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Increase Employee Satisfaction - 10 Tips on How Employers Can Increase Job Satisfaction

How to improve employee satisfaction - tips

How can employers increase employee satisfaction? Everyone talks about job satisfaction these days. But what exactly is behind this term and what factors can contribute to employees being permanently satisfied with their work?

The answers to these questions play a crucial role for companies in times of the so-called "war of talent" and are potentially decisive for their existence. The Study on "Satisfaction at work of the Hamburg work management tool awork has confirmed this in cooperation with the market research institute Appinio. Due to a lack of satisfaction, around two-thirds of those surveyed are toying with the idea of Job to quit. The younger generation in particular is placing increasingly greater value on meaningful work and job satisfaction. A development toward a more employee-centered perspective is therefore necessary. To achieve this, both objective, external working conditions and intrinsic factors, as well as work tasks and content, must be taken into account.

The big question is: What can this look like in practice and what adjustments should business owners make to increase employee satisfaction? In this article, I would like to give you 10 tips that can lead to an improvement in the satisfaction of your team. Let's go!

In advance, here is a small overview for you:

  1. Pleasant working environment & ergonomic workplace
  2. Adequate salary
  3. Positive & strong corporate culture
  4. Communication & Transparency
  5. Flexible working time models
  6. Task design & responsibility
  7. Recognition & appreciation
  8. Lived feedback culture
  9. Career and development opportunities
  10. Team events to strengthen the team spirit

1. pleasant working environment & ergonomic workplace

Pleasant working environment and ergonomic workplace

A quiet, pleasant working environment, with a well-equipped workplaceThe use of a modern workspace, all important work equipment and materials, can not only increase employee satisfaction, but also creativity and productivity. Promote productivity.

Especially the ergonomic equipment, e.g. via (height) adjustable desks and chairs (see also ergonomic workplace) or even the right lighting play a decisive role here. Such factors can specifically increase the performance and ultimately also the well-being of the employees.

2. appropriate salary

It cannot be denied that salary also continues to play an important role for employees, and that motivational character has - especially on an extrinsic level. This fact is also reflected in the above-mentioned study, from which salary emerges as a decisive factor that gives us Happy on the job and makes satisfied.

Particularly important at this point are fair Salaries that are commensurate with the qualifications of the respective employees and value their work. A widespread misconception is that performance-related compensation or individual bonuses increase motivation. As a rule, the opposite is more likely to be the case, and demotivation results from perceived injustice. 

3. positive & strong corporate culture 

The corporate culture can be seen as a kind of Philosophy of the company can be understood. It is the system of norms and values that all employees share and by which they are distinguished from non-organizational members. A positive and strong corporate culture Promotes cohesion and a sense of belonging and thus ultimately also the motivation.

It is important here that said values exemplified by the management level and employees identify with them. A strong corporate culture does not require an absurdly high level of effort, but can be promoted through joint events, regular coffee talks and after-work activities, for example.

4. communication & transparency

Open and honest communication between employer and employee not only demonstrates transparency, but also forms the basis for a trusting relationship and thus strengthens the working atmosphere. Managers should therefore not make decisions over the heads of their employees, but rather encourage them through dialog and other communicative measures. actively involve.

In this way, employees feel valued and, in turn, are more motivated to work toward the company's goals and visions. By the way, communication does not only include the spoken word, but equally means active listening. Consequently, having an open ear for the worries, fears and/or concerns of the workforce is equally important.

5. flexible working time models

Flexible working time models for higher employee satisfaction

Employers who want to increase employee satisfaction would do well to adapt working hours to the individual circumstances and needs of their employees - both in terms of time and the work schedule. (flexible working hours) as well as spatially. (e.g. the possibility, sustainable in the Home Office to work)

Thus, on the one hand, a certain Autonomy created, appreciation shown and new scope for development opened upFor example, employees who continue their education alongside their job in the form of studies or similar can decide for themselves how to divide up their time. Flexible working hours also contribute to a better work-life balance. This is a factor that - as the study showed - plays an extremely decisive role in terms of employee satisfaction and, ultimately, the development of motivation.

6. task design & responsibility

Nothing is more demotivating than performing exactly the same activities day after day. Such monotony not only inhibits motivation, but can also have a negative impact on our mental health. Accordingly, the rule is, To make work tasks and activities as varied and diverse as possible.

Here, employers can, for example, refer specifically to measures of the Job Enlargements (horizontal, purely quantitative expansion of the task spectrum) or Job Enrichments (vertical expansion of the range of tasks, incl. more responsibility).

The aspect of responsibility in particular is becoming increasingly important in the modern world of work, as the younger generation (Gen Z) in particular wants to Increasingly self-determined work. The resulting scope for decision-making and action can above all increase the experience of autonomy and competence and thus specifically promote intrinsic motivation. 

7. recognition & appreciation

Humans have a natural need for praise and recognition. This individual or Ego Needs Abraham Maslow (1943) already stated this in his famous hierarchy of needs. It is therefore important that employees occasionally hear a word of praise from their superiors and that these express their recognition and appreciation. Ideally, this should include always be clear what the praise is aimed atso that employees can understand what is happening. The general rule is: If something has gone well, it's okay to say so. This promotes individual motivation. 

8. lived feedback culture 

Regular feedback or appraisal interviews are not only a good way of Praise, appreciation, but also (constructive) criticism from both sides, but also open up the possibility of discussing problems as well as potential Development opportunities to talk. They also help align goals and create common ground.

In addition to such regular discussions with the supervisor, it is equally important that employees Receive direct feedback for their tasks and the outcometo make sure they are on the right track. 

Tip: How you can change your Improve critical faculties I will explain this in more detail in a separate article.

9. career and development opportunities

The vast majority of us probably do not pursue the goal of spending our lives groping in place without making much progress. Even though certain routines can sometimes be helpful, we humans fundamentally strive to develop ourselves further and sooner or later to climb the next rungs on the career ladder. This is also referred to as the Need for growth and self-realization.

It is important that employers recognize precisely this aspiration in their employees and promote it in a targeted manner, e.g. by offering them the opportunity to work on their own. Further training measures or individual support programs are offered. This support makes a significant contribution to increasing employee satisfaction.

10. team events to strengthen the team spirit

Team events increase identification and cohesion

The performance in the last fiscal year was terrific and the results correspondingly successful? Then that's something to celebrate. And even if this is not the case, the sustainable employee events or company outings a good instrument to strengthen the team spirit within the company.

The possibilities here are huge - and range from Celebrations in the company's own premises, through joint hiking days or cooking courses, to tastings. The emerging sense of belonging and increasing identification in turn have a motivating effect.

Think employee-centric and increase employee motivation!

Employee motivation is a complex and multi-layered phenomenon that must be viewed from various angles. Both extrinsic factors of the work context, such as working conditions and the work environment, and intrinsic factors of work content, work climate and communication must be taken into account. Only a holistic view can bring about an improvement in employee satisfaction in the long term.

I hope that I was able to help you with this post. Do you have any questions, suggestions or further tips to increase employee satisfaction? Then feel free to write me a comment.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: Do you already know how to To and from work as environmentally friendly as possible get to? In the linked article I now present you many possibilities.

The tips from this article were developed together with the initiator of the "Work-Happiness-Report" and founder of awork, Tobias Hagenau.

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

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