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Why Stop Using Plastic Straws? Here are Good Reasons to Skip The Straw

Why Stop Using Plastic Straws? 7 Good Reasons to Skip the Straw and Use Sustainable Alternatives

Why should we do without plastic straws and prefer more sustainable alternatives? If you're looking for an answer to this question, you've come to the right place! The EU-wide ban on single-use plastic straws has been in force since July 2021. Unfortunately, they still exist in many places. Since I try to use as live plastic freeI haven't used them for many years anyway. There are really many good reasons for this personal attitude and the ban.

In this article, I would like to briefly and concisely show you what exactly speaks against plastic straws. I'll also introduce you to a few sustainable alternatives. Let's go!

1. plastic straws are not biodegradable and pollute our environment

Plastic straws often end up in the environment
Unfortunately, plastic straws often end up in the environment | Credits © Christoph Schulz

Plastic is not biodegradable and therefore only decomposes in nature in about 200 years to smaller Microplastics.1 The waste that we humans put into circulation will therefore never disappear completely, so that our great-grandchildren will still benefit if we carelessly produce and throw away disposable waste.

In my own experience, plastic straws are definitely one of the most popular items at CleanUps. most found objects on beaches. Beaches that would not only look more attractive without the garbage, but would also pose no threat to our environment and wildlife. These are motivating reasons to switch to sustainable alternatives, don't you think?

2. plastic straws have a short useful life and produce unnecessary waste

Hardly any disposable product could Disposable society symbolize so welllike the disposable plastic straw. This is because they are expensive to produce, have an average usage time of a few minutes and then go straight into the garbage can or, in the worst case, through the waste garbage can. Littering in nature.

The However, short-term use has long-term consequences for our planet. And since the disposable straw is absolutely superfluous, we should do without it. This renunciation is ultimately a simple step towards reducing the amount of plastic waste we produce and promoting a more conscious use of limited resources.

3. plastic straws consume natural resources

The drinking straws from Becoming plastic based on crude oil produced. They are therefore made from a raw material that is extracted in an energy-intensive and environmentally harmful way and is not available to us humans in infinite quantities.

Another good reason to do without plastic straws is the massive energy consumption that occurs in the Manufacturing process and - if the straw makes it to recycling at all - at the Recycling is incurred.

This Waste natural resources for an actually unnecessary disposable productclearly speaks in favor of switching to sustainable alternatives.

4. plastic straws injure and kill animals

As the embedded video of the turtle with the plastic straw in its nose impressively shows, animals are suffering the consequences of our "disposable madness". The animals suffer Great pain and have to be replaced due to Inflammations or plastic in the stomach often even with the Death calculate. For me personally, this is therefore the most important reason for not using plastic straws.

Every year, up to 135,000 marine mammals and one million seabirds to the man-made Plastic waste in the environment.2 For example, turtles mistake non-biodegradable plastic items such as disposable drinking straws for food. And albatrosses use them to build their nests and hang themselves from the long, sturdy straws.

5. plastic straws are now banned in many places

More and more places, regions and companies are banning plastic straws and show that you can do without disposable waste. I remember when disposable straws were first banned in Seattle (USA). A short time later they were also no longer in Starbucks stores. And then from 03.07.2021 the Europe-wide ban added.

I wish that even more countries, cities and companies around the world follow suit and turn the reasons for not using plastic straws into a ban.

6. plastic straws have no real benefit

Plastic drinking straws are cheap, colorful and therefore perhaps quite funny for children. But to be honest, they have no real use. Because Drinks can also be drunk without a straw. So it's more of a lifestyle product that we could all do without, of course.

And in my experience, if you explain the disadvantages of plastic straws to children, they are definitely also open to the more environmentally friendly alternativeswhich are also available in a funny design.

7. plastic straws have so many cheaper and more sustainable alternatives

Stainless steel or bamboo straws are reusable alternatives to plastic straws
Straws made of stainless steel or bamboo wood are reusable alternatives

So straws, whether made of plastic or not, don't really have any use. But even for those who still don't want to do without itthere are great, environmentally friendly alternatives. In fact, there are so many that I don't know of any other disposable product that can be replaced so easily and in so many ecological ways.

This is where I would like to offer you possible, Sustainable drinking straws for cocktails, fruit juices and all other drinks often "sipped" through plastic straws to the hand. I'll also show you directly where you can get them.

Disposable alternatives

Let's start with two alternatives, which, however also disposable products are. However, the following disposable straws are more environmentally friendly and therefore preferable to plastic straws:

  • Straw Straws: Straws made from straw are certainly the most original drinking straws and date back to a time when there was no plastic at all. They are tasteless and biodegradable. You can get them here*, for example.
  • Paper straws: Straws made from straw are another alternative that can be recycled and are also biodegradable. However, they soften quickly and can only be used once. Nevertheless, they are more environmentally friendly than plastic straws. You can get paper straws here*.
  • Edible straws: More and more restaurants and cafés are offering drinking straws that guests can simply eat after use. They are made from apple fibers, for example, a by-product of apple juice production. This straw is therefore definitely the most sustainable of the disposable alternatives. You can try them out here*.

Stainless steel straws

The Stainless steel straw is my personal favorite as a sustainable replacement for plastic straws. Not only does it look great, but it is also robust, completely tasteless and can be cleaned in the dishwasher or with a narrow cleaning brush. very easy to clean.

You can get reusable stainless steel straws here*.

Glass straws

If you're not so keen on the stainless steel straw, you'll certainly be delighted with the Glass straws look forward to! Of course, they can break more quickly. However, if you treat them wellthey are guaranteed to stay with you forever! They are also tasteless and can also be used in the Dishwasher or with a Brush wash and reuse.

You can get really good glass straws here from HALM*.

Bamboo straws

And then there is a third reusable alternative for plastic straws made from bamboo. Personally, I am a Big fan of bamboo woodas it grows back extremely quickly.

One potential disadvantage of this straw is that you can only wash it by hand and not in the dishwasher. But as it Can also be reused forever with good care it is a good alternative, which is also Biodegradable is.

You can get bamboo straws here*.

It's easy to do without plastic straws because they are superfluous!

Now you've learned some really good reasons to give plastic straws a wide berth in future and, if necessary switch to one of the aforementioned reusable, washable and cheaper alternatives in the long term.

Finally, I would also like to give you a tip, say directly when ordering in bars, cafés or restaurants that you do not want a plastic straw. This way you can go without even when you're on the move.

""It's just a straw," said 8 billion people."

Unknown (more under Zero Waste Quotes)

I very much hope that I have been able to help you. Do you have any questions, suggestions or do you know of any other disadvantages of plastic straws? Then please write me a comment under this article.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: No longer using disposable straws is a good first step. But of course, waste is created in many different ways in our everyday lives. So next, take a look at my best Zero Waste Tips and put them into practice bit by bit. Good luck!


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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

I'm Christoph, an environmental scientist and author - and here at CareElite I'm campaigning against plastic waste in the environment, climate change and all the other major environmental problems of our time. Together with other environmentally conscious bloggers, I want to give you tips & tricks for a naturally healthy, sustainable life as well as your personal development.

7 thoughts on “Plastikstrohhalm Verzicht – 7 Nachteile und Gründe dafür, Einweg-Trinkhalme nachhaltig zu ersetzen”

  1. Great post that I fully support!
    I'm really no ECO but the way away from plastic is imperative. I think my last bag in the discount store I bought 5 years ago and look, it also goes completely without! I go shopping with shopping cart in the store and then pack it in the car in folding boxes. If I'm not times with the car on the road I have a Bastkorb, a cloth bag or a backpack, alternatives to the ollen Palstetüte so there are plenty!
    I think it's great to do without straws!
    Also, all plastic bags should be banned, earlier mann such a thing also not needed!
    Greetings and all the best

    1. Hi Tauro! I see quite like you 🙂
      All you have to do is ask your grandparents, and you'll get plenty of inspiration about how everything used to work without plastic.
      Stay clean,

    2. Hello Tauro.
      From your sentence: "I'm not an eco", you can see that nowadays it is unfortunately still viewed negatively and smiled at when someone stands up for environmental protection. I find that zeimlich sad. That is nevertheless something totally great. Even before the ban on plastic bags, I tried to convince everyone that this is garbage and I will soon also buy stainless steel straws. Someone has to start 😉
      What is also the rage at the moment, are macaroni as straws. And always provides something to talk about...

      1. Thanks for your comment Anna, I see it the same way. It's like all people who want to change anything familiar: There are headwinds from those who don't want change.
        Stay clean,

  2. Hello Christoph,
    It is not quite true that straws have no use. There are people who can only drink with a straw and for whom several alternatives are out of the question. Jessica explains this quite well:
    Many greetings,

    1. Hi Julia!
      Yes, I can also fully understand, of course, is also not meant so sweepingly but related to the broad mass. 🙂
      Many greetings

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