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Here in the Healthy Food Blog you will get a deep insight into a sustainable, healthy and environmentally friendly way of eating. Whether vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous - you will learn about the relationship between our food and our environment. Health aspects are also taken into account, of course.

With these articles, you'll get a good start on the nutrition blog:

Whether you're interested in environmentalism, healthy eating, delicious recipes, or all of the above, take a look around the healthy eating blog for some inspiration.

Why I am a nutrition blogger

The goal of my nutrition blog is first and foremost to make you aware of the important role our personal nutrition plays in solving the biggest social and environmental problems of our time plays. I blog about nutrition because I want to be a valuable part of the solution and educate our society that today it is no longer necessary to make animals suffer for our meals. That our food doesn't have to be shipped or flown halfway around the world - or cause problems elsewhere. There are so many delicious and refreshing plant-based meals that are so much more varied than you might think. In this healthy eating blog, I want to explain to you the connection between our food and the environment.

PS.: If you have questions for me as a blogger, then you can comment on every single post and get rid of your concern. Have fun!