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Less waste is the new green


  • Shia Su makes only one glass of plastic waste per year
  • Learn from a real Zero Waste expert
  • Perfect Zero Waste book to get you started
  • You learn about the Zero Waste challenges
  • Perfect instructions to follow!

The book Zero Waste - Less waste is the new green by Shia Su is already in its 2nd edition. The author manages to fill only one jar full of waste within a year. How she manages this, she shows motivating and imaginative in this book. The book is also ideally suited for beginners who are still at the beginning of their "zero waste career". The point is not to produce no more waste at all, but rather to find the places where it is particularly easy for you to start reducing waste.

With her book, Shia Su shows that the Zero Waste Lifestyle is really realistic and feasible and thus counters some critics who could not imagine it. Less waste is the new green presents you in a beginner-friendly way how to focus your life on waste reduction without bending. With this book, anyone can massively reduce their waste. Plus, you'll get unique and straightforward recipes to follow. From avoiding plastic waste to composting, Shia Su will introduce you to the Zero Waste lifestyle in this book and you can see if you like it.

Advantages of the book Zero Waste - Less waste is the new green

  • Perfectly suitable for beginners
  • Practical tips, e.g. for bathroom and kitchen
  • Helps to reduce the mountains of garbage in this world

From my own experience, I know that the contents of Less waste is the new green offer you an optimal start into the Zero Waste life. If you want to take the plunge into the Zero Waste life, you can download the book Zero Waste - Less waste is the new green order online here. Have fun reading and following along!


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