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Quit smoking - With these tips it works

Stop smoking - 10 tips to make it work for sure

You want to quit smoking? Strong! If you can stop smoking, you'll be doing your health and the environment a big favor. But putting down the cigarette isn't quite as easy, of course. "There's nothing easier than quitting smoking. I myself have done it 137 times." is a nice quote from Mark Twain that describes the whole issue pretty well.

But as always, there are ways and means! So here are a few tips for you that go beyond the classic "procrastinate, dodge, run away and distract" and will help you.

Tip: At Health Blog you will find many more tips for a naturally healthy life. Learn, for example, how we can all learn from the coronavirus can.

Stop smoking - The best tips

Almost 14 million people in Germany smoke every day.₁ But unfortunately, many only understand how important it is to stop smoking when they already notice the health consequences. And since I wish you to reach this turning point much earlier and spare our environment from further cigarette buttsI am writing these lines now. I would like to give you here exactly the crucial psychological tips that will help you to stop smoking.

1. know the motivational advantages

If you want to change something, you have to constantly know why you are doing it. Even those who want to quit smoking need a permanent goal in mind. Here, therefore, are some of the benefits that come with giving up the grip on the cigarette:

  • Save money: Private households spend almost 30 billion euros on tobacco products every year. A pack now costs 6.70 euros. It's no wonder, then, that you can save money by sustainable lifestyle save money simply by following your heart.
  • Protect the environment: On the one hand there is the air pollutionOn the other hand, however, the environmental pollution caused by discarded cigarette butts. Of 5.6 trillion cigarettes per year worldwide, 2/3 are thrown into nature. With plastic filters and 7,000 poisons. Among them arsenic, lead, copper and benzene.₃
  • Reduce susceptibility to disease: The immune system of smokers is weakened. According to the Robert Koch Institute, smokers are therefore also among the risk groups for diseases such as the Coronavirus.₄
  • Increase relaxation: Even though many smokers don't want to admit it, the constant addiction to cigarettes also causes stress. As a non-smoker, you are more relaxed and independent, as the stress of "having to smoke" is eliminated.₅
  • Improve physical performance: As your blood carbon monoxide level drops, your oxygen level rises - ideally supplying oxygen to all your organs. This gives the more energy in everyday life.₆
  • Improve appearance: Above all, your complexion will become much smoother and fresher when you stop smoking. Hair and nails also become stronger and discoloration of the teeth also comes to an end.₇

Perhaps one of these benefits of quitting smoking has persuaded you to finally go through with it. Keep them in mind so that you can really quit smoking in the long term.

2. separate yourself from what reminds you of smoking

Logical, right? The best way to get rid of unattractive habits is to change your environment a bit. That's why many people are particularly good at quitting smoking after a move.

Get rid of the ashtray. And make sure friends and family don't have cigarettes lying around and support you in quitting smoking. Even the commute to work can remind you of your daily cigarette - ride your bike instead of driving, so you don't have a free hand. Or try to do something else about your Change work route. By the way, many proud non-smokers have also managed to get away from cigarettes during their annual vacation.

Tip: Many people smoke when they have been drinking alcohol. If you reduce your alcohol consumption, you do something good for your health twice over.

3. distract yourself from thinking about smoking

If you want to quit smoking, you should basically distract yourself well and keep your your Keep fingers and thoughts busy. For example, during the times you normally smoke, you can use an app for daily brain jogging sessions or start learning a new language. These are all just ideas - maybe you can think of something more suitable 🙂 .

Tip: Learn to relax. After all, that is one of the reasons for smoking. Relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, but also walks and sauna visits can help you, for example.

4. consider "only one cigarette" as too much

Quit smoking with these tips

"Once is not a time" shouldn't apply when you're trying to kick the smoking habit. Each cigarette brings back memories and brings you one step closer to lighting up every day again. Stand firm and remind yourself again of the benefits of quitting smokingif your willpower has just suffered a little.

5. avoid the smoking area as far as possible

Of course: also the Of course, you must avoid the smoking area at the office entrance or in the playground.. After all, everything reminds you of how good your daily smoke did you. Other smokers, the smell and so on. But you can also get that feeling of well-being in another way. Give the smokers' corner a wide berth or stay where smoking is prohibited anyway 😉 .

6. use apps

There are a few different apps for quitting smoking. Here are some examples that can be more effective, depending on the type:

  • Smoke-Free." With the help of this app, you can constantly see how much money you've already saved by stopping smoking. It also gives you tips on distraction and daily activities.
  • "Quit Now!": The app also includes the duration you have already smoked and offers you the possibility to exchange with other prospective "non-smokers".
  • Here, a smoking cessation program has been put together based on behavioral therapy. This app thinks ahead and prepares you ideally for quitting smoking.
  • Kwit": This app tries to help you quit smoking in a fun way by awarding points and awards for your willpower.

Maybe they are not absolutely crucial for you to stop smoking. But they definitely help you to do so.

7. do sports to balance stress

Provide distractions and exercise even more than usual during your "quitting" phase. The movement activates your circulation and makes you happy. After all, it is precisely the feelings of happiness that have otherwise motivated you to smoke. So make sure you do more sports to provide an alternative stress balance.

Tip: For example, if you buy new running shoes and invest your well-earned money in this measure, you secure your plan to quit smoking a little more from a psychological point of view.

8. consider withdrawal symptoms as a good sign

Yes, the word "withdrawal" sounds bad. But it also sounds worse than it is. In the end, when you're trying to quit smoking, they just mean that you're on a good path.

If you want to quit smoking, you can expect the following common phases:

  1. Decision Phase / Preparation: The benefits of quitting smoking predominate in your mind, but the fear of becoming weak resonates somewhat.
  2. Smoking cessation: The line has been drawn. Your own expectations are now crucial. The more you expect it to be hard, the more likely you are to experience withdrawal symptoms. Try to let the positive effects of quitting smoking outweigh the negative ones in your mind.
  3. Stabilization phase: At this stage, you know for sure that you have made it and will remain a non-smoker. You no longer have to make an effort in any situation not to reach for a cigarette out of old habit.

Tip: We have Mal 30 days sugar free tried. After a few days, my hands were shaking like crazy. These were also withdrawal symptoms that passed after a few hours. An important hurdle in the Challenge. Feel free to give it a try too!

9. use aids if necessary

If there is no other way, little helpers can also support you in giving up smoking. In Germany, various medications are approved for nicotine replacement therapy. For example, nicotine-containing chewing gum, patches, lozenges and sprays. These products release nicotine to your body slowly, in smaller doses, and without harmful substances like tar.

Tip: But maybe the book will help you My gift for a pleasurable smoking cessation* by Peter Kruse. The author has been able to help many people quit smoking.

10. be proud of yourself

If you take the tips to heart and keep your personal development during your quit, you can be justifiably proud of yourself. With every day that you go without a cigarette, you can be a little bit prouder. Make yourself aware of this again and again. You may stop smoking from one day to the next - but it's a steady process until you're absolutely no longer inclined to reach for a cigarette.

Use the tips to quit smoking


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You realize you have to quit, right? There's no way around it - and your motivation should be extremely high after reading this article. Smoking is no longer cool and certainly not "manly". It smells, it's poison for your body, it annoys others and it pollutes nature - in the end, the glow sticks only put a smile on one person's face: the industry.

I wish you that you manage to stop smoking! Finally, I give you a list of things that belong to your lungs:

  • Air

In this sense, stay healthy and sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: In a separate post you will also get lots of Tips for better sleep. Maybe this is also something for you!

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