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Mental regeneration - 10 tips to really switch off and relax your brain

Mental Health Tips – How to shut down your brain effectively

Looking for valuable tips for your mental regeneration? Then you've come to the right place! You probably feel quite stressed, tense and somehow restless lately. No wonder! Whether in private or professional everyday life - our brain must constantly perform at its best. We are always available, bear great responsibility and want to meet the high expectations of us. We even engage in acrobatic multitasking. So it's only logical that even in the well-deserved evening after work, thousands of thoughts and worries are still circling in our heads.

If the stress level stays at this disturbing level for a longer period of time, health problems are imminent - headaches, cardiovascular diseases, concentration problems, outbursts of anger, headaches, burn-out. So what can you do to really calm down and just turn your head off for a while?

In this article, I'd like to share with you 10 tips for mental regeneration and stress prevention that can help you take a deep breath, let go, completely relax your brain and recharge your batteries in a short period of time. Let's go!

Here you can find a short overview in advance:

  1. Take time for your hobbies
  2. Go out into the fresh air
  3. Find a physically active balance
  4. Turn off smartphone, laptop and TV
  5. Listen to music that soothes you and makes you happy
  6. Spend time with people who are good for you
  7. Do mindfulness and relaxation exercises
  8. Allow yourself enough sleep
  9. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water
  10. Write down your thoughts

1. take time for your hobbies

Pursue hobbies - tips for mental relaxation

Nothing is as relaxing as pursuing the activities you enjoy. What are your hobbies, what fulfills you? Me for example, like to read a book, go out in the garden or with the dog, play basketball, start a new DIY furniture project or run around the lake when I want time to myself.

Also in your calendar should be special periods blocked so that you don't exclusively pursue your everyday duties. Take the time and try new hobbies to provide variety. This will definitely boost your mental regeneration.

What would you do if from now on you had an infinite amount of time at your disposal and no more daily duties and tasks? Start doing these things right away, rather than having your health care provider point them out to you at some point.

2. go out into the fresh air

If you want to regain depleted mental strength, you should definitely do more Spend time outside in the fresh air. Take a hammock with you or just settle down where you like it best. The sun's rays on your skin recharge your vitamin D reserves. Read a good book or simply enjoy the peace and quiet.

I can recommend the Forest bathing - the time between all the trees is pure relaxation. It is just as well recommended to take a Walk to make or a To make round with the bike. This is really pure, mental regeneration.

3. look for a physical-active balance

Of course, regular exercise helps to clear your head. In addition to your rather quiet hobbies, you should therefore also look for one or the other sport with which you can Exercise body actively can. For me personally, this form of balance is helped by team sports like soccer, but also jogging or challenging fitness programs with my own weight, which I can do alone and at any time of day.

4. turn off smartphone, laptop and TV

How are we supposed to turn off our brains when we can't even manage to turn off the TV or put the cell phone aside? These technical devices are one of the main reasons that we have forgotten to simply do nothing for a while. Many people instinctively reach for their smartphone when a free moment arises. Incidentally, this is a clear sign that it's high time for a Digital Detox is.

As I said, if you want to relax your brain and generate yourself mentally, then you should look at Allow rest and take time for yourself. Entertaining yourself through cat videos, Instagram make-believe, or TikTok, may help with boredom in the short term, however, it only keeps you from truly recovering.

Tip: The problem with social media consumption is that you constantly want to experience the next stimulus again and can't get any rest at all. That's why many people are no longer able to watch a movie without reaching for their cell phone in between. Are you one of them? What you can do about cell phone addictionyou can read in the linked article.

5. listen to music that soothes you and makes you happy

Listening to music for mental regeneration

You want to switch off your brain and just think about nothing? Then lie down in the hammock or on the sofa, turn up the music you like to listen to and immediately feel how your Stress level slowly but steadily decreases. Already 20 minutes of listening to music can, according to an extensive study conducted by, among others, the Philipps University Marburg has been performed, extremely relaxing. The melodies and sounds bring your thoughts out of the everyday life and bring you to rest.

Tip: By the way, with so-called noise-canceling headphones you can ensure that you only perceive the music and block out everything else, even in not so noisy places.

6. spend time with people who are good for you

If you want to promote your mental regeneration, it is purposeful to schedule time for yourself. But of course you don't have to spend this time only with yourself. After all, we humans are social beingswho need society.

Just make sure that you share many moments with your family and real friends. However, it is important that these people are good for you, that you can laugh with them, but also share your worries. For example, through casual game nights or cooking together, you can unburden your head and just be yourself.

7. do mindfulness and relaxation exercises

You find it hard to switch off your brain completely? Then train the ability to come to restby completing a few mindfulness exercises. For example, describe in your mind the activity you are currently engaged in - and do so with great precision. Train your body awareness with yoga, take time for a relaxing meditation or simply listen to your conversation partners "exaggerated" exactly.

When you are more conscious and live lighter, you manage to free up your brain. You feel more independentYou are no longer so easily influenced by external factors and can see clearly again.

By the way: Even more tips for mindful lifestyle you can read in the linked, detailed blog article.

8. give yourself enough sleep

Please be aware of how incredibly important breaks are for your long-term performance. Most of the time, it is interpreted rather negatively if you take something Goes to bed earlier or takes a short nap. But actually this has very little to do with laziness or comfort, but rather with the fact that one recovers in order to be more concentrated and productive afterwards. The productivity of people who don't (can't) take a break, on the other hand, declines rapidly.

Therefore, make sure you get a good night's sleep to support your mental recovery. Do you still need a few Tips to sleep better? For example, make sure that your Bedroom is so really darkCover yourself with a heavy blanket and keep technical devices, such as smartphones, away from your bed.

9. eat healthy and drink plenty of water

If you want to calm your mind and body, I can only advise you to eat a balanced and healthy diet and daily, depending on the sporting activity, drink at least 3 liters of water. Refrain from highly processed convenience foods and prefer to cook fresh. Prefer organic, plant-based foods that are nutrient-rich and not contaminated with antibiotics, pesticides or residues of other pollutants.

Proteins and unsaturated fatty acids should be a not insignificant part of your meals, so that you can come to rest and your Increase concentration level again can. You can find them, for example, in oatmeal, linseed oil, avocados, olive oil, almonds, walnuts, beans, peas, lentils or tofu.

10. write down your thoughts

Write down thoughts and turn off brain

An extremely effective means of Stop the carousel of thoughts in your head, by the way, is to write down exactly these things. Get yourself a Notebook or diary and put on paper the thoughts that preoccupy you and worry you. Things you always wanted to say, but never said. Or all the things you have successfully mastered and learned this week, what you are grateful for and what goals you have set for the next week.

Just write down your daily thoughts and you will quickly notice how your head with each line a little freer and tidier will.

Mental regeneration made easy!

Sometimes I also have the feeling that I can't find any peace at all and that I'm always looking for the next thing to do. It's actually so beneficial to consciously take time for yourself to really clear your head.

You'll benefit from this kind of relaxation especially in the slower offline world. There are far too many stressful stimuli waiting for you on the Internet, and you have to detach yourself from them regularly in order to switch off your brain. To do this, limit yourself to the simple things in life. Here's to listening to music, sleeping more, writing down your thoughts, meeting friends, getting out in the fresh air, and doing things you enjoy.

Please always be aware that most problems in life are temporary, even if they feel like permanent worries at first.

Do you have any questions, tips or your own experiences with rest in everyday life that you would like to share? Then just write me a comment.

Stay relaxed,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: A Well structured morning routine can help you start the day in a more orderly way. I'll explain how this works in the linked article.

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