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  • 750 ml vinegar in the glass bottle
  • Helpful versatile home remedy
  • Organic Certified Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Not heated and naturally cloudy vinegar
  • Plastic-free from packaging to vinegar

Vinegar was already known around 6,000 BC. There were finds of vinegar residues discovered by archaeologists in vessels. Unlike today, the vessels at that time were certainly not made of plastic and Vinegar without plastic was the rule. In Babylon, it was used as a beverage and for preserving food. In the Orient and the Mediterranean, people have already flavored vinegar with herbs, spices, juices or oils. This has evolved to the present day, so that there are only many different types of vinegar.

The clear apple cider vinegar obtained from selected apples from organic, Demeter-certified cultivation. In this process, the apples are fermented into the finest apple cider vinegar using an organic process. In this process, the clear apple direct juice is fermented to produce apple cider vinegar with 5 % acidity. After this process, the apple cider vinegar is not pasteurized to preserve the valuable ingredients.

What is apple cider vinegar used for?

Apple cider vinegar is very often used to make salad dressings. But vinegar is of course not only used in salads. The fine flavor of apple cider vinegar also tastes good in soups, lentil dishes or even dessert.

Also, you can use vinegar as a preservative for cucumbers, onions and many other foods. Or you can make a refreshing drink from apple cider vinegar by adding 2 teaspoons of vinegar to a glass of water and sweetening it with a little sugar or date syrup if necessary. Apple cider vinegar is even used as a bath additive. To do this, simply add 100-200 ml of vinegar to a full bath. Apple cider vinegar has a similar pH value as our hair, which is why it does not attack it. Even against cellulite apple cider vinegar is said to help by detoxifying and therefore dissolving toxins from the connective tissue.

The advantages of vinegar without plastic

Natural apple cider vinegar in a glass bottle with Demeter-quality apples - that already sounds like a sustainable product. The fact that the vinegar comes without plastic is a big bonus. The fact that no pasteurization is used means that all the nutrients are still contained in this naturally cloudy vinegar.

In addition, the plastic-free vinegar is a really great home remedy that you can use very versatile. Whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom!

Here again the advantages of vinegar at a glance:

  • plastic free packaging
  • Natural product, not pasteurized
  • Organic quality
  • versatile in kitchen and bathroom

I can absolutely recommend you the vinegar without plastic, because here you get a naturally cloudy apple cider vinegar in the glass bottle and in organic quality. If you like, you can order it online here.


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