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Learn new language advantages

10 reasons & advantages to learn a new language

What are the advantages of learning a new language? Many people toy with the idea of learning a new foreign language. But often the undertaking seems so extensive that the project is quickly forgotten. Yet today there are an incredible number of ways to learn foreign languages easily and uncomplicatedly.

From French lessons to Thai, Chinese or Spanish. There are no more limits - and also so many good reasons for language courses and learning a foreign language.

In this article, I want to give you 10 absolute advantages and show you why you should use a learn new language should. Let's go!

Here in advance already a short Overview for you:

  1. Increase self-confidence
  2. Improve career opportunities
  3. Spatial and temporal flexibility
  4. Promote openness and tolerance
  5. Travel more relaxed
  6. Overcoming communication barriers
  7. Make better decisions
  8. Train brain
  9. Foreign languages make sexy
  10. Make new friends

1. increase self-confidence

The first step in learning a new language is to find the courage and motivation to to get involved in something new. Any progress you make will increase your self-confidence. Native speakers are also always pleased when people from other backgrounds make an effort to understand and speak their language and will be impressed. This also gives your self-confidence a kick.

Tip: I get it, Change is often difficult for us humans. In the linked article, you'll learn why that is - and why that's no reason not to even try.

2. improve career opportunities

In today's professional world, it is almost essential to master at least one foreign language if you want to make a career. Applicants with foreign language skills are in demand worldwide, especially in times of globalization. Employees who master relevant language often even receive a higher salary than other employees.

3. spatial and temporal flexibility

Flexibility - The advantages of learning a new language

Falling in love on vacation, a job offer abroad, or a semester abroad coming up? If you are open to learning a new language you can Freely choose place of residence and work and realize personal dreams more easily. So this can be quite decisive advantage of a newly learned language.

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4. promote openness & tolerance

A foreign language opens up new perspectives for you and enables you, understand other people better. Our culture shapes us and our behavior. Language is often a mirror of the respective cultural customs. If you get involved, you will quickly notice that you question your own ways of thinking and acting and approach other people and cultures in a more open and tolerant way.

5. travel more relaxed

Who does not know it: you are on vacation and Would like to order something, but does not speak the language. Of course, it often works with hands and feet and in tourist regions, resorts and club hotels, the locals usually even speak English or German. Nevertheless, you will travel much more relaxed and have more fun if you at least agree on principle can. For me, this is a decisive reason for learning a new language.

Tip: Also, be sure to check out my post on how to clearly more sustainable travel can!

6. overcoming communication barriers

You don't have to be on vacation to be confronted with a foreign language. Anyone who has ever been to Berlin knows that. For example, if a new person comes into your circle of friends who only speaks English and you yourself, compared to everyone else, do not speak the languageyou're quickly left out in the cold. An avoidable feeling. All the better if you at least speak English. And by the way, it's extremely nice if you take a language course especially for these people 🙂 .

7. make better decisions

Scientists found in a University of Chicago study found out that people who grew up bilingual, more confidence in yourself have and Make faster and better decisions. What applies to people who had the privilege of growing up with two languages could also apply to people who only learn a second language later. So a new language also promotes your personal development quite decisively.

8. train brain 

By learning a foreign language you can train your brain. New vocabulary and foreign grammar Keep brain cells on their toes, boost memory and even improve performance on tests and exams. A University College London study has also shown that people who speak two or more languages are less likely to suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer's in old age than their peers.

Tip: In a separate article, I'll also show you how you can incidentally also increase your Improve general knowledge can!

9. foreign languages make sexy

Another advantage of a new foreign language? No problem! Very few people speak a new foreign language without an accent and many are ashamed of it. The demand to be perfect is so great that many prefer not to speak a foreign language at all. At the same time British dating agencies found out that an accent makes you sexy. Accordingly, a foreign accent has an attractive and very sympathetic effect on many people.

10. make new friends

New friendships through a new foreign language

What would life be without good friends? Speaking another language also means that you can more easily make new friends with people with whom you might otherwise never have come into contact. Such intercultural friendships are extremely enriching for both sides and make you all the more proud of your courage to take the language course!

Tip: Be sure to read the book "How to win friends" - it definitely counts among the Books that changed my life!

Appreciate the advantages of a new language

Why you should learn a new language? To make friends, to increase your self-confidence, to increase your career opportunities, to keep your brain fit... to overcome challenges and to make your life more exciting, that's why!

I hope that with this post I could convince you of the advantages of a new language. Do you have any questions or have discovered further reasons? Then I look forward to your comment - in whichever foreign language you prefer 😉 .

Stay inquisitive and open to new things,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: In the Personal Development Blog you will find many more tips & tricks for your future life! For example, learn how to Convince people better can!

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Christoph Schulz

I'm Christoph, an environmental scientist and author - and here at CareElite I'm campaigning against plastic waste in the environment, climate change and all the other major environmental problems of our time. Together with other environmentally conscious bloggers, I want to give you tips & tricks for a naturally healthy, sustainable life as well as your personal development.

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  1. Apart from my preference for languages in general, the advantage of being able to travel in a more relaxed way has also been a decisive reason for me to learn Spanish. My Spanish skills have helped me have a nice two-month stay in South America, even in the Portuguese-speaking countries. In addition, I find it flattering when friends and relatives see you as the first point of contact to translate certain documents for them.

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