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Yoga benefits for health

Yoga benefits - 10 positive effects for your health

Why should you do yoga? We are all aware that regular exercise and movement are good for our bodies. But what special effects do we get from yoga? The great thing is: yoga has many effects that can positively influence our health - both mentally and physically. 

What are the benefits of yoga? What do I need to consider? What happens to my body when I do the exercises? In this article, I'll show you the 10 positive effects yoga has on your health and why you should incorporate regular exercise into your everyday life. Let's go!

1. control breathing

The most important and perhaps most valuable aspect of yoga is its effect on breathing. Nothing is as crucial for the sequence of movements, but also for the entire yoga session, as correct breathing or Breathing technique. Learning this is one of the basic principles and affects the entire practice. It ensures that you find your inner peace, can perform the exercises with concentration and, above all, remain in certain yoga positions for the entire duration. 

It is not for nothing that this part of yoga is one of the most difficult and often requires years of practice. However, once you have learned to control your breathing, you can also use the techniques you have learned in everyday life, for example in exciting situations, after a stressful day at work or when you need to relax. to find peace again during panic attacks.

2. get to know your body

Woman doing yoga exercises

Regular yoga training also has a positive effect on your Self-esteem out. On the one hand, you will notice some physical changes - such as firmer skin. But above all, you will get to know your body better through the movement sequences and learn how flexible you are and which exercises are good for you. Yoga is suitable for everyone and has no restrictions. You can also find suitable tips for beginners in this free yoga guide.

3. strengthen the musculoskeletal system

Yoga also has a positive effect on your entire musculoskeletal system. The movements and exercises are so extensive and varied that they can Train the entire body and address all muscle groups equally. This strengthens your entire musculoskeletal system and is often more effective than pure strength or endurance exercises when jogging or going to the gym.

4. relieve the body

As soon as you have strengthened your muscles through the individual yoga exercises, you will automatically begin to relieve the strain on your body. Newly developed or activated muscle groups protect your body from injuries, back and neck pain - which are often part of everyday life, especially in office and desk jobs - and from muscular tension. An extremely valuable yoga advantage, I think!

5. increase vitality

Some yoga exercises primarily provide relaxation. Others activate the body and increase your vitality. By stressing different muscle groups and staying in different asanas. (resting postures), the energy flows in the body are activated and can thus increase your mental and physical performance.

6. arrange thoughts

Yoga offers the perfect opportunity to organize your thoughts and take the time to focus entirely on yourself. This conscious time is often lacking or neglected, especially in stressful everyday life. Especially if you master breathing techniques and meditative states, it will also help you at work, in your free time or in your private life to find your balance. control or direct mental state.

7. meditation: building mental strength

The meditative elements of yoga also bring about positive changes. The focus on your inner self and the clear guidance of your own thoughts ensure that you build and learn your inner strength, Remain calm in challenging situationsn. In addition, the Meditation has a positive effect on your immune system as well as your immune system.

8. heal the body

Buddha - benefits of yoga

No matter what complaints you may have - the versatile exercises and possibilities of yoga enable you to solve or alleviate many impairments or limitations. There are exercises that you can use to Release neck blockages can, with others especially positive effects on your joints achieve. Yoga has also been shown to have a positive effect on the following areas:

  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system
  • Increase in antioxidants in the blood
  • Strengthening the back, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae
  • Relief of tension in the neck area
  • Headache reduction

Yoga ultimately contributes to your general well-being and can also help with depression, panic attacks or other mental conditions. 

9. structure everyday life

Integrating regular yoga exercises into your daily routine may be difficult at first. However, when you realize how much the exercises help you to keep your body fit and healthy, you will probably integrate them automatically into your everyday life. They also help you to create a fixed structure in your day, ensuring regularity and routine. This helps you to stay relaxed, schedule enough time for yourself and look forward to new tasks with confidence.

Routines and clear structures are very important and essential for recovery, especially in the case of mental illnesses such as depression. In addition, yoga exercises and other regular activities help to distract you from certain things on which - with a certain mental history - you focus too much and become rigid.

10. recharge your batteries

Probably the most important aspect of yoga - and the greatest benefit - is the opportunity to recharge your batteries. Hardly any other sporting activity manages to recharge your batteries in the same way as yoga, despite the strenuous exercises for mind and body. Be it on a mental or physical level - The positive effect on your energies can be enormous!

The benefits of yoga are obvious!

So if you still doubted or thought that yoga offers no benefits for you and your physical and mental condition, then you were wrong! Clearly, there are numerous positive effects when you engage with the techniques of yoga and incorporate them into your healthy lifestyle.

Do you have questions about the benefits of yoga? As always, feel free to drop me a comment!

Stay healthy and fit,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: Feel free to look further in the natural health blog um. Find out, for example, why it is so reading books is incredibly important.

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