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How meditation strengthens your immune system

Meditation & immune system: how to strengthen your defenses through meditation

Can meditation really strengthen the immune system? What exactly happens in your body when you meditate? If you're looking for a simple and free method to boost your immune system, you've come to the right place. At the same time, you are doing your mental health an incredible favor by meditating every day. Numerous studies have now proven the positive effect of meditation on both our mental and physical health.

To what extent the meditating immune system and Strengthens the immune systemI would now like to explain them to you in this article. Have fun!

How meditation strengthens your immune system

You sit down comfortably, close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply, empty your head and concentrate on your breath. Do this for around 20 minutes a day and your immune system will be transformed into an elite unit? Let's take a look first what happens in your body when you meditate.

One of the physical benefits of meditation is the feeling of less stress in all areas of your body. Through regular meditation reduces the release of the stress hormone cortisol. And stress is a real killer for your immune system. I'm sure you know that. So here is the first indication that you can strengthen your immune system with meditation.

The amygdala - a region of the brain that is responsible for processing emotions such as fear and aggression is important - is less active after a meditation session. This reduces stress and anxiety. Less anxiety means less strain on your body and your immune system can work better as a result. Hint number two: meditation can strengthen your immune system. So far, so good.

Blood pressure, heart & respiration

While you meditate, has been shown to lower your blood pressure. If your blood pressure is well regulated, this in turn helps your immune system. Tip number three for a strong immune system through meditation.

Do you meditate regularly, your heart rate slows down and your breathing regulates itself. This reduces the risk of many diseases, including high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. And of course, you're right to assume that your immune system can also work better as a result of this positive effect of meditation. A fourth indication of the positive effect of meditation on the immune system.

Meditating strengthens your immune system

And last but not least: Meditation increases the number of antibodies in the bloodwhich help to fight infections. As a result, meditation strengthens your immune system, which is probably the most important indication of better immunity through meditation.

Meditation & Immune System: Three Studies

Studies on meditation and stronger immune system

But I can tell you a lot, can't I? Let's take a look at the facts backed up by scientific studies! I've picked out three of them for you. They prove that you can strengthen your immune system with meditation.

In of this American study the University of California it was found that HIV-positive patients who meditated regularly maintained their CD-4 levels (white blood cells that protect the body from infection), while those who did not meditate showed a serious drop in these levels.

In another Study by researchers at the University of Wisconsin flu vaccinations were administered to a group of test subjects. 25 of them meditated regularly over a period of eight weeks. Compared to the remaining people in the control group who did not meditate, they had a much higher level of antibodies in their blood.

Researcher Carolyn Y. Fang from the Temple University in Philadelphia also has a eight-week study carried out. This was actually supposed to be about reducing stress through mindfulness meditation. Through blood tests, however, she discovered that in addition to better stress management, there had also been a significant improvement in the immune system. And that in just two months. The so-called killer cells were significantly more active after the end of the study.

Increase in killer cells against viruses

Killer cells - also known as NK cells - belong to the lymphocytes, a subgroup of white blood cells. They detect abnormal cells such as tumor cells or virus-infected cells and render them harmless. In addition to the increased activity of the NZ cells, the test subjects also showed less of the inflammatory marker CRP in the blood present.

Meditation has been proven to strengthen your immune system. So? What do you say? Time to look at how exactly you could go about it, right?

Meditate to strengthen the immune system: The implementation

Stronger defenses through daily meditation

A very popular meditation from the mindfulness teachings is the body scan. As the name suggests, you scan your entire body during meditation. The body scan has many positive effects. It helps you to focus your attention on the here and now, you train your role as an observer, specifically switch off your inner nagging and evaluator and get to know yourself and your body better. You become more aware of what is going on inside you and recognize what you need. And of course, this meditation strengthens your immune system.

Strengthen the immune system with the "Body Scan" meditation

First, sit or lie down comfortably and close your eyes. Breathe in and out deeply and arrive.

Then focus your attention on your left big toe. Feel inside, feel your toe. Is it cold or warm, does it tingle slightly or is it completely relaxed? It is important to remain in the role of an observer. This means that you perceive what you feel, but you do not evaluate what you feel. You just let it be there.

Then move on to the next toe with your attention. Go through all 5 toes of the left foot one after the other. Observe, feel, perceive and stay in the here and now. If your attention wanders away, gently bring it back and focus it on your left foot again.

Stay with you

Then continue along your left foot, feeling the sole of your foot, your heel, the back of your foot, the sides and your ankle. Breathe in deeply and imagine your breath flowing through your body into your left foot and spreading out there. Then feel further up your lower leg, your knee and your thigh. Send your breath into your left leg. Feel for a moment.

To balance the whole thing out, repeat your body movement on the right side, of course. Start again at the right big toe and continue until you reach the thigh. Now send your breath into your right leg and feel it.

Then concentrate on your pelvis, your hips and the sensations in them. Breathe consciously into these regions of your body and imagine how the breath spreads through them. Continue towards your lower back. Feel vertebra by vertebra, breathe into your back and then move on to your abdomen.

The belly as the center of your feelings

This area in the middle of your body is often particularly overloaded with emotions. Therefore, stay with your belly for a little longer and notice everything you feel. Then breathe deeply into your belly and imagine how your abdominal cavity expands. Make space for your feelings.

Move on to your chest and upper back. Feel how your chest rises and falls, how your heart beats and finally supply these regions with fresh air.

Travel through the body without judgment

Now direct your attention to the fingers of your right hand, the palm of your hand, the back of your hand and your wrist, then move on to your right forearm, your elbow and your upper arm. Repeat with your left arm. Send your breath into both arms. Feel the oxygen flowing in and spreading to your fingertips.

Next, focus your attention on your shoulders, neck and throat. Observe whether you notice any tension here, feel each individual muscle. Observe without judging. Breathe into your shoulders and neck. Let your breath flow around the areas that you perceive as tense.

Release the tension in your face

Now move on to your face. Feel your jaw, your lips, your tongue, continue towards your nose, over your cheeks to your eyes. Travel upwards with your attention to your forehead, over your scalp until you have reached the highest point of your body, the crown of your head. Breathe into the regions of your face that you have just felt and trace them.

Notice your body as a whole once again and observe how you feel. Enjoy the feeling of calm and relaxation.

Meditate for the immune system & to eliminate the inner critic

The body scan is an effective meditation to strengthen your immune system. It's not that easy to switch off your inner critic. But, as with everything in life, the same applies here: Practice makes perfect! If you keep your eye on the ball, you will find it easier and easier over time to observe without judging. Then you can get the most out of it and strengthen your immune system with this meditation.

If sitting still for long periods is not your thing, you can still meditate to boost your immune system. Huh? But really! Because there are also types of meditation that allow you to move! I'll introduce you to an example of this now.

Strengthening the immune system with moving meditation

The simplest kind of meditative movement is a mindful walk. The best place to do this is in the forest, by a lake or in the mountains. But an urban park will also do. Move consciously while you walk and feel into your body. Pay attention to your feet and what you feel with them. How does the ground feel? Feel your legs as you walk, how they move rhythmically, your stomach, your back. You'll notice: The whole thing is like a little body scan while running. Notice how your arms and hands sway as you walk. Feel the fresh air on your face or the wind in your hair.

From inner perception to outer perception

When you are finished with yourself, take a look at your surroundings. What can you see, what colors and shapes are there around you? What sounds do you hear and what smells does your nose detect? Look at leaves and flowers. Take a leaf in your hand and feel its texture. Perhaps it is cool and wet or completely dry and rough. When your mind wanders, find a focus point to hold ontofor example, your breath. A mindful walk is a type of meditative movement, i.e. a form of meditation that strengthens your immune system.

Strengthen your immune system and defenses through meditation - it works!

Meditation for stronger defenses

What we can clearly see from the above information and examples is that you can strengthen your immune system with meditation. And in a very simple way. In addition, you can also do a lot of good for your mental health, which can't be wrong in challenging times like these.

Do you have any questions about meditation and the immune system? Then write me a message on my blog or just leave me a comment below this post.

I wish you lots of fun with the implementation & stay relaxed!


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