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Baking mat


  • Cut to size baking mats set
  • No more sticking due to anti-stick layer
  • Heat resistant and reusable
  • No more plastic and paper waste
  • Plastic-free from packaging to baking mat


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Baking mats are triple environmentally friendly: they are plastic-free, silicone-free and reusable. Buy the plastic-free baking mat once and you can prepare your bread, rolls, pastries and cookies for weeks with a clear conscience. Durable baking mats are easy to cut to size, making them suitable for any size oven. Their non-stick coating prevents the pastry from sticking to the permanent baking foil, which is heat-resistant up to 260° degrees.

You just use them the same way as baking paper and after baking you can simply wipe them off or put them in the dishwasher. Then you dry them and can use them again. And if you're in a hurry, you can use them on both sides. After the first round, simply turn them over and you're ready for the second round of baking. So it's also worth buying a plastic-free baking mat online from a practical point of view.

The advantages of the reusable, plastic-free baking mat

The biggest advantage of an eco-friendly baking mat is its sustainability. It is reusable and plastic-free. This means you reduce plastic and paper waste and use a long-lasting product instead of a disposable product. On the one hand, this saves our planet's resources, and on the other hand, it saves you money in the long term, because you no longer have to buy more baking paper.

With the silicone-free baking mats you can bake your daily bread or Sunday cake in a healthy, safe and environmentally conscious way. The cuttable baking mats for the oven are supplied in a set. Thanks to the reusability, the baking sheets last a long time and you do not produce plastic waste.

Plus, the plastic-free baking mats are odorless and tasteless, so they won't taint the taste of your baked goods. Since the mats are BPA-free, they are also healthier than their plastic equivalent. Bisphenol-A (BPA) affects the human hormonal system.

Here again the advantages of the sustainable baking mat at a glance

  • Buy the reusable baking mat once and enjoy it for a long time
  • Absolutely odorless and tasteless, because without silicone
  • Can be used on both sides and cut to size individually
  • With non-stick coating for easy release of the pastry from the baking base

I can really recommend you to order a plastic-free baking mat online to produce less plastic and paper waste when baking in the future and thus optimize your sustainability balance.


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