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Welcome to the Body Blog for a sustainable healthy body! This may sound a bit spiritual, but this blog is simply about staying healthy and fit in a sustainable way. The subject area here goes from body care to fitness training.

Why a healthy body blog?

The nice thing is: if you live as naturally as possible, you usually automatically contribute to a healthier lifestyle. In this blog I would like to give you both on the way. I have created the body blog, because our society has become more comfortable and I want to do something about it. Because at the moment we'd rather take the escalator than the stairs, we'd rather buy online than in local stores - and we'd rather get our fruit or meat pre-cut in the pre-pack.

In order to keep our body healthy and fit in the long term, I would like to give you everything you need to know in this blog.

Why am I a personal care and fitness blogger?

I blog not only with body and soul, but also for body and soul. Because if you want to change yourself and the world in a positive way, you have to stay physically fit and healthy in the long term. This is also important to underpin the message for your own lifestyle on a daily basis. Here I want to show you how you can keep calm even in everyday stress and do something good for your body - and at the same time for our planet and other people.

Now I wish you a lot of fun in the body blog!