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Do we have to eat meat?

It is necessary to eat meat - so animals are bred for a good purpose - Is this true?

Is eating meat necessary? A fair question if you take a look at the meat alternatives in the supermarket. Nevertheless, I hear time and again how people defend themselves with arguments like "it is necessary to eat meat - so animals are bred for a good purpose" justify continuing to consume the meat of animals.

So do we need to eat meat? In this short article I would like to question the necessity of our meat consumption. Let's go!

Do we have to eat meat?

Is eating meat necessary - cows
Cows are also likely to listen with interest when asked this question 😉.

In the Stone Age, when people hunted mammoths to survive, it was necessary to eat animals. Today, we no longer need to eat animal body parts to survive. All the nutrients that we humans need to live can be found in even higher-quality form in plants.₁ So, for example, you don't have to fear a protein deficiency if you eat a vegan diet. Beans, broccoli, lentils, quinoa, tofu, chickpeas and of course nuts are also real protein bombs. As with a mixed diet, it's simply a matter of eating a balanced diet.

Why do we eat animals?

I myself have eaten and enjoyed meat for 30 years of my life. But after the vegan documentary "Cowspiracy" I finally understood: we eat the flesh of animals not because we have to, but do it simply for the following reasons:

  • Habit ("People have always eaten meat")
  • Taste ("Meat is simply delicious")
  • Convenience ("Vegan diet is too restrictive")
  • Tradition ("Eating animals is part of our culture").

If we don't have to eat animal body parts, there is no deeper purpose in breeding billions of them for our pleasure. Then, is it still a good deed to lock up a sentient creature like a dairy cow in a cramped barn for years, artificially impregnate her against her will, take away her own offspring and thousands of liters of mother's milk, drink her milk, and slaughter the cow and eat her meat as soon as she stops giving milk?

We presume to decide what purpose a particular animal has and what it can be (exploited) for. Then we breed it. But it is only about the purpose for us humans and absolutely not about the welfare of the animal. This fact shows how arrogant we humans are. Just because we are in a position to decide what happens to an animal, the intention is not automatically morally justified. Or what do you think of people who breed dogs only to offer them later in so-called "animal brothels" for money as sex objects for zoophiles?

Everyone should be aware that animals are sentient beings that feel joy but also fear. Whether there is a man-made purpose for their existence or not, no animal wants to die or be mistreated. 

Is eating meat necessary? Definitely not.

Burger vegan - meat eating necessary?
This is what a soy-based burger pattie looks like

Animals are not there to serve a purpose that we have devised. Animals are sentient beingsjust like we humans do. We have merely put ourselves in the position of power to decide what happens to them. But this position of power does not justify doing immoral things to them, exploiting them and finally killing them. Especially since we can eat a plant-based diet - and not have to fear any negative health consequences.

And those who do not want to miss the taste of meat? Yes, for those there are more and more meat-like products. Be it the soy burger pattie from the prepackage or the homemade meatball made from buckwheat. The start into the vegan lifestyle will open the door to an unprecedented variety of meals.

Do you think eating meat is necessary? Or do you have questions about the topic? Then just write me a comment.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: The Reasons for veganism are numerous and logical. Since eating meat is not necessary, the counter-arguments can basically only come across as selfish. If you are not yet fully convinced, then be sure to check out the Dominion film on. He will open your heart for the animals.

₁ University of Oxford: Plant-based foods are good for both health and the environment (as of Oct. 29, 2020), available at[Jul. 15, 2020].

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