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Natural sponge


  • Natural sponges in set
  • Natural sponges are biodegradable
  • 100 % plastic free packed
  • Soft natural sponge for comfortable skin
  • Gentle peeling effect
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The natural sponge without plastic is free of chemicals and therefore ideal for your healthy body care. The reusable bath sponges are guaranteed environmentally friendly harvested with respect for nature on the Mediterranean coast and are fully biodegradable.

The natural bath sponge provides a unique body feeling, Mediterranean feeling in your bathroom and hygienic, plastic-free cleaning. The sponge structure provides a natural exfoliating effect and thus removes dandruff from the skin. The natural material is very durable and pleasantly soft on the skin. The plastic-free bath sponges are supplied in a sustainable set.

Hand harvested natural sponges from the sea for healthy skin

Compared to normal sponges, these ecological natural sponges are biodegradable, made without plastic, packed in recycled paper and are a real natural product. No chemicals or harmful substances are used in the production process. This thanks you not only the environment, but also your skin.

In addition, the sponges are harvested by hand in the Mediterranean Sea, with careful attention not to harm nature.

The ecological bath sponges with cord feel pleasant on the skin and are functional. With their sponge structure, they provide gentle exfoliation and promote blood circulation in the skin. The natural sponges are also very absorbent.

The sponges have a practical cord so that you can simply squeeze them out briefly after use and then hang them up to dry. Until the next use, the sponges then dry, which counteracts the development of bacterial environments.

The advantages of the ecological natural sponges at a glance

  • 100% plastic free sponges and packaging
  • Pure natural product
  • Provides a pleasant exfoliating effect on the skin
  • Environmentally friendly harvested by hand
  • Reusable and biodegradable
  • With practical cord for hanging

The natural bath sponges for a life without plastic

When it comes to body care, it makes particular sense to use natural products. With these high-quality natural sponges you can be sure that no toxic chemicals or additives are contained.

I highly recommend you to buy the reusable, sustainable natural sponges as you are doing something good for your health and the environment.


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