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100 percent vegan does not work at all

100 percent vegan - is that possible, or not?

Have you ever heard the saying "100 percent vegan is impossible"? Even if this argument came from your own mouth, it's not the end of the world. I used to say the same thing, that absolute veganism was impossible. And it's even true! But today know that it does not matter.

Here I would like to explain to you exactly why this absolute perfection is not necessary. And why, of course, you're not a hypocrite just because you don't implement something 100 percent. Let's go!

"100 percent vegan is not possible at all" - is the argument logical?


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With this argument meat eaters like to use the fact that it is simply not possible to ALWAYS act in the spirit of veganism. For example, accidentally trampling an ant. Or drinking water from sewage treatment plants where fish are used to determine the water quality. That's true, of course! But can one justify not starting at all to exploit fewer animals for one's lifestyle and to engage in plant-based nutrition?

Why do you always have to make everything 100 percent perfect? Living vegan is not a sprint, but a marathon. A marathon in which you will develop step by step, because every day you will have new experiences with the plant-based diet and the motivating reasons for the vegan lifestyle collect. You can learn at your own pace and don't have to become a vegan overnight who does everything perfectly. I myself don't do everything perfectly either. But when I now think back a few months or years, I realize how much I have learned over time.

Living vegan works best step by step

Instead of using the "100 percent vegan doesn't work" argument as an excuse not to even try a plant-based diet, you should just calmly start adjusting your eating habits. For example, start by not eating meat a few days a week - and reduce your meat consumption further over time. As you get used to it, gradually replace other animal products with animal-free, plant-based alternatives. For example, replace cow's milk with soy or oat milk. Or scrambled eggs with Tofu with turmeric and sulfur salt. Cook yourself gradually more consciously dishes that contain less or no animal products - and look quiet times Documentations like "Cowspiracy" or "Dominion", which will show you the processes in the Factory farming clarify and thus will trigger additional motivation for the vegan diet.

These are first steps that will be followed by many more if your personal attitude is focused on the positive effects for your health, our environment, the lives of animals and our global society.

Tip: In the article vegan life you will get many more tips!

No one can live "absolutely" vegan - but everyone can change positively!

Vegan 100 percent is not possible

Just because you can't go 100 percent vegan doesn't justify not starting at all. Just make yourself aware, For what reasons to live vegan should and in the future just eat things that do not require sacrifice. This will give you a hearty attitude towards life! And contributes significantly to it, the greatest environmental problems of our time, such as the Climate change, stop. What's more, you'll also be doing your body some good if you stop eating animal parts of your body on a regular basis. Meat, for example, triples the risk of heart disease.₁

By living a vegan lifestyle, you are making a significant contribution to ensuring that this way of living and eating becomes an increasingly important part of our society in the future.

Do you have questions or comments about "100 percent vegan living"? Then always give it to us in the comments!

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: Do you actually already know, why vegans do not drink milk? In the linked article you will find out now!

₁ National Institutes of Health: Eating red meat daily triples heart disease-related chemical (Accessed 08 Jan. 2019), Available from: [07.05.2020].

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