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Hot to make macadamia milk - Without Tetrapak!

Macadamia milk do it yourself - Vegan milk recipe

Make macadamia milk yourself and replace milk vegan is quite simple. The macadamia milk becomes particularly creamy due to the high fat content of the macadamia nut. The slightly buttery, almond-like flavor is particularly well suited for plant-based milk. In terms of taste, macadamia milk is relatively close to cow's milk. So you can easily replace milk vegan with macadamia milk.

Macadamia milk can now be bought in large cities, but not yet in my country. At least I have never seen macadamia milk while shopping. Therefore, I have here a recipe how you can easily make macadamia milk itself.

For example, the macadamia milk is good for a muesli with buckwheat (you can find my recipe here) or can also be used for Preparation of a breakfast porridge with buckwheat be used.

Macadamia nut milk make yourself

When you make your own plant-based milk, you automatically eliminate additives, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, and other harmful substances. Nuts contain far healthier fats than the saturated fats in cow's milk. In addition, you get a fresh food, which is a huge difference, especially compared to pasteurized milk, because pasteurized milk contains few nutrients due to heating.

In addition, you can reduce some of the waste if you stop buying Tetrapaks and make your own vegan milk. If you buy nuts and seeds in a non-packaging store, you can even avoid waste altogether. If you don't have a non-packaging store near you, you can still buy your nuts in plastic-free packaging and avoid plastic waste.

The nutritional values of macadamia milk

Macadamia nuts contain much Calcium and Iron, as well as many Amino acids. In addition, the nuts are an excellent Fat source. The dates, which are also included, are a good source of Carbohydrates, Potassium and Magnesium.

Make your own vegan macadamia milk - this is how it works

It is always best to soak nuts and seeds overnight before use. This breaks down the phytic acid and makes them easier to puree.

Recipe - make your own macadamia milk

  • 600 ml water
  • 80 grams macadamia nuts, soaked
  • 3-5 large Datesdried and pitted, depending on how sweet you like it (the dates you get here)

Wash the soaked macadamia nuts thoroughly and put them in a blender. Now add the other ingredients and puree everything. Depending on how good your blender is, you may want to add the milk through a blender. Nut Milk Bag or a fine-meshed cloth. The rest, which remains in the nut milk bag, you can simply process in a smoothie.

I store the nut milk in Hanger bottles in the refrigerator, where it will keep for about 1 week.

I can use this Mixer recommend because it has a large glass container and is low in plastic.

Tip: for a warm milk, you can just heat the water beforehand. With a few dates you get a vegan milk with honey.

Alternatives to macadamia milk

Nuesse macadamia milk make yourself

If macadamia nuts are too expensive for you or you just want a little variety, you can of course use other nuts, seeds and kernels.

Particularly well work Hemp seedsunflower seeds and oats. With oats, however, you must make sure that you use a few ice cubes and cold water, otherwise you will quickly get oatmeal.

There are hardly any limits to the nuts you can use: Cashews, almonds, Brazil nutswalnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans. Only with nutmeg you should be careful. This can have a toxic effect at a high dose.

Of course, you can also combine nuts and seeds and make, for example, an almond-sunflower seed milk or a hemp-cashew milk. This way, milk becomes vegan replace varied as never before.

Only with the proportions you always have to experiment a bit with other nuts. In general, you can try around with a ratio of 1:5 (nuts:water). With the macadamia nut I would take a little less, because it is relatively fatty, intense and also a bit expensive. However, if that doesn't bother you, feel free to adjust the recipe from above.

Make your own vegan chocolate macadamia milk

Make vegan macadamia milk yourself

You can get a chocolaty milk by simply adding 2-4 tbsp. Cocoa nibs mixed in with the standard recipe. Slightly sweet nuts, such as almonds, cashews or macadamias are particularly suitable for the vegan chocolate milk. If it's still not sweet enough for you, you can simply add a few more dates or another sweetener.

As an alternative to cocoa nibs, you can also use Cocoa powder Here you should pay attention to a natural production and a low degree of processing.

Instead of chocolate milk, you can of course also make your own vanilla macadamia milk. Just use a fresh vanilla bean or some vanilla flavoring. Cinnamon or nutmeg can also be great enhancements to your plant-based milk.

Latte macchiato with vegan milk

Since I do not drink coffee myself, I can only give tips here that I have researched. In any case, it is important to heat the milk beforehand, as it foams up much better that way. Soy milk, almond milk (also homemade) and soy rice milk are supposed to work especially well. Less well it should work with ordinary oat milk.

Generally speaking, the higher the protein content, the better the milk foam.

In the meantime, there are even professional barista versions of vegan milk drinks that can be used to produce particularly good milk foam. The company alpro, for example, produces a catering version of its soy milk, which is Soya for professionals calls. You can get a special foamable oat milk from oatly here. So you can also replace milk vegan in latte macchiato.

Make vegan milk yourself - the advantages

As mentioned above, you will keep your body free from any additives and preservatives, as well as other harmful substances that do not belong in your body. Moreover, plant-based milk is the healthier alternative, as it contains healthier fats and there are no hormone or antibiotic residues in it. So if you want to do something good for yourself, you can simply substitute milk vegan.

Homemade always tastes best, doesn't it? Your vegan milk is fresh in any case. You can use your fresh plant milk in many ways. As a milk substitute in coffee or muesli, as an additive in smoothies or for the preparation of desserts such as rice pudding. 

You have countless variation possibilities for your vegan milk. Sunflower seed hemp milk, cashew milk, macadamia chocolate milk, almond vanilla milk and many more - you've probably never had so much variety when drinking milk.

You can avoid a lot of waste by making your own vegan milk. You can reuse the bottles over and over again, so there is only a little packaging waste for the nuts. Unless you have the opportunity to shop in an unpackaged store, then you can even avoid waste altogether with your homemade milk.

The production of dairy products consumes a relatively large amount of resources and emits CO2. You can find more about this in my article Nutrition &Environment. So replacing milk vegan also has benefits for our environment.

So with your homemade milk, you're doing something good for both yourself, your environment, and many animals.

All the best,

Julian from CareElite

P.S.: Comment on your experiences with vegan milk for latte macchiato! What works best for you? You can also make a cream or sour cream from macadamias or cashews, you can find my post about it here.

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Julian Hölzer

Julian Hölzer

Hi, my name is Julian and I am a trained vegan nutritionist. In 2016 I started to get involved with veganism and quickly learned how big an impact our diet has on the environment and how diverse plant-based diets can be. That's why I want to inspire you to get involved with veganism too.

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