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Make your own deodorant - deo cream, deodorant spray or roll-on deodorant

Make deodorant yourself - With baking soda & coconut oil

Like many other things, you can also change your natural deodorant make yourself. You do without the harmful deodorant from the plastic can and can instead your aluminum-free deodorant from Coconut oil, Baking soda and other natural ingredients easy to make yourself. In today's article, I would like to show you why you should avoid deodorant from the spray can and how you can easily make your own natural deodorant as a deodorant spray, roll-on deodorant and deodorant cream. In addition, I'll give you a secret tip on your way, how you can make your own deodorant with the leaves of a tree.

Before we get started, there's a short Table of contents of the article for you:

  1. Why you should make your own natural deodorant
  2. Make deodorant cream yourself
  3. Make deodorant spray yourself
  4. Make roll-on deodorant yourself
  5. Natural maple deodorant make yourself
  6. Make your own natural deodorant from oak leaves
  7. Make your own deodorant? Conclusion

Why you should make your own natural deodorant 

Of course, you could also buy your usual deodorant from the non-reusable plastic can and use it in the future, but there are many good reasons why you should rather make your own natural deodorant. This speaks for the homemade natural deodorant:

  • Save cash
  • Avoid plastic waste
  • Prevent diseases (Do not get sick anymore)
  • No pollution (aluminum, etc.)
  • Deodorant in any form from natural ingredients can be made yourself

Dangers of conventional deodorant from the spray can

Saving money, not making waste, preventing illness? That sounds like you should at least once think about making your own deodorant. But if that's not enough reasons to make your own natural deodorant, I'd like to explain some of the effects on your skin. Health to 100% convince you to stay away from spray deodorant:

  1. Propellant gas in deodorant: "What, there's propellant gas in there?" - Yes, there's propellant gas in there. Butanes and propanes to be exact. They're the reason there's a flash fire when you hold a lit lighter to the squeezed spray can of deodorant. If the deodorant then lies in the sun for too long, the can can even explode.
  2. Aluminum in deodorant: Many deodorants contain aluminum (salts), which are suspected of promoting breast cancer and also Allzheimer's disease. Reason enough to make your own natural deodorant without aluminum.
  3. Lymphatic blockage: A blocked lymphatic system₁ also weakens your defenses and bone and connective tissue also suffer. Anyone who uses deodorant from a spray can every day has certainly already suffered health consequences from the chemical composition.
  4. Osteoarthritis: The deodorants contained in deodorant are deposited in your joints, decalcifying them and causing inflammation and ultimately osteoarthritis. Since this is a gradual and initially invisible process, no one is interested at first. In addition to osteoarthritis, bone loss and joint cracking can also be a consequence of deodorant from the spray can.
  5. Thyroid disease and cancer: When you spray your armpit with the non-natural deodorant, the deodorants travel through the lymphatic channels to the thyroid gland and cause great harm to your health, even cancer.

These are by no means all the health consequences of the artificial deodorant from the spray can. Sun allergy, skin cancer, neurodermatitis, asthma or multiple sclerosis are some other possible consequences. The fewest know these dangers and the manufacturers have naturally also no interest in hanging the dangers from the use of the deodorant from the spray plastic box to the large bell. There the other forms of the Deodorant are already clearly more harmless. However, I advise you to simply make your own deodorant.

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