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Vegan yogurt

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If you are looking for a vegan yogurt then you are exactly right here! You will find different variants of the Vegetable yogurtsfor example, on the basis of lupins or soy. Likewise, there are variants with added vitamin B12 or without and also different manufacturers.

The vegetable yogurt alternatives are suitable like conventional yogurt either pure as a snack for in between or with fruit, in muesli, for baking or even for cooking.

If you are wondering what vegan yogurt tastes like, I can only recommend that you try it yourself. The taste of lupine yogurt or the taste of soy yogurt also varies a little from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, it is well worth it if you try a little until you have found your favorite vegetable yogurt.

What are vegan yogurt cultures?

Classically, the bacterial cultures Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus delbrueckii subspecies bulgaricus are used for yogurts. It is completely the same whether a vegetable yogurt or a milk-based yogurt is produced. What sounds like quite cruel diseases and can hardly be pronounced, is actually healthy and beneficial for your digestion. That's why eating the vegan yogurt is all the more worthwhile. Important to know: both yogurt cultures are non-pathogenic. This means that they are not pathogenic.

Why a vegetable yogurt?

Many people choose not to consume dairy products for ethical reasons. In the article "Why don't vegans drink milk" you can read about these and more reasons and make up your own mind. If you have already read the article, you may already be convinced that it is worth giving up dairy products and are here to buy a vegan yogurt.

In addition to ethical reasons, environmental protection and sustainability are also important for many people. Dairy products are among the foods with particularly high CO2 emissions, which makes it all the more worthwhile to give up these products. Researchers at the Oxford University in England have found that switching to a vegan diet can implement CO2 savings of up to 73 %.₁

If you are one of those people who suffer from lactose intolerance, you too can find a yogurt that is good for you and tastes good.

In addition to its healthy vegetable base, the yogurt also contains good vegan bacteria cultures. These are beneficial for your digestion and make the vegetable yogurt thus particularly valuable.

Thus, the vegan yogurt is a good thing for you, the environment and of course the animals.

The advantages of vegan yogurt at a glance

Here you will find again clearly listed all the advantages of the vegetable yogurt alternative:

  • Vegan yogurt alternative
  • good for the environment
  • good for digestion
  • vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free

I can absolutely recommend you the vegan yogurt, because it is the best alternative for you, the environment and the animals. If you like, you can order it online here.

₁ Poore; T. Nemecek (2018): Reducing food's environmental impacts through producers and consumers,


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