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stop smoking - Reasons and advantages

Quit smoking - 10 compelling benefits and reasons to stop smoking right away.

You are looking for the Stop smoking reasons and you can't think of any yet? Then you've come to the right place! Smoking is a habit - and habits make our lives easier. Smoking relieves us of stress, at least for a short time - that's a relief, too. But if you think beyond the 10-minute smoking break, you'll find that quitting smoking will make your life so much more awesome for health, financial, social and environmental reasons!

In this article I will now show you all these reasons and prove that the Stop smoking Advantages in abundance brings with it!

Here is another short Overview for you:

  1. Look fitter and better
  2. Reduced risk of lung cancer
  3. Avert respiratory diseases
  4. Reduced likelihood of cardiovascular disease
  5. Lower risk of becoming infertile
  6. Fellow men no longer have to passive smoking
  7. Gain a new sense of freedom
  8. Save an incredible amount of money
  9. Gain a lot of lifetime
  10. Protect the environment

The 10 most compelling benefits to quitting smoking right away

But smoking is sociable, relaxing, seems cool and quite honestly: the obligatory smoke break is just part of it!

Every smoker has his or her own personal justification for reaching for a cigarette every day. But the benefits of quitting smoking are sooo much better! Don't believe it yet? Here's how you'll benefit in the short and long term by kicking your costly, unhealthy, and polluting habit and quitting smoking.

1. you are fitter and simply look better

Fitter and healthier through smoking cessation benefits

You're out of breath and feel limp? No wonder, smokers have a poorer immune systemare sick more often and less able to perform. When you stop smoking, your condition improves and you feel fitter again. In addition, you will be more resilient and can prevent infections thanks to increased immune system better counter.

Extra bonus: There are benefits to your entire body when you quit smoking - and not just internally. You look better, too! Your skin gets rosier, you smell better, and discoloration on your nails and teeth goes away. The impact on your entire life can also be huge!

2. you avoid the smoker's disease par excellence: lung cancer

About 80 percent of lung cancer deaths are smokers. Lung cancer is considered one of the best-known "smoking diseases." But not only lung cancer awaits long-time smokers. Other cancers can also develop in other organs such as the oral cavity, esophagus, breast, kidney, bone marrow or intestine.

The good news: The risk of cancer can be reduced again by stopping smoking. 10 years after quitting smoking, you have only half the risk as an ex-smoker than if you had simply continued to smoke. 

3. you avert respiratory diseases in time

Every puff of a cigarette damages your respiratory tract. At a young age, the consequences often go unnoticed. Gradually, symptoms such as shortness of breath and the famous smoker's cough set in. COPD - a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - is imminent. Then the damage is no longer reversible and the lung tissue is irreversibly destroyed.

By the way: 9 out of 10 patients with COPD are active smokers or former smokers. Don't feel like shortness of breath and coughing with viscous sputum? Understandable. Quitting smoking in time helps avert respiratory diseases like COPD.

4. you reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Smoking increases the pulse and blood pressure. In addition, smoking damages the blood vessels and makes them narrow. In the long run, this combination increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, strokes or arteriosclerosis. Fortunately, blood pressure drops just 10 minutes after the last cigarette. So after about 15 smoke-free years, you'll still have almost the same risk of cardiovascular disease as non-smokers. Another indication that you can enjoy benefits by quitting smoking!

"People would rather go down before changing their habits." (Leo Tolstoy) - maybe this quote from the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy will give you additional motivation. More inspiring Sayings about habits can be found in the linked collection of quotes.

5. you avert an unfulfilled desire to have children

Stop smoking advantage - happiness and relaxation

Smoking harms fertility! For example, almost twice as many smokers suffer from impotence than non-smokers. Sperm cells are also smaller, less mobile and more likely to show genetic damage. But the effects of smoking on fertility also affect women. For example, women more often have problems with their periods and difficulties getting pregnant.

Should it work out after all, smoking during pregnancy threatens numerous complications for the baby and the mother. Thus, the risk of malformations, lower birth weight, miscarriages and sudden infant death syndrome is increased. Isn't that reason enough to stop smoking?

6. you no longer harm your fellow human beings through passive smoking

By smoking, you are not only harming yourself, but also those around you. Your fellow men involuntarily inhale countless toxic substances such as hydrocyanic acid, arsenic, benzene or ammonia.

During the time when the cigarette is not being actively pulled, the glowing of the cigarette sometimes produces even higher concentrations than when the cigarette is pulled directly. So it is no wonder that more than 600,000 people die each year from the effects of secondhand smoke. By stopping smoking, you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for those around you. 

Tip: For me, smoking is definitely one of the Things that are not superfluous today and should be banned. In the linked post, you'll learn which things are also out of date for me because they almost exclusively cause harm.

7. you gain a new sense of freedom

"Where's the nearest cigarette machine?", "Did I bring a lighter?", "Can you lend me one?" - as a smoker, you are constantly busy securing your addictive substance.

Non-smokers don't think about getting a break to smoke in between or where the nearest kiosk is to buy cigarettes. They are free. They also have more time to decide freely. You lose about an hour a day for smoking. As a non-smoker, you can dispose of it freely and are not constantly looking for your pack, lighter or matches. 

8. you save money for really nice things

Per daily smoked pack only something about 6,00€ are due? In the month, that's just under 200.00€ that you literally burn. In 10 years that adds up to over 20,000€! So by stopping smoking, you save money. What could you do with that money? A new car? Dream vacation? So not only your health, but also your wallet will benefit from quitting smoking!

Tip: Under by Sustainability Save money you will learn why a sustainable lifestyle not expensive, but can be extremely cheap if done correctly.

9. you get more lifetime

In a world where nothing seems impossible, what could be worth more than 10 more years of life? Statistically, these are exactly what you lose with more than 10 cigarettes per day. But you can get them back! The sooner you stop smoking again, the more time you can gain.

Smokers who quit again between the ages of 25 and 34 can increase their life expectancy again by up to 10 years. If you quit smoking by the age of 54, you still gain back about 6 years of life. So quitting smoking is worthwhile at any age.

10. You prevent pollution from cigarette butts

Reasons and advantages stop smoking environment

The WHO estimates that per year worldwide, about 340-680 tons of Cigarette butts in the environment land. An inconceivable amount, isn't it? Thrown away carelessly, the cigarette butts do not decompose for decades.

Cigarettes in bodies of water are particularly bad. With just one cigarette, up to 60 liters of water are contaminated. This harms not only the animals living in them, but ultimately ourselves. Far too many cigarette butts end up in parks, on the street or playgrounds. Cleaning up and disposing of them costs around 255 million euros in Germany alone. In addition, at least 6,500 hectares of forest are cleared each year for tobacco cultivation - at the same time, pesticides are released into the environment. These facts speak for themselves: smoking harms us all!

By the way: also the danger for forest fires decreases of course by giving up the cigarette!

Why stop smoking?because the consequences affect not only yourself!

There are reasons to quit smoking for your health, wallet and quality of life, your fellow smokers and the environment. If you need help to stop smoking now, the program of Non-smoking the ideal support. With coaching videos and self-reflection exercises, you learn how to become smoke-free. In addition, an experienced tobacco cessationist and lung doctor as well as a helpful community will accompany you on your way to becoming a non-smoker. Best of all, the program was developed on a scientific basis and is certified - so health insurance companies cover up to 100% of the costs.

Do you have any comments or questions about the article? Then feel free to write me a comment under this post. 

Stay healthy and sustainable,


PS: Take a look around the blog for natural health! There you will also learn, for example, how the Meditating helps to strengthen your defenses.

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