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13 natural remedies for bad breath

Remedies against bad breath - What to do?

Are there any suitable natural remedies for bad breath? Of course, nature also provides us with enough home remedies and options that we can use against an unpleasant smelling mouth. And many of these remedies you can even plastic free shopping - if they are not already growing at your home.

In this article in the Natural Health Blog you will first learn about the most common causes of bad breath before I introduce you to the best natural remedies for bad breath.

What causes bad breath?

Remedies against bad breath - What to do?

Have you ever breathed into the hollow of your hand and noticed an unpleasant smell of your exhaled air? Bad breath is still a topic that people tend to be reluctant to talk about. Maybe you googled rather than asking your best friend. No problem at all.

In order to find the perfect remedy for your own bad breath, it makes sense to first know the cause of it. Because possibly then suddenly a completely different remedy is much more effective.

The most common causes of bad breath

The following causes of bad breath are particularly common:

  • Food: Specific meals and also food residues in the tooth pockets or between the teeth can be the cause of bad breath. For example, onions and garlic secrete their own familiar odor from the mouth. But fatty foods can also cause bad breath.
  • Nicotine, alcohol, caffeine: Stimulants such as cigarettes, alcoholic beverages and also caffeinated coffee cause a kind of bad breath, which is caused, for example, by a dried-out mouth. Usually, however, the bad breath is gone the next day.
  • Mouth rot: The so-called oral thrush is easily transmissible and can be recognized by the small blisters that often appear on the tongue, palate and gums. The disease is not only painful but usually also causes bad breath.
  • Tongue coating: The majority of all bacteria in the oral cavity is located on the tongue. If you clean it, you might be able to stop your bad breath. This is possible, for example, with a tongue scraper or a large spoon.
  • Nose & Throat: If a sinus infection or tonsillitis occurs, this can also lead to bad breath. As soon as the illness is cured, the bad breath usually disappears.
  • caries or gingivitis: Bacteria can damage not only the teeth but also the gums. If gums and teeth are sensitive to sugary foods, tooth decay and gingivitis can be a quick result - both of which can also provoke bad breath.
  • Snoring: In fact, "snorers" bring a significantly lower salivary flow. The result is an imbalance of oral flora, causing bacteria to cause bad breath. Perhaps in this case the article Sleep better a help for you.

In general, it can be stated that especially dryness in the mouth, the consumed food and also inflammations in the mouth area can be the cause of bad breath. In the next part of this article, you will find out what you can do to fight bad breath.

Best remedies for bad breath

Remedies against bad breath - What to do?

In principle, regular prophylaxis in the form of dental cleaning is useful against tartar and other problems in the mouth. As a rule, your insurance company is also happy about this.

However, there are really useful remedies against bad breath, which you can use both preventively and in the course of aftercare. What natural remedies there are against the smelling mouth, you will learn below.

1. fresh herbs against bad breath

Medicinal herbs like sage and basil leaves or even cloves and fennel seeds are perfect in the fight against bad breath. You can easily chew them to help your Refresh breath and counteract bad breath. There are a variety of other herbs as a remedy for bad breath, however, that would go beyond the scope of this article.

2. perfect oral hygiene against bad breath

If you suffer from bad breath, this can also be the result of poor oral care. To counteract bad breath, the following things are recommended:

  • Brushing teeth: You should brush your teeth thoroughly for about 3 minutes 2-3 times a day. If you also prefer a plastic-free and natural toothpaste, you can use your Make toothpaste yourself.
  • Dental floss: It is best to use once a day a Dental floss. You should use this to clean especially gapped rows of teeth, as discoloration, tartar and other ailments like to settle there, which can also cause bad breath over time.
  • Tongue scrape: The tongue is actually where most of the bacteria in the mouth lurk. This means that an unpleasant odor from the mouth can also be the result of tongue coating. You can counteract the problem by using a tongue scraper or alternatively by scraping with a tablespoon.

Routine oral hygiene is certainly one of the best remedies against bad breath.

3. lemon water against bad breath

I regularly drink a glass of lemon water. Simply one Lemon with a Stainless steel citrus juicer squeeze and mix the juice with water. The acidity of the lemon works against odors in the mouth by stimulating salivary flow. You can drink lemon water or simply gargle it and spit it out.

4. drink enough water

An antibacterial mouthwash is not a permanent remedy for bad breath, as it also kills benign bacteria and unbalances the oral flora. Instead you should drink a lot of water, to give a counteract dry mouth. Small hint: A dry mouth can also be the result of excessive stress or excessive alcohol consumption, for example.

5. baking soda & baking powder against bad breath

With regular baking soda, which you probably have at home, you can use the pH value in your mouth back to a healthy level. Simply mix half a teaspoon of baking soda and a glass of water together and then use it like a mouthwash. The powder will also remove the tongue coating that is often responsible for bad breath.

Also from Baking soda you can, for example, wonderfully make a mouthwash yourself. This versatile household miracle weapon has an odor-neutralizing and antibacterial effect, making it a great remedy for bad breath. In the article Applications of sodium bicarbonate you will learn exactly how else you can use the product for personal care and household.

6. oil pulling against bad breath

Oil pulling, in addition to being used for detoxification, has also become a very popular remedy for bad breath. Coconut oil or olive oil bind odor-forming substances in the mouth and inhibit the growth of bad bacteria.

The application of oil pulling is also not complicated. Simply put 2 tablespoons of the oil in your mouth and move it back and forth in your mouth for about 10 minutes. Then just spit it out and rinse the mouth with warm water.

7. apple & apple cider vinegar against bad breath

Means against bad breath What to do

Yes, even a normal apple can be an effective remedy for bad breath. So-called secondary plant substances in apples have antioxidant effects and prevent bad breath. Maybe you even have Apple cider vinegar at home. You can simply mix a tablespoon of it with lukewarm water and use the resulting mouthwash as usual. Thus, apple cider vinegar is also a really good, natural remedy against bad breath.

8. drink tea against bad breath

Especially black tea is effective against unpleasant breath. The tea contains so-called Polyphenols, which prevent the growth of bad bacteria in the mouth. Since these ultimately cause bad breath, drinking a cup of black tea is a useful and great tasting remedy for bad breath. Sage or chamomile tea are also great alternatives.

9. chew licorice root against bad breath

In the fight against bad breath, you can also simply chew on licorice roots. Because while you are chewing on it, so-called Isoflavones, which inhibit the growth of dangerous bacteria in the mouth. An excellent, natural remedy for bad breath. In general, chewing - for example, on sugar-free chewing gum - is a proven means for better smelling breath.

10. birch sugar against bad breath (xylitol)

Birch sugar is no ordinary sugar - because this sugar substitute does exactly the opposite of what you expect. The so-called xylitol is able to, Reduce caries and prevent periodontitis. Also from this is very easy to apply a mouthwash brand self-production. Simply take half a teaspoon of birch sugar in your mouth after brushing your teeth and move it back and forth with your own spit. After 5 minutes, spit out and do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes.

In this way, the sweet birch sugar becomes a great remedy for bad breath. Ideal for maintaining a healthy oral flora.

11. avoid strong smelling food

The mere consumption of some foods can cause bad breath, simply by increasing the Production of odorous substances stimulated becomes. These include, for example, onions, garlic, cheese or chives. However, the odors can also be counteracted by eating parsley and hot spices, for example. In the end, sugar-free chewing gum will usually do the trick.

12. healing clay as a remedy for bad breath

Even if the Healing earth is more commonly used in beauty masks and the like, it is also very useful as a natural remedy for bad breath due to its odor-binding effect. Also with it you can give yourself a Mouthwash make it yourself. Simply mix one teaspoon of healing clay with 200 ml of water and then use it like an ordinary mouthwash.

13. abstaining from alcohol, nicotine

Consumption of alcohol or smoking a cigarette dries the oral mucosa. Through the Reduced memory flow often causes bad breath, as does snoring, for example. This is because the fluid in the mouth is normally responsible for removing odor-causing bacteria.

What to do about bad breath?

Remedies against bad breath - What to do?

As you can see, there are many ways to get rid of bad breath in a natural way. Often, a balanced diet plays the biggest role in preventing bad breath in the first place. Sugar and fatty foods should be avoided if possible, so that the bacteria in the mouth are present in an appropriate ratio. You might also be interested in our challenge, in which we are 30 days without sugar have lived.

Healthy oral hygiene and drinking enough water are in any case the best remedy against bad breath.

Please note that diseases such as heartburn, diabetes, pneumonia or even sinusitis can also be the cause of bad breath. In this case, bad breath can only be cured by specifically combating the respective disease.

Do you have any questions or your own experiences with bad breath that you would like to share? Then feel free to leave a comment below this article.

Stay healthy,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: In the Do It Yourself Body Care Blog you will learn many other home remedies and instructions in addition to the remedies for bad breath. Learn, for example, how to make a natural deodorant make yourself simply by following your heart.

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