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A life without garbage


  • Self-realization through a life without garbage
  • Olga Witt reports on her personal experiences
  • The book is a fascinating travelogue through other cultures
  • A book for all those who want to declare war on plastic waste
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For the well-traveled author Olga Witt, her first encounter with the idea of Zero Waste had a catalytic effect. She put her entire previous life to the test and quickly realized the insanity of our throwaway society. As a result, she quit her job and began the adventure waste-free living. The book A life without waste was created after years of practical experience in avoiding waste and provides valuable advice for anyone who also wants to go down the path of zero waste.

With zero waste, we generally give up a little bit of comfort, but in return we also gain a life that corresponds to our values and deceleration and satisfaction are also nice side effects of the zero waste attitude. The book is suitable for for beginners and advanced. Incidentally, the book is produced using the cradle-to-cradle process. On the one hand, this means that only materials that are harmless to health are used for printing and, on the other, that the raw materials are always reused in a circular economy.

That's why you should read the book Ein Leben ohne Müll by Olga Witt:

  • An exciting and fascinating experience report about a life without waste
  • Practical tips and advice for avoiding waste in everyday life
  • Inspirations for avoiding waste in different cultures and countries
  • A book that gives courage to go the way of Zero Waste

Be inspired by the book "A life without waste"

Olga Witt's inspiring book will give you lots of tips and ideas for your own life. Join us in reducing waste and living a life without plastic. The book is made from 100% recycled paper with mineral oil-free printing inks and is also available as a Kindle edition. In addition, the printing company offsets 110 % of its CO² emissions.


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