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Vegan commercials - 6 clips for veganism that everyone should see

Commercials for veganism

Looking for high-impact, vegan commercials? Then you've come to the right place. For decades, the advertising industry has successfully drilled into us, among other things, that real men need to grill and eat meat to become and stay strong. So successfully, in fact, that at one time I was drawn to an argument like "Do plants have feelings?" got carried away to defend my eating habits that had developed. And so successfully that for meat eaters already an extreme measure of willpower is needed to ever break out of them. In any case, the animal literally fell by the wayside in the usual advertising clips for meat.

But there are also impressive commercials for veganism, that make us aware of how cruel the habit actually isto eat meat. Here I would like to introduce you to some of these commercials, because I believe that they will help you and many other people to put the focus back on the animal behind the meat.

1. "Extra fresh" spot from Israel

Hardly any commercial shows us so impressively that many people in our society have the Connection between meat and a live animal from their consciousness, like this advertisement from Israel. A country, by the way, with a traditionally extremely diverse vegan cuisine. The clip encourages meat lovers to ask themselves how they would react in the corresponding situation.

2. PETA - The story of a very special friendship

A girl and a pig are best friends - and do things that usually only humans and dogs experience together. But what is the difference between a dog and a pig? All Animals are emotional creatures, which feel emotions like joy and fear - just like we humans do. This vegan commercial draws attention to both the Speciesism, as well as the animal behind the schnitzel attentively.

3. katjes chocjes

Care for another vegan commercial? A world famous because much discussed commercial is this advertisement from Katjes, which underpins the fact that cows in the Factory farming nowadays as Dairy machines exploited for our eating habits and are not regarded as sentient beings. Of course, the advertisement does not cast a good light on the meat and dairy industry - accordingly, the headwind for this spot was great. But this advertising is honest - and shows that there is a more animal-friendly alternative with oat milk, for example.

4. Merci for Animals

The vegan commercials from Merci for Animals are even creepier. They underpin in it, that as a consumer you carry the blood of the animals on your hands. Anyone who buys meat products automatically pays for innocent animals to be killed. These are definitely effective commercials for veganism because they re-establish the link between animal suffering and the meat on your plate.

Notice: Often one hears arguments like "Animals do not die for eggs" or "No animals die for milk". Click on the linked posts to find out why these excuses are not true.

5. PETA - If Serial Killers Said the Stuff Meat-Eaters Say

This vegan commercial from the animal rights organization PETA shows Serial killers who justify their acts with the most common arguments meat eaters use for their meat consumption. The advertising helps to realize that Eating meat is not a personal choice, as a Victims involved is. This spot also helps to reinforce the connection between the meat on the plate and the living animal that had to die for it.

6. casa de carne

In this commercial, a restaurant is depicted offering their guests a real dining experience. The guest decides to have the "pork ribs", but then fails to slaughter the animal himself. Moreover, he is distraught when he sees someone else kill the animal for him. This commercial definitely helps to To make people aware that their own decision to eat meat always demands a sacrifice. And that we can only bite in a relaxed way, if we did not know this victim or have not seen it ourselves.

Effective advertising clips for veganism

Vegan commercials that are effective

Do you love meat or animals? I think that these vegan commercials have impressively shown that the two do not go hand in hand. My personal favorite is the first commercial because it confirms so simply that we have forgotten the connection between meat and animals. But it also shows that we are compassionate beings who can change to live in harmony with our personal values again.

I hope you enjoyed this compilation of the best vegan commercials. Can you think of any other clips that are missing here? Then just write me a comment.

Stay animal-friendly and sustainable,

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PS.: You want to know, why i live vegan? Then feel free to check out the linked post! And if you like, you can check out download my free e-book "All the arguments against veganism - and how you can easily refute them" here.

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