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Make sustainable confetti without plastic

Make plastic free confetti yourself

You want a natural, Make plastic-free confetti yourself? Then you've come to the right place. Thousands of tons of confetti are produced worldwide every year, some made from paper, some from plastic. It's a long manufacturing process that generates a lot of waste. And all this for a product that is only used for a few seconds. This is anything but in the spirit of the plastic-free life. In this article, I'll show you five sustainable alternatives that you can use to make your own plastic-free confetti.

Why you should make confetti yourself

Confetti make yourself

Although confetti is also a waste product from the perforation of continuous paper, it is also produced in part as a product in its own right. In Switzerland, the confetti factory in Näfels alone produces 100 tons of confetti per year. This naturally requires a lot of resources. Confetti is often made from pure paper, but there are also variants that are partly made from plastic. In most cases, however, plastic comes into play when the product is packaged. Of course, you also have to bear in mind that confetti is distributed in the environment. Especially if plastic is contained in the confetti, it becomes a Plastic waste in the environment. As it can be eaten by animals, confetti also poses a threat to wildlife. Aren't there natural, sustainable alternatives to confetti that can be used for a fun party, for example? plastic free party are suitable? Of course there are. Now I'll show you the best ways to make plastic-free confetti yourself.

1. make your own plastic-free confetti from leaves

In autumn, when the leaves slowly become more colorful, you can easily make your own confetti from leaves. All you need is the leaves you have collected and a hole punch. Alternatively, you can also cut the leaves into lengthwise strips. Another option is to punch them out with a paper punch. The advantage of leaf confetti is that you can easily collect and use it outside. Whether hazelnut, maple or chestnut - it doesn't matter which leaves you use. And the best thing is that leaves come in different colors, so you can make your own colorful confetti.

2. make confetti yourself from old wrapping paper

Used wrapping paper can easily be stored and reused for the next birthday or other occasion. However, if the wrapping paper is too crumpled, you can make your own confetti from the paper. As wrapping paper is printed with many different motifs, the result is colorful confetti.

Note: If the wrapping paper is partly made of Plastic Please do not use it outside - because you will scatter the non-degradable plastic in the environment.

3. make confetti yourself from old brochures and newspapers

If you don't have any old wrapping paper available, you can simply grab an old brochure or newspaper. Punch the paper as usual - the more colorful the confetti, the better. As long as the brochure is not made of plastic, you can usually use the confetti outside.

Tip: From old newspaper you can also wonderful Make your own plastic-free bin liners.

4. make your own confetti from dried flowers

Confetti make yourself

Confetti made from dried flowers is even more colorful and versatile. Homemade confetti is particularly suitable for weddings. Just as with leaves, you can also use the confetti outside in nature. The colorful flowers make the confetti rain even more colorful.

5. make your own flowering confetti

Flowering confetti is particularly beautiful. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it also ensures that new flowers grow. Blooming confetti is not only suitable for special occasions, but also makes a lovely gift. If children make their own confetti with you, they are guaranteed to have a lot of fun.

For the homemade confetti you need:

Instructions for the homemade confetti: 

Shred the paper from the old leaflet and place it in a bowl of water. Leave it there to soak for an hour. You will get the best consistency if you process the water and paper into a paste. Pour the resulting pulp into a sieve. You can now squeeze out the excess water. Now scatter the small (!) flower seeds over the still moist mixture. You can now leave the resulting seed paper to dry in the oven at 37 degrees or on the radiator. You can then cut the finished paper into the desired shapes.

Simply make confetti yourself

When you think of the topic Environment party confetti doesn't exactly spring to mind. But sustainable alternatives to party hits like confetti make a big difference. Today you have seen that you can make your own natural confetti from leaves, for example. You are also doing something really good for the environment with the flowering confetti. Plastic-free confetti is also a great way to introduce children to the topic of sustainability.

Do you have any questions or suggestions about homemade, natural confetti? Then please leave me a comment below this post.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Homemade paper confetti is a good, plastic-free alternative. But paper also consumes the natural resource wood. In the article18 tips for saving paperyou will find out how you can save paper with simple tricks in everyday life.

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

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