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Here in the Vegan Blog from CareElite you will learn everything you need to know about vegan nutrition and the healthy foods that go with it. You will also find vegan recipes and get general tips on vegan living.

Conscious and vegan nutrition is more than a trend, it's a movement and a lifestyle. If you want to feel fitter and more active, healthy vegan eating is for you!

Environmentally friendly food vegan blog

The Vegan Blog educates you about vegan nutrition and also shows you what impact your diet has on the environment. In the article Nutrition and environment I'll show you which foods are the most eco-friendly and how your diet relates to climate and environment.

You'll also find lots of recipes to help you reduce (plastic) waste. Learn in the Vegan Blog how to delicious macadamia milk or also Make cashew cream yourself and never need tetrapaks again.

With a conscious and vegan diet, you can make a contribution to environmental protection several times a day. Let's improve the world together!

Why the Vegan Blog is changing the future

Mankind is becoming more and more aware and interested in the connection between vegan nutrition, physical fitness, physical health and a healthy mindset. This is exactly why the interest in vegan nutrition is increasing. People are becoming more aware of the consequences and scope of their actions.

If you're just beginning your evolution to vegan eating, I give you here my best tips for vegan living. You already eat vegan and have difficulties with some foods? Then you may find in at my best vegan substitutes a helpful alternative.

More and more people are trying to integrate vegan nutrition into their lives and this is exactly where I want to support. I would like to provide you with my experiences about nutrition, food and recipes, so that you can immediately have fun with vegan nutrition.

The recipes in Vegan Blog

On the Vegan Blog you will find all kinds of recipes from muesli to ayurvedic dishes like red lentil kitchari up to Hummus from chickpeas or crunchy kale chips.

All vegan recipes I have tried at least once, but usually much more often, tested for you and found good.

Of course, you can vary the recipes as much as you like. Just take a little more of your favorite vegetables and leave out something else. In this way, you can cook according to the recipe and at the same time according to your own taste.

Why I am Vegan Blogger?

I have been living vegan myself for a long time, am active in sports and am fully behind the movement towards conscious and vegan nutrition. I am convinced that vegan nutrition is the right way to bring your own life in harmony with the environment, animals and your own health. I want to support you as a vegan blogger.

I am disturbed by the treatment of our environment and the animals in the world and therefore I want to help as a vegan blogger to optimize your diet. For our environment, but also especially for your own health. Because vegan nutrition is the cornerstone for an environmentally friendly life.

The Vegan Blog is mainly to bring you fun and health. Learn new things about food and nutrition. Just try healthy recipes, modify them and try something new. Have fun with it!

PS.: Please be sure to read my post with the best Tips for sustainable nutrition where you will easily understand the connection between your food and the environment.