written you a detailed post on how you can with simple means set up your own Beach CleanUp simply by following your heart.

Meeting people on vacation made easy!

I am very sure that after these tips you will find it much easier to approach other people on your next vacation, do you agree?

The bottom line is that you make friends when you travel if you are flexible and not rigid. If you are where there is a lot going on. Be yourself and always be curious. Participate in events and be helpful, open, easy-going and positive. Say goodbye to plans and you will experience the most unique people and greatest adventures.

Do you have any questions, suggestions or further tips for meeting new people while traveling? Then feel free to write me a comment.

Stay communicative,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: The first step has already been taken after this article. But if you want to find out even more about a person, you should definitely look at these questions to get to know view. They serve to bring depth to any conversation and keep it going.

Coffee box Suggestions for improvement

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

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